When Facials Mess Up Your Face (feat. Jerry O’Connell) – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– Jerry O’Connell is here,
everyone. Welcome back to the show.
It’s “You Up with Nikki Glaser.” He’s asking for my GetQuip read. – Actually, are you ready
for this? – What?
– This is my first time on your show.
– Yes. – This is it.
You said, “Welcome back to–” Oh, you’re telling everybody
“welcome back to the show.” – Oh, I know that.
– I’ve been trying to self-book myself
on this show for years. – You– Really? – Yeah, I have
your phone number. I text you a lot. I let you know when
I’m in New York, but a lot of times
you don’t do the show here in New York.
– I don’t do it in New York. I do it in L.A. And then when L.A.,
it’s so early, I don’t like to ask
my celebrity friends to have to get up that early, especially ones with like kids
and lives and like shows. I just– I don’t
wanna bother you. It’s never about not
wanting you here. I’m so glad you’re here.
I was excited. – I have two children
who are ten years old, and I look for any excuse to get
the hell out of that house. – You wanna do my podcast
in Brooklyn? – Yes, let’s go. ♪♪ – I love the old 5:00 a.m. move
with my wife like pointing at my phone
like, “I gotta go. “That podcast in Brooklyn.
I’m gone. You got them.
I’ll be back tonight around…” – You’re taking the red-eye.
– “…11:00 p.m. “It’s, uh, you know,
it’s a 15-hour podcast. “I love you. You got this? Okay, cool. Thank you.
You’re so supportive.” – That’s good to know. Okay, next time
I’m in L.A., I will ask you
to be on the show at 7:00 a.m. – By the way, I wanna say
I’m sitting here. I know this is an audio medium
that we’re on, but your skin looks terrific. – Oh, well, thank you,
Jerry O’Connell. – It does.
– I have a lot of makeup on. I don’t even wanna draw
attention to it. – I didn’t think
you had any makeup on. That’s how good your makeup is.
– Thank you. Well, I was just crying before
you got into the show here today and I told you that
when you came in ’cause I didn’t want you
to think that I just looked weepy
for no reason. So I immediately hugged you
and said, “I just was crying.” And you said, “Why?”
I said, “I got a really painful facial.” And I said, “Have you ever
experienced anything like that?” And Jerry O’Connell has had
one facial in his life. Is that right? One?
– I had one facial. I was a teenager
and I was getting, um, I was getting zits on my… For some weird reason,
when I went through puberty, I got zits on my forehead
and on the back of my neck. – Okay.
– I don’t know… The rest of my face,
I did not get zits. But I got clusters of pimples
in both those areas. – Right.
– And my mother… – Did you walk sideways a lot?
– Right. I-I-I–
No, I wore hats and I wore bandannas around…
– Turtlenecks. – Yeah, turtlenecks. – And then you got shot
by the Crips. – Um, and my mother was like,
I’m gonna book you for a facial. It’s gonna clear it all up.
Don’t even worry about it. And I went to go see, um,
a lady from Eastern Europe. And she was like…
(chuckles) she was like, “Don’t worry.
This will be okay. “I’m going to fix everything. “Don’t worry, you’ll never
have this problem again. I’m going to clean all this.
This is dirty.” (laughter)
And… she went to work on my forehead
and neck for a while. – Wow.
– And I felt like… what she was doing–
you know what, one thing I was
very cognizant of was, don’t pop zits, you know,
because it just got worse. – Never. Yeah, they always
tell you, “Don’t touch your face.
Don’t pop zits.” – And so I was very cognizant
of that, and I felt like… (European accent)
…this lady Svetlana was like going to town
on every single one of my zits and like going in
with like tools and like… – Yes.
– …pulling it out. (normal voice)
But like not like… You know, like this wasn’t
that long– This was like, I guess,
30 years ago. So like medicine,
it wasn’t like leeches and like rudimentary like
bone saws with like… Like doctors like were operating
with like machines and stuff. She just wasn’t being delicate. And when I– when I went home,
I– like my face was like butchered.
– Yes. – And I was assured that
it would air out and it would like– this was… (European accent)
Oh, it would look bad for a few days, but it will
get better. It will be better than before.
Trust, trust. (normal voice)
And, um, I swore I’d never go– Like for those two days,
like going to school, people were like,
“What happened to your fa–? Oh, my God!”
– Yeah. Yep. – “He’s contagious! It’s beyond
cooties, man. It’s… What is happening?”
– Leprosy, yeah. That’s what I felt like
yesterday after I got back. – But then, three days later,
