The Full Robin & Steve Bathroom Coming Out Scene | Stranger Things S3

Have you… ever been in love? Yep. Nancy Wheeler. First semester, senior year. [imitates gunshot, chuckles] Oh, my God. She’s such a priss. [Steve] Hm. Turns out, not really. [scoffs]
Are you still in love with Nancy? -No.
-Why not? I think it’s because I found someone
who’s a little bit better for me. [chuckles] It’s crazy. Ever since Dustin got home,
he’s been saying, “You know, you gotta find your Suzie.
You gotta find your Suzie.” Wait, who’s Suzie? It’s some girl from camp,
I guess his girlfriend. To be honest with you,
I’m not 100% sure she’s even real. But that’s not–
that’s not really the point. That doesn’t matter. The point is,
this girl, you know, the one that I like, it’s somebody that I…
didn’t even talk to in school. And I don’t even know why. Maybe ’cause Tommy H.
would’ve made fun of me or… I wouldn’t be… prom king. It’s stupid. I mean, Dustin’s right,
it’s all just a bunch of bullshit anyways. Because, when I think about it, I should’ve been hanging out
with this girl the whole time. First of all, she’s hilarious.
She’s so funny. I feel like, this summer,
I have laughed harder than I have laughed… in a really long time. And she’s smart. Way smarter than me. You know, she can crack, like,
top secret Russian codes and… You know? She’s honestly unlike anyone
I’ve ever even met before. Robin? [tapping on stall] Robin, did you just OD in there? No. [sighs] I… am still alive. [deep sigh] [Robin] The floor’s disgusting. Yeah, well, I already got a bunch of blood
and puke on my shirt, so… What do you think? About? This girl. She sounds awesome. She is awesome. And what about the guy? I think he’s on drugs,
and he’s not thinking straight. Really? ‘Cause I think he’s thinking
a lot more clearly than usual. He’s not. Look… he doesn’t even know this girl. And if he did know her, like– like really know her, I don’t think he’d even want to be
her friend. No, that’s not true. No way is that true. Listen to me, Steve. It’s shocked me to my core, but I like you. I really like you. But I’m not like your other friends. And I’m not like Nancy Wheeler. Robin, that’s exactly why I like you. [Robin scoffs] Do you remember what I said
about Click’s class? About me being jealous and, like,
obsessed? Yeah. It isn’t because I had a crush on you. It’s because… she wouldn’t stop staring at you. Mrs. Click? [chuckles] Tammy Thompson. I wanted her to look at me. But… she couldn’t
pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair. And I didn’t understand,
because you would get bagel crumbs all over the floor. And you asked dumb questions. And you were a douchebag. And– And you didn’t even like her and… I would go home… and just scream into my pillow. But Tammy Thompson’s a girl. [softly] Steve. Yeah? Oh. Oh. Holy shit. Yeah. Holy shit. Steve… did you OD over there? No, I just, uh… just thinking. Okay. I mean, yeah. Tammy Thompson, you know,
she’s cute and all, but… I mean, she’s a total dud. She is not. Yes, she is.
She wants to be, like, a singer. She wants to move to, like,
Nashville and shit. -She has dreams.
-She can’t even hold a tune. She’s practically tone-deaf.
Have you heard her? -[Robin chuckles]
-All the time. [singing atonally]
♪ You see me now tonight ♪ -Shut up.
-♪ You see me… ♪ -She does not sound like that.
-She sounds exactly– -That’s a great impersonation of her.
-She does not. You sound like a Muppet. She sounds like a Muppet. She sounds like a Muppet giving birth. [both laughing] [sings like Kermit]
♪ And if you could hold me tight ♪ [both sing atonally]
♪ We’ll be holding on forever ♪ -Exactly.
-[laughs] I know! Okay. What the hell? [both laugh]

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  1. This scene is priceless because even tho Steve had a crush on this beatiful lady he still cracked some jokes and wanted to make her laugh! Just because he didn't wanted to see her sad and Robin got scared to tell because she really did liked Steve as a friend! She got scared that he will be heartbroken and shocked! That is just… Amazing

  2. “Tammy Thompson’s cute and all but she’s a total dud!”

    Literally straight away into supportive best friend mode we stan Steve so much

  3. this whole scene just bothers me, like why her! Steve deserves to at least have someone! Especially a girl like robin! I mean you just HAD to make a character gay, and it HAD to be robin! Like really??? And I just think people stereotype tomboy and funny girls who clicks with the dorks, or gets along with robins personality! (I think i worded that right.) I feel like that’s the stereotype of personality to be lesbian. In all honesty I’m just mad that my ship sunk. And I understand that there is another season but Jesus, you guys butchered this.

