Valentine’s Day 💝 The Patrick Star ‘Sitcom’ Show Ep.11 | SpongeBob | Nick

Hi, Patrick. Hello? Patrick, it’s me, SpongeBob. Ah! Hold on, buddy.
I’ll get you out! SpongeBob? SpongeBob? – Patrick…
– SpongeBob! [sobbing] – SpongeBob!
– Patrick, I’m right behind you. There you are! [music playing] This show was filmed in front
of a live studio audience. Happy Valentine’s Day! – Here’s your present.
– And I have a present for you. – You do?
– It’s the greatest… The bestest… The most fantabulous… Present ever!
But you can’t have it yet. – Why not?
– ‘Cause it’s not ready yet. – Is it ready now?
– Do you wanna ruin the surprise? Yes! You gotta tell me! No can do. You’ll just have to wait. Please, please, please, please!
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Please! OK, Patrick. Here we are. You got me a carnival? Mine, mine, mine! Alright, everybody out! – This is my carnival!
– It’s not the carnival. – Oh…
– Here. – Why don’t you take this quarter and–
– Oh my gosh, a quarter! – I’ve always wanted a quarter!
– It’s not the quarter. Oh… I’m ready for the greatest Valentine’s
present in the whole world now, SpongeBob. Well, this is where you’re gonna get it. I hope… Just keep looking out there, pal. Patrick, you know how sometimes
you plan something special, – and things just don’t work out?
– No. Holy Mackerel, is it hot up here or what? Patrick! Here it is! What’s that? A handshake, a friendly handshake. A handshake? That’s the big gift? You got me a handshake? Happy Valentine’s Day! [laughing nervously] [music playing] I’ve been thinking… At first a handshake
doesn’t seem like much but, – really it’s the thought that counts.
– Hey, SpongeBob! I just wanted to thank you
for this box of chocolates. No problem, Fran. I mean, even though
I was expecting more… Thanks for the roses, SpongeBob.
Happy Valentine’s Day. You too, Dave. And not that it matters that
we’ve been friends for so long… Hey SpongeBob, thanks for the bike. Can you believe this guy?
I just met him this morning. So, as I was saying… Excuse me. Do you guys have the time? Ah! Patrick needs love too! [screaming] I defy you, heart man! Attention everyone, there’s
a chubby pink starfish on the loose. [crowd screaming] [screaming] Give me SpongeBob! [laughing nervously] You broke my heart. Now I’m gonna break something of yours! OK Patrick, I know I deserve this,
but do they? They didn’t give me anything either. Nope, it’s too late for that now. For all of you. Yeehaw! Get along, little shellfish! Gallop, you scallops! Yeah, Sandy’s here! Woo! Look Patrick, it’s here! [moaning] – Happy Valentine’s Day, Patrick!
– Yay! Yay! My valentine! Hey, is this solid chocolate? Patrick, no! oh SpongeBob, you didn’t have
to get my anything. [music playing]

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