you looked amazing. – Uh, you know, I don’t even
remember how I looked afterwards so I’m just saying,
I’m telling you, sitting across from you,
your skin looks great. – Well, thank you.
– Radiant. – I appreciate that.
Please stop. I am uncomfortable by it because I just know
that it’s not true. But I will accept it and thank you
for your compliment. However, that is what they do.
They bang you up. They bang up your face so hard,
and you leave. And it was so funny
’cause yesterday I was– I mean, I had no makeup on
and it was a night– If I show you the pictures,
you’d be like, “I don’t recognize that person,” because it was a beard
of just craziness. And I stopped at a Bodega
on the way home. And you know how they have
like a minimum amount? And I just wanted to buy
a pack of gum and a seltzer. And I did not even get close
to the minimum $10 for the… And he just was like,
it’s okay, ma’am. And I swear to God,
it was because my face was so disgusting
and I was like, I got treated like
I have an ailment that this guy was like,
she doesn’t have long to live. And he bestowed sympathy
upon me. And then I went into that
same Bodega later on with makeup and guess what, I had
to spend $10. – Right, right, right.
– I had to spend over $10. I swear to God, the same
exact guy! – It could’ve been
’cause it’s around your mouth, he could’ve thought it was like
a contagious thing happening and he was like, it’s okay.
Go, go, go, go, go, go away. – Get out of here.
Get out of here. Jerry O’Connell is here
with us. He has a new entertainment
talk and comedy show called “The Jerry O Show.”
Or is it called “Jerry O”? I felt like it was called
“Jerry O Show.” – I’m pretty sure
it’s called “Jerry O Show.” I gotta check that.
I gotta look at that one. – You don’t know!
– You should. Yeah, you can follow it
at JerryOShow… – I just sort of, um,
it’s something that I fell into. Wendy Williams, who is my boss, she’s a very famous
daytime talk show host here in New York. – She’s producing your show?
– She’s my Oprah. – Oh, my God, that’s awesome.
And you’re her Dr. Phil. – I’m her Dr…
I’m her Dr. Phil. (imitating Dr. Phil) “Catch me
outside, how ’bout that? “So you are being disobedient
with your parents. “You know what that comes from? “And you like to take selfies
of yourself “with your booty hanging out? You wanna talk to us
about that?” (normal voice)
Um, I, uh, I filled in for her when she went on sabbatical
a little bit earlier this year. And Fox and Wendy Williams
and our parent company, Debmar-Mercury
are doing this thing where they test shows in August. All these shows go off the air
in August ’cause everybody goes
to vacation in the South of France
or whatever. So I’m testing for a month
in her slot for… – Oh, cool.
– It’s gonna be a lot of fun. – Oh, that’s in her slot
for a month? And so it debuts
Monday, this Monday. – Super scary, though,
as, um, people in comedy, you will appreciate or feel
my pain with this, um… it’s every morning, I come in and I have to write that
20-minute opening monologue. They don’t go to commercial.
It’s really… The first time
I hosted “Wendy”– and this is why Wendy
is so good at what she does– they said, “You need
an opening 20 minutes and we don’t go to commercial.”
– Wow. – So you can talk
about the weather. You can talk about
what your kids are up to. But we have a hard–
we’re not going to commercial. So your five stories about
what happened on “90 Day Fiancé” or “Real Housewives
of Orange County,” you better stretch them out and you better make ’em
entertaining ’cause we’re not cutting to– You can’t be like,
okay, well, that’s about it and we’ll be right back.
We’re not doing that. – Does that worry you the most out of everything
about the show? I mean, talking to people? The interviews,
well, you got that. – I would say that live
opening 20 minutes… – How did you approach it and how are you going
to approach it? – Wendy has a great team
of, um, you know, uh, writers. Um, you know, people who
we all watch whatever hap– “Bachelor in Paradise”
the night before. – Yep.
– And everybody comes in with a fun opinion
of everything. – Yeah.
– And you know, you know what really helps these days
is social media. Going on to Twitter
and seeing, you know, going on The Shade Room and seeing what people
are saying, you know. Reading funny comments,
seeing what’s– like interesting people. And that sort of helps
design it. But we come in at 7:00
and it’s live at 10:00. So you have three hours
to write 20 minutes. – Oh, my God.
– It’s crazy. – Goddamn, dude.
– It’s pressure. – Is it gonna be
a slow transition? Wendy is leaving