  4. the raw EMOTION of this scene. it hurts to watch. it hurts so goddamn much to watch robin’s pain through the screen, her having to break steve’s heart and tell him something incredibly personal in the process. this scene is so so important and so beautiful. the stranger things writers deserve so much praise for giving us such amazing representation with such an amazing character and in such a respectful manner:,)

  5. The first time I saw this I was so worried for Robin, and as soon as Steve just cracked a joke, I literally broke into tears. I was so happy, because not only was my favorite character this absolute madlad that punches evil russian spy dudes and douchebag older brothers and takes care of a bunch of children when no one else can – he also accepts a lesbian in a time where homophobia is so common, and more than accepts her, wants to wholeheartedly be friends with her.

  6. I love how Steve didn’t even judge Robin for like girls but judged her choice in girls
    Robin- I like girls
    Steve- gurl wtf you can do MUCH BETTER

  7. this scene is such a masterpiece. every line is so perfect and shows truly how much robin doesn’t want to hurt steve and the other way around. their friendship is so beautiful and i l hope we get more independent scenes of them together in season 4 now that he knows she’s gay

  8. It really baffles me how many people desperately want her to be bisexual or straight. I’ve seen people still think they’re gonna end up together, or say she’s going through a “phase” 🙄
    SHE IS A LESBIAN. She doesn’t want to date a man and she knows what the hell she wants. People don’t say you’re going through a phase when you’re straight, but they automatically wanna go to that when there’s a LGBT person

  9. Honestly, I'd be fine with Robin being lesbian, it's just the way the Duffer Brothers dangled Steve and Robin's relationship in our faces. BRUHHHH I was shipping them so hard and got so heartbroken when that happened. Not cool Duffer Brothers, not cool.

  10. I love robin for being gay but I rlly wish they were a couple 😢 I’m sorry Is that bad !

    Also It shocked me when I found out the actress of robin is the daughter of Uma Thurman (kill bill, pulp fiction)

  11. I loved the fact that he just straight up didn’t give a shit that she was lesbian but that she sucked at singing, my favorite part.

  12. Now I do understand. Robin is really trash, no acting skills, not funny, very stupid quotes, totally untalented, absolutly unfit for this series.
    But she has rich mummy and daddy with big relations, mama Uma Thurman, Papa Ethan Hawke. I get it now.
    But dear Netflix, she is destroying this show. Take hear out.

  13. The whole way Robin explained it was horrendous. This is another one of those me too scenarios. Don't get me wrong I love gay representation in film. This was obviously just put in for the viewers. It was just silly to put it in the series.

  14. I’m not mad that’s she’s lesbian it’s just annoying that for the whole season they teased their relationship

  15. So the lgbt character of the show is a lesbian.
    ……yeah thats never a big deal. Even in the 80s. The only way this would grab more viewers is if she started dating Eleven. Lol
    People want guy on guy romance. Even male queer baiting makes audiences go nuts.
    #gotham #nygmobblepot

  16. steve: but tammy thompson is a girl
    me: ur not just a clown, ur the entire circus

    all jokes aside tho, steve, u did great sweetie

  17. we have 2 queens;
    Valkyrie(just in case you were a dc fan, she's from marvel): the queen of bisexuals
    and Robin: the queen of gays.
    we stan these 2 badass queens.

  18. my cousin refuses to see that robin is a lesbian, I brought it up with him and he's like "No she's not" and then all but one of his friends agreed that she isn't a lesbian. I was so upset that he's so homophobic that he refuses to listen to the facts in front of him, especially since I'm gay.

  19. this scene definitely made me tear up when i first watched it, because i had no clue it was coming. the moment i realized what was going on, and to see such a good reaction from steve play out, i was overwhelmed with emotion. it was so well done.

  20. I don’t even watch this show, I thought it was lame, but after seeing this, the cinematography, the character development, the dialogue and material and CHEMISTRY— hell, this bitch boutta get basic

  21. Robin: “so yeah I’m gay”

  22. Tbh was pissed they made her gay… really did my man Steve like this. He just deserves to be fucking happy. Besides there’s absolutely no way Robin would have flirted THAT fucking hard the whole season with Steve if she was really gay but whatever..

  23. I feel really bad for Steve but also I'm glad she was brave enough to tell him. That's real friendship, and I wish for her to find her love.

  24. such a deep fucking scene. robin knows that he’s talking about her but she knows that she has to be honest to steve. and she knows that it’s going to break steve but she has to say it. such a brilliant fucking scene oh my god.

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