The Dark Night – A suspense crime thriller

hey honey where are you
hey I’m just done with the client meet when are we meeting it sureños i should
be in about half an ax cool I’ll catch you there boys yes sir where are you coming from I’m
returning from my work can I see your DL please okay
sure there is a killer we are searching there
was an incident yesterday oh my god just go straight roll up your windows
and don’t stop anywhere definitely definitely thank you sir
thank you so much hey where are you hi sweetheart
yeah just was passing through and was stopped by cops at the checkpost they
are looking out for a murderer what happened some incident okay
I know it’s become too unsafe yeah cops has asked me to be cautious and be
a little careful not to stop the car not to roll down the windows no worries Rana
should be there in about half an hour crap Rana I think something got stuck
onto the wheel it’s badly jammed I don’t think I can move the car I’m stuck what was the freaking noise something is going on the other side
Rana looks like some assault is going on on someone don’t get scared
be calm what’s there around you I don’t see anything other than trees okay look
take the cover behind the tree quickly he’s peeping into the car
look Meghna you can be attack any time from now he’s going back I think it’s safe for
you to be in the car now now as he has already checked the car so we can go
back take the position in the rear row very close to the door all right I mean once you get inside
send the location great he’s killing someone I’ll be
there in a few minutes I think he is going yeah you

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