and then it’s… – “Wendy” is already
in repeats this week. – Okay.
– Um… – Are they slowly saying
that you’re coming in? – Yeah, they have like promos. – Is someone gonna turn on
and be like, “Oh, it’s Jerry”? – Oh, listen, I’m sure…
(laughter) Listen, and we’re all familiar
with Instagram comments. I’m sure people, the first day,
are gonna be like, what the– who is this guy?! I hate him.
Bring me Wendy back. They all call me “extra.” They say like
I have too much energy. He’s too ex– Get this extra
AF– MF off my TV! He’s the worst!
(grunts) I hope he dies! – No!
– Stupid. The fat kid from “Stand by Me,”
Jason Bateman wannabe. – Oh, yeah, wow…
– Do you get that? Wow. – So specific. – Jason Bateman wannabe. No one cares.
His career peaked, the fat kid from
“Stand by Me.” And it’s all been downhill. Oh, another canceled show
for this one. Ha-ha-ha-ha!
– Right, right. All that same stuff.
Yes. It doesn’t get to you,
though, clearly. – Oh, this guy.
I hate him! Him? I hate him! I wanna tell you,
I have never said anything offensive
in my life. I have never like–
Even politically, like… – Yeah.
– I mean, maybe a couple little things about how much
I liked certain administrations
more than others, you know? – Right.
– But like I’ve never like… – Yeah.
– The venom people have for someone on TV that they
don’t– aren’t used to seeing. – Oh, man…
– Who is this?! – And they’re dying for me to
answer back and I can’t, so… – I know.
– But it doesn’t bother– You can tell it doesn’t
bother me in the slight… I’m cool with all of it.
I think– When I do the “Jerry O Show” and people like leave
negative comments, it’s just– it’s a part of it. Ahh! You have to accept it.
I love everybody. – Is there Baileys in there? – I wish.
– In your coffee. – Now, is this four days,
five days a week? – Five days a week.
– Oh, my God. That’s so much to talk about. And you do have to watch
all of these shows that you can stay up… Like are you watching
“Bachelor in Paradise”? – I’m not gonna kid you,
I thought for sure I was gonna
do this show and it was gonna be
an hour of work a day. And I was legit gonna be
waiting on that line at Whole Foods for an hour
’cause I had the time. I was gonna be
going to the gym. I thought for sure,
I was like, I’m gonna get
in such sick shape doing this show.
(laughter) ‘Cause I’m gonna like
go to spin and lift and then maybe even
do like a two-a-day spin. I’m gonna be jacked ’cause I’m gonna have
nothing to do. Like work an hour, whatever.
Like actors, we work hard. – You thought you were just
gonna be able to show up and kinda just do it. – I thought I was gonna be able
to read a teleprompter and go home.
– Oh, no. – By the way, I’ll tell you,
I’m– I’m married. Like my wife and kids came here
’cause I was like, hey, guys, we’re gonna shop.
We’re going to Hudson Yards. I’m gonna take you guys to H&M,
to Forever XXI. We’re going, everybody.
– Every day. – Let’s do it.
Fill up that Zara card ’cause we’re doing it.
(laughter) I mean, and… I have… It’s the hardest job
I’ve ever done in my life. It’s crazy. I have aged.
– It’s so hard. – I’ve aged. I’ve aged.
– Really? – What’s been the most
stressful thing other than writing
this monologue? I mean, what is other work
that goes into this stuff that people aren’t maybe–
that you didn’t even consider? – Um, it’s funny. I don’t wanna
complain about this ’cause obviously someone
is like paving a road right now listening to you and being
like, “F” this guy. Like I’m breaking– I’m trying
to fix this bridge here. – Yeah.
– And… – And he’s trying to do
two-a-day spin classes, and that’s a lot for them.
– Right, and I’m doing it all. – And he’s laughing. – So I would say the most
time-consuming is– like I have a wife and kids– is coming home
and letting them know I can’t talk to them. I have to watch two hours
of “Bachelor in Paradise.” – Oh!
– And then a two-hour “90 Day Fiancé.” – Don’t act like
you don’t love it. – And it’s unbelievable. When did these shows
become two hours? What the hell is going on? – Oh, “Bachelor in Paradise”
last night, I was like two hour…? It’s so long.
– It’s two hours. It’s a teleth–
Jerry Lewis worked less in his telethon than these
weekly shows are. – It’s a lot of work.
– They’re really milking it. I guess, for advertising money,
they need– They got all this money and they have to make it
a two-hour show. – Well, I guess the simple
answer is people watch it for two hours, I mean, that’s
why they’re two hours. – I know. By the end of it,
you go, “Why isn’t this longer?” – I really wanna see more tears
and more sex. – Vomit.
– Yeah. That hasn’t happened yet.
