The Dong Night (with Gabrielle Union) – Gay Of Thrones S8 E3 Recap

– Gabrielle Did you see Game of Thrones? – Did the Toros lie cheat and steal
to try to get to the top? Of course! – I literally pooped my skirt – I need to take out my earrings to fight somebody about this. ♪ Gay of Thrones Theme ♪ – So at the beginning, as you know, In Winterfell, everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their White Twerker Postmates. – Baby! Silence is scary. – And then out of the darkness, Evil Red Riding Hood shows up late. But don’t worry, she has enough Fireball shots for Everybody. Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!
Shots! Shots! Shots! – That’s a Fyre Fest I can get behind. It’s Ja baby! I feel like Ashanti. – This battle had more ups and downs than [Both] Martina Hingis’
storied tennis career. – So first things are going great, she wins the Australian Open in ’97 – But then she screws
up in the French Open by serving underhanded to Steffi Graf and gets booed off the court. – But then she goes on
to Sa-lay at Wimbledon. – Unfortunately, then she tests
positive for Snow which she denies but she’s kicked out of tennis anyways. – But you know you can’t
keep a good diva down because she comes back as a doubles champ. But then the White Twerkers
build a skeleton ladder and they climb over the damn wall. – Wait, we’re still
talking about tennis right? – Yaaaassss! White Twerkers are everywhere! As Baby Kill Bill knows when she discovers herself in the Jurassic Park kitchen with the Veloceraptor looking for her. (Heavy Dinosaur Breathing) – How come the White Walkers, like, yell and hiss and scream
through that whole episode and then get to the library
and start following the rules? – Shhhhhhhh – Ma’am Sir No. – And then Baby Kill Bill finally escapes by Marie Kondoing the entire library when the White Twerkers check to see
if the book sparks joy. And then she follows it up with a
little pep talk from Evil Red Riding Hood. [Melisandre] What do we
say to the God of Death? [Arya] Not Today. [Both] Not Today B*tch! – You about ta get this work b*tch – I just got my blades sharpened girl! You gotta get out of here! And then, there she is, in all of her Zombie Dragon glory. Eiffel 65 and she’s ready to bring it Viseri-on – I said! [Both] Burrrr! (Clap Clap) It’s cold in here I said there must be some dragons in the Atmosphere I said Burrr mm mmm It’s cold in here – I said
– There must be some dragons In the atmosphere. I said oeee oeee oe Ice! Ice! Ice! (whistle) – And then that poor Jon Snow honey, he’s having the most ratch of evenings. His Mapquest printout
flies out of his hand, then he crashes his aunts dragon, she’s gonna be furious when she finds out, probably won’t f*ck him
for at least a week or two. Meanwhile, in six feet under, Sansa Fierce hears some
strange noises in her neighbourhood, so she goes on Nextdoor
to make a complaint. (muffled screaming) And then that dang Mayor Pete picked a terrible time to get present. Everyone’s getting their
head cut off upstairs and he’s just downstairs wondering, pining away if he was
a good husband or not. [Tyrion] Maybe we should
have stayed married. [Sansa] You were the best of them. – What a terrifying thought. – And then as Ice Pence is
about to enter Winterfell, Christina Aguilera’s like, hold up, quick service add on, I’m gonna give you a
microderm Dragon Facial. And excuse me, don’t think for one second I did not clock Ice Pence
Coming for my signature red carpet pose (Camera click) (Laughing) I know we like to have a lot of fun on
Gay Of Thrones but i’d like to take a quick moment to mourn those that we’ve lost on this episode. (Gentle Music) But who knew that Ice Pence
was into upcycling? That motherf*cker gave
us a full un in memoriam. (Gentle Music) So then back at the giving tree, Baby Theon is leaving it all on the dance floor and Stab Stab Revolution. (Dance Music) – Poor Theon I hope him and his d*ck
get reunited in heaven. Oh my god, it’s gonna be like, like, when Nettie and Celie get reunited
in Color Purple. (Hand Slapping) Nothing will keep me from you. And I can’t wait. (Laughing) – And then at the end, Baby Miss Cleo is preparing
for her untimely demise, getting her affairs in order, deciding who gets her shawls, visiting that lawyer, but all of a sudden, Baby Kill Bill out of nowhere pulls a full Anna Shcherbakova quad Lutzes and Jeff Gilloolys the Night King right in the twat. – And then Ice Pence was like, WHHYYYY WHHYYYYYY WHHHYYYYYYY MMEEEEEE B*tch. You know why you. – So let me get this straight, Baby Kill Bill pops her cherry and then shatters a motherf*cking king off his patriarchal nasty podium? That’s literally my perfect day – Ok, not to be… backseat general, but, perhaps stabbing Ice Pence might have been the strategy from Jump – I’m so sorry, I was like, too upset to
even do your hair today. – You do hair? Where are – My dragons? Alfie – This Champagne is burnt [Bran] I’m going to go now.

100 thoughts on “The Dong Night (with Gabrielle Union) – Gay Of Thrones S8 E3 Recap”

  1. This episode is iconic from start to finish.

    And does anyone know the title for the song they used for the Stab Stab Revolution bit? I need more of that in my life.

  2. This is the funniest shit I've seen in a while. Thank the old God's and the new that I found this series.

  3. Watching Jaime and Brienne watch the dead rise my heart fucking sunk

    Thank you for making us believe the damn tension GoT

  4. Best skit thus far!
    dat chemistry!!
    I nominate Gabrielle Union as Jonathan's Bestie!!!

  5. Man, I was so bummed when Theon died. A thousand likes for anyone who figures out what the song is playing during the Stab Stab Revolution part.

  6. I am so done with these, two! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Completely lost it at "Eiffel 65"! XD These just keep getting better. I'm more upset that these have to come to an end soon than actual Game of Thrones, honestly.

  8. Gabrielle Union is beautiful but I found this kind of cringy. Like it was scripted and unnatural too. Like she would not come up with most of these.

  9. Can anyone tell me what the song is that plays when Theon is doing stab stab revolution? Did funny or die make it especially for this or something, cos I can't find it anywhere??

  10. That song is by Burn It Down – Written & Produced by Gustaf Axel & Kieran Jones. it's on soundcloud https: //soundcloud . com/gustaf-axel/82416-burn-it-down-1g

  11. "When the white twerkers check to see if the book spark joy"
    Rewatching this for the 100th time and still dying at this

  12. "So then back at the Giving Tree, Baby Theon is leaving it ALL on the dance floor in stab stab revolution". … I can't even breathe

  13. JVN and Gabrielle Union is a combo of beautiful and smart and hilarious i fully support Hunny 😂🥰💃🏾

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