Why Use Greg Dean’s Rehearsal Process – Stand Up Comedy Tips – Greg Dean

[music] [laughter] [applause] So this guy came in and he said, “Well
okay, I still looking…” And I’d seen him do a show. Now he does his show exactly the
same way every time he fucking does it. “My parents are Jewish.” He stands there and goes, “My parents are Jewish. “And my mom says, ‘In the first rule of the Jewish book, we get 10% off.’ “We get 10% off.” And he does this every time. “We get 10% off.” Right? So he’s doing dick joke. I’m sure you guys understand. [O.S.] Oh, I didn’t. Yeah. “we get 10% off.” He does this little clip. Standing up he does it right by his crotch . So, it’s a circumcisions joke for all intents and purposes. And he, you know, and he’s going, “What if you didn’t want… Now it looks like a mushroom. What if I don’t want a mushroom? What if I want a Bird of Paradise.” So I’ve seen it do a show. And it does
reasonably well, okay? Now every time I’ve seen him do it, does it exactly the same way. Says the same way. Same timing. Same body language. So since he’s set his script and he’s set his interpretation. Everybody follow? Because that’s really useful language now. And it took me years to figure that out too. So I said “Okay then, you know, What’s your first line? “My first line is, ‘My parents are Jewish.'” So I said go over there and act out your parents. Over there where you can see them. Acted out as parents. And I said now say
you’re opening line. He said, “Well, my parents.” I said, “Well you need to add to say, ‘My parents are Jewish’? Now goes over and put yarmulke on them. Or have them light a menorah. Or do something so when you look at them, you can say, “They’re Jewish.” Okay, so that’s there. It’s in the picture, right? And so then he comes back over. And now something changes. He looks at this picture and all of a sudden, now I see the love, the admiration, the pride in being Jewish. And how do I explain that to you guys? He’s sits there and goes, ‘My parents are… my parents are Jewish.” That’s. it, that’s an intern truth. That’s true. That’s a real interpretation. Because the picture is now creating all those behaviors. That’s, it’s subtle but profound. now every time he looks at and it didn’t happen to a
different time look at it Kendall yeah my parents are Jewish
every time he was saying it different way because now he’s look at his parents
and he loves his parents again so long as appearances you can see all that in
that line where before was like my parents are Jewish he just said the
information cuz he memorized the words any memorize the interpretation okay now
that’s a nice a you know your parent here I don’t see anything so so what’s
the next 100 my mom says in the big book that Jews get 10% off I said go pick up
your mother have her hold a book after look down and say Jews yet ten percent
off because were because mother isn’t so nice I become her and he’s like you know
well son you know says it’s here in the book that Jews we tend us at all so he
does it now now what does he do kids Baker and my parents are Jewish Jesus
and my mother says you know in in the in the big book that Jews Jews get tend to
sit off oh now he’s acting like his mother where before he said Jews ease
get 10% off does everybody follow what I’m saying to him yeah he didn’t mean to
do that for his mother it’s just if he be acted her out and now it’s compelling
for him to say what she said and it’s just was so it was it now all but that
was it’s funny to me you know I mean even then I said you know see it started
now don’t do that okay now become a loyal
and come over you know happy in it easy it doesn’t get a little pale then they
comes over and me you know it’s I’m yeah yeah yeah so what is he doing so you
know what how much is he gonna cut off he saw I don’t know he’s gonna cut off
10% comes over he goes yes I cut off 10% you’ve got a deal it’s 11 percent I
don’t laugh at me state you know like that that I said now become a little
baby when you got new and circumcised look down and notice your dick look like
this it looks like a mushroom now we got never become a mushroom we went down
became a mushroom you know and what else do you want it to be and he said you
know but he wouldn’t he grew like a fucking you know and then that’s a
completely different interpretation and performance
it’s my poem it’s a completely different interpretation of that show
okay he knew the language well enough and now he’s stats to look at the
pictures and say and remember oh yeah I could do is look at that now because he
already knew the words is my parents are Jewish it’s not hard to say now where
before it was like my parents are Jewish my mom says in the big book the Jews get
10% off I mean you know and joke for good so he was doing around town and I
you know I’d see see videos of shows he was doing sixes and sevens he was not
miserable he wasn’t horrible it was but it was nothing interesting about his
show because it’s now just the presentation of material and a
replication of an interpretation and the show is not a living thing anymore it’s
not growing and breathing and and it’s not being reinvented and reinterpreted
for the people that are in front of him he’s just replicating what he did not
previous show so he has to go internal dialogue he has to go to a previous show
present those things and this shows dead inside of it it’s dead it’s not alive
and that’s you know so that rehearsal processes like the answers so much about
just learning to just be yourself those pictures create the behaviors he didn’t
mean to look at his parents and the love and the pride and everything else that
came back he had no idea he doesn’t he just was just for him he was just saying
you know my parents of Jewish 70 but from the outside I was completely
different its Goods completeness as a person talking to me now not a comic
delivering a fucking thing that he’s practiced and and now has set so
completely that it does nothing in it ever changes so he stopped experimenting
he stopped having fun he stopped every you know I see you having fun the shows
because no no no I get good laughs but I I eat sure yeah because he’s doing it
exactly the same way every time try to remember what he did last end at the
understand it just kids a kid it kills the souls of the comedian it kills the
soul of the material

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  1. Great advice! I am working towards my first show and right now I am trying to not just say the words but actually think of the situations and people in my bit. It is hard to be on point on so many levels, but I agree it will pay off.

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