Or, are you– – I think it happened yesterday.
– Oh, I missed it. La la la la la.
– We only watched part one. – Oh, sorry.
– We missed one night, so we’re one night behind. – Someone had a bad taco. – Oh, no.
– Oh, no. – Oh, was it Jane and her
obsession with tacos? – It was the super hot
blond guy, the surfer guy. – Oh, John Paul Jones?
– Yeah, is that is name? – I don’t know why he’s a thing. – Because he just goes,
“Whoa, dude!” (gibberish) It’s like that.
He just stands out because– – He looks like a child.
He looks like a child. – I mean, I texted you something
that you laughed at very hard about John Paul Jones
that I can’t say on air. But– and I–
It’s the same thing I felt about the characters Joey Tribbiani
and Phoebe from “Friends,” is that they just became… mentally handicapped
at one point, where you’re just like,
“This– no one talks like this.” And if your friend
talked like Joey or Phoebe in the final seasons
of “Friends,” when they became super stupid…
– Yeah. – …you’d go, “You have
a cognitive disability, “and you should go check
for something. Like you might have like a leak
in your apartment or something.” And that’s John Paul Jones.
There’s a leak. – Yeah, you’re right.
– I don’t judge people physically,
but he is pretty hot. – Oh, man, I’d… yeah. – That goes a long way.
– He is very hot. – Nobody commented on his Speedo
when he came out. I didn’t think it was so great. I didn’t think that he was– – His package, you mean?
– Yeah. – Like, you could see
what was going on? – It seemed extra small to me. – Water could have been cold,
it could have been… – Yeah.
– He had just come out of a van and was walking down the steps. – That van could have
been very cold. – Could have been AC in there.
– AC. (laughing) – Who know what the seats
are like? – It’s not your best light. – He’s so good-looking,
it doesn’t matter. – A lot of metal in a van.
– Is he? – Yeah, yeah, I think he is. And you’re watching
“90 Day Fiancé,” too? Are those your two favorite
shows anyway, and then you just
so happen to be like, “Oh, okay, we’re gonna
talk about those?” Or is that– Now these
are assignments for you? – Well, it’s gonna be
interesting because, um… um, I have to figure out– it’s
like a test period, you know? So I have to figure out
what people want to hear about. You know?
I mean… I personally think people are going to want
to hear about “90 Day Fiancé” the next day it’s on, you know?
– Yeah. – But, you know, come Monday,
and might not rate well. – Yeah, I wanna hear about
your– your kids and your wife. I want to hear about
like your stuff at home. Like I want to hear
personal stories. Do people want that, and how
personal are you willing to get? – I will get personal.
You know, it’s really funny. Um… nobody here has kids yet? – No.
– So, you know, it’s funny, what happens when you are
a huge celebrity like myself… – Yeah. You are.
– Huge. – A funny thing happens with
social media when you have kids. It’s like, “Oh, am I gonna
post photos of my kids on social media?” And I want that
Olsen twin money, so I do it. – Yeah.
– These are jokes, everyone. (laughter) I’m like, “Girls, we’re all
in this business together. “And you have to look good.
When I take a photo of you “on Instagram, we could get
some sort of endorsement deal. “You never know.
With OshKosh or Gap Kids. I’m talkin’ real money here,
girls!” – I mean, you could.
Your girls are adorable. – “Fashion Nova kids.
Hello?!” – (laughing) Fashion Nova.
Oh, my God. – “You want that money?”
– (laughing) Yes! – “You gotta work.”
– “Get in this half shirt.” – “So you smile
and you bring it! Okay? “Now, I’m gonna take this
picture. It’s a selfie. “It’s on a timer, on three.
We’re gonna look good. Find your angles, girls!
Find them now.” – I know…
– “You don’t find the now, you’re never gonna find them.”
– This is tough. – “If you don’t find them now,
you’ll never find them.” – Um…
– Your one shot with dad. – “But, Daddy, my angles
might change. Dad we just wanted to celebrate
Father’s Day with you.” – (laughter)
– Not doing that. – “We love you, Daddy.”
– “No, we have to. “It’s the big, Hashtag
Father’s Day. This is big! Lotta followers today!” – (laughing) “Hashtag.”
– Okay? Um… But we– I am going to
show my kids on the show. It’s really funny, um…
– Cool! – You know, it’s, um… In, um… I’m trying not–
It’s too late for this, so I’m trying not
to sound cheesy here, but I’ve already, I’ve already–
that ship’s already sailed. Um… um, you know…
Wendy Williams, who is my boss, said to me she’s adamant
about me being myself. “You got to be yourself
when you to the show. “You know you’re going to get
a lot of notes from producers, you’re gonna get
a lot of notes from–” Hey, we even have
agents and stuff who say, “Hey, I want you to audition
for this part,” and it’s like, it’s not– I don’t feel comf–
“Just audition for it. Put yourself on tape.
Just do it out there.” And the one thing Wendy
keeps saying to me is like… after a note session
and everything, “All right, you heard them.
Now go be yourself, man. Don’t let them
change you, dude.” And my kids are me, you know?
I mean, like… I-I-I mean, I deal with them
all the time you know. And they’re like ten and like… Aw, man, I caught them
vaping and… – What?
– Whoa. – I’m kidding, everybody. (laughter)
– Damn. – That– we really got–
it got quiet there for a second. – I was like, “Whoa, ten and–”
– “Wow, they’re cool.” – Yeah. “Can I hang out
with them?” – Twin vaping?
– (laughter) – Can I…
I’m looking at– There was an “US Weekly”
article, “25 Things You Didn’t Know
About Jerry O’Connell.” – Okay.
– And, um, you had said, “I met my wife
and immediately fell for her.” Can you tell us
about that moment? – Well, my wife is a… – Supermodel?
– A supermodel, yeah. I mean, that’s not even
an exaggeration. She was a supermodel,
she was a “Sports Illustrated” cover model, um…
– Yes! I remember. – And “Victoria’s Secret,”
right? – And “Victoria’s Secret.”
– I remember growing up, like, pulling out– like,
tearing out pictures of her. – Right, sure, sure, sure.
Um, me too. – And also, personality just…
– (laughter) – …oozing out of her. Like,
she’s not just a pretty person. Like, you can just tell she–
– She’s kind, too. – You’re like, “Oh, I wanna
be around her. She seems so fun.”
– Actually, um… uh… Not to get too, like, inside,
but one of models who transitioned into
personalities, you know. Like an actress. It’s very
difficult to do, you know. – Yeah. Gisele tried it,
and no one cared for that and… – (laughter)
– I’m not pointing fingers. – I’m saying it,
you don’t have to say it. But like, she tried to get
into– to be in movies, and to be– we don’t really
see her on couches a lot, killing it on late night shows,
whereas your wife is someone people tune in
to hear talk, too. – Right, it’s a tough transition
to make, and my wife did it. Um, we met, uh… we met
where a lot of people meet, at a Maxim Hot 100 party. (laughter) – Dude…
– Where you were lurking? – I got to tell you, I’ve had
a lot of embarrassing things happen to me in my life,
like a lot of shame, you know? Like– like TV shows canceled,
public failure. I didn’t get the Ryan Seacrest
job with Kelly Ripa, publicly. You know, it’s like
I’ve had shame in my life. – Sure.
– I’m not– my wife and I are the most ashamed of the fact that we met at
a Maxim Hot 100 party. – What was your opening line?
– Yeah, what did you guys– – “What number are you?”
– (laughter) – You’re right, that’s what
I should have said. – Thank you.
You should have been there. – “What’s your number? “No, no, I’m sorry,
not your phone number. What are you ranked?”
– 46. Okay, I’m gonna– I’m gonna work my way
down the bar. – “Ooh, 46, hmm.
I might be back later. I’m gonna try Top 20.”
– 37 is… – (laughing) “Top 20”!
– “46. Yikes. Okay, just stay here.
I’ll be right back, okay? Um…” – Don’t go 45ing on me. (laughter) – “Oh, wow, I wish
you had said 45. Hmm.” So close.
This isn’t gonna work.” Um… no, my opening line was–
She was in the VIP area, and I was, um,
not in the VIP area. (laughter) And I had met her once before, and I was– there was
a large security guard… in between me and the VIP area, and I started
furiously waving to her. Um, I was like calling her over. And she was like pointing
at herself– “Me?” And I was like, “Yeah! Come,
come, come, come, come!” And I was, “Like I– Like I need
to tell you something!” And, “It’s like important.”
And I was like making– It was something I did a lot.
I couldn’t get into a lot of nightclubs,
and I wanted to go there because my chances of being
with someone physically increased greatly if I was
in a nightclub. – Yeah.
– And I had– I could never get into the VIP
area, so I had this thing where I would go,
and I if I saw anyone that I moderately recognized,
I would do this thing where I’d furiously wave them
over like, “Oh, my gosh! Come, come, come!”
Like, almost like, “I need my EpiPen!
I need my EpiPen!” Um, and I’d call them
over like that. And then they’d come over,
and then I’d– I’d phy– I’d hold– grab them.
– (laughter) – That sounds like assault. And I would like point
to the bouncer like– and nod emphatically, like this,
“This is who I’m with! I was trying to tell you.”
– I belong here. – And there’s no
like rules to a V– Like, there’s
no like Secret Service. – These people are like liter–
– They’re not checking IDs. – Yeah! They’re like
plucked off the street, just because they’re large. I don’t even think anyone’s
talking to them on a radio. – Right.
– Um, they’re just like, If you, like, can act your way– You can act your way into,
like, these VIP areas. So I grab my… wife.
My then not-wife. I grab Rebecca Romijn’s… uh,
number seven I think, that year. I grabbed her arm,
and I was like, “I’m with her!” And I said to
the security guy, like, “I’m with her!
I told you, I’m with her!” And then I like went in,
and she was like, “Hey… who– who are you?” – (laughter)
– And I was like, “Hey, I’m Jerry O’Connell.
I met you at, um… at this guy’s party.”
And she was like, “Oh, yeah!” And we did have
a couple mutual friends, and she was sitting at a table
with a guy she was dating. – Oh, wow!
– She had been previously married, a guy she’s dating. And she had
another friend with her. So I just sat down with them.
I was just excited to… – Have…
– Well, I was around Top Ten People now.
– Yeah, yeah. – I had made it,
I was strictly talking to– – For 140, you got in there. – And, um… I sat down,
and her friend– Like, we were there
for a couple hours. I was like, “All right.
That was a lot of fun.” Her friend said,
“Hey, take her phone number,” and I was like, “She’s with
that dude, that older dude.” And the friend said,
“No, give her a call. I think she really liked you.” I mean , you can’t tell from
this interview but I was like, funny, like…
– Oh, yeah, of course. And that initial meeting
is so cute. Like, grabbing onto her
and being like, “She’s my–” – That’s so hot.
– You’re already acting as a couple,
so it was a great end. She just knew.
Yeah, you– You’re on a date
with a lousy guy, and you’re like,
“I want that guy,” you tell your friend,
“Just make sure he knows, like, yes, follow through.”
– Yes. – I love it.
– Yeah, it’s funny. I love first-meeting stories.” – We haven’t said jackpot once. (both)
Jackpot! (laughter) – Oh, you gotta go to therapy.
– Jackpot! (laughter) (both)
– “Jyackpot”! – Do you have to go to, uh…
– Yeah, I got therapy– jackpot! – Jackpot… ♪♪ – We have a game where
we try to say… (both)
Jackpot! – But–
– No, you say jackpot twice. – Jackpot. Oh, yeah, you have
to say jackpot twice. – Jackpot. Jackpot!
– Jackpot, jackpot! – And–
– And you gotta say jackpot once, and before she gets done,
“Jackpot-jackpot.” – (laughing)
– Yeah, it’s pretty good. You really suck. Jackpot!
– Jackpot-jackpot! (laughter) I imagine people are like,
Jackpot’s becoming– jackpot! – Jackpot’s huge.
I only said it once. – Jackpot-jackpot!
– Jackpot! (both)
Heeeey… – Jackpot!
– Coffee pot! (laughter) Coffee… pot! – Why is jackpot
so fun to say? It’s the best, dude. Oh!
– Say it now at home. – Did you see the girl– (both)
Eeh… eeh… Jackpot! – (laughter)
– Eeeh… aiii… (both)
Jackpot! – Jackpot!
– Oh, my God. – This girl wrote us–
– When you finally do– – You said jackpot
on Andrew Santino’s podcast. – I did?
– You didn’t see the message? – No!
– The girl sent a message. She found the moment
where you go, “Yeah, he was–”
You’re talking about a guy, and you were like talking
about how great he was. It was like, “I kinda
hit the ‘jyackpot’.” (laughter) – I swear to God.
I swear to God. You did it… (both)
“Jyackpot-jyackpot”! – Yeah, “jyackpot”!
– “Jyackpot”! It’s fun! It’s with everything. – Yeah, so the origin
of “jyackpot” is from, um…
– “Jyackpot”! – I was doing voiceover
for the show “Blind Date,” and one of the line reads was, “Today– Today, we hit
the “Blind Date”… (both)
“Jyackpot!” – And, like, I didn’t even
realize I was saying it in a funny way, but then Andrew
just starts starts like “jackpot” a lot after that– – And then we went to Vegas.
It’s perfect for Vegas. – Ohh, we were jackpotting
all over Vegas. – Well, yeah, we were. – It’s– it’s so fun to say
at the end of anything. – It’s gonna be my next
T-shirt, probably. – Yeah, well, when you finally
do cum good, will you say jackpot
as soon as you cum? – I’ll try.
– Will you remember? – I don’t know
if it’ll ever happen, but if it happens, I prom– I swear to God,
I’ll say it twice, just so if you’re out there,
you have time to say it once. – (laughing) Oh, thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Do you know that one time
I had sex in Las Vegas, and he pulled out,
and he goes, “Where should I cum?”
Like, which is the normal answer for when we were having sex–
he’d pull out and be like, “Where do you want it?”
And I just go… I go… “Dealer’s choice.” (laughter) Jackpot!

40 thoughts on “When Facials Mess Up Your Face (feat. Jerry O’Connell) – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser”

  1. Hi nikki can you have yamaneika on your podcast?! Her comedy album just came out and also she has a live special this friday at gramercy theate !!

  2. If your skin is too young, too aggressive treatments cause glycolysis . Stay away from lasers and rough acid peels under 35-40, depending on your skin. Glycolysis happened to me, my cheeks, because of an acid peel.

  3. Nikki asks Jerry to share the miserable story of his first and only facial: 1:23
    Jerry talks about his upcoming series, “Jerry O’Show”: 5:26
    Jerry reveals how he met his wife, supermodel Rebecca Romijn: 17:38
    Off Air, Andrew Collin and Nikki joyously explain the game “Jackpot”: 23:03

  4. He’s underrated, he had some funny movies in early 2000. He needs his own tv show either comedy or sci-fi.

    His wife is still smoking hot

  5. Well, that was six minutes of my life I'll never get back. Glaser wants to be famous, so she gets her face glazed on the regs, by dudes who look like Harvey Weinstein.

  6. I just Googled Jerry to find out how much older than me he was.
    My feelings got hurt when I found out that he's a couple of years younger.
    I remember him from "My Secret Identity" when I was a teenager.
    Wasn't a big fan of the show. I wanted him to turn into Ultra Man, like in the last line of the theme song from the 1st season.
    I really wanted to watch Superboy, if I'm being totally honest.

  7. "What's the deal with John Paul Jones? Why is he a thing?"

    Because he's the bassist of Led fuckin Zeppelin! That's why.

    (for dummies: I know it's a different person. It's called a joke.)

  8. Why don't you just bang Andrew he's right there. And you work together so you don't even need to carve out extra time to see each other 🍆👌😁👍

  9. nikki's shows always have titles like she's a slut, but when u actually listen to her ur like omg she's like the sweetest adorable girl ever and i wanna give her compliments!

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