[SITCOM] Những cô nàng rắc rối – Tập 26 “Bản danh sách đáng sợ”

– So, about the case this chick was encited.. You didn’t tell me that the
freaking poo.. pooh.. dumped her! Right? – Yes !!
– Yes !! – Such a long “yes”! – Then you all hid it from his dad, too? – Ye.. Yes ! – So is it wrong if I beat you all now? – It’s not. – It’s not, grandma. Just beat ’em! – I am good like this.. but my 3 nieces.. 1 beautiful, 1 cute, 1 smart girl.
But why are they FA? I’m upset, of course! – But.. mom.. I’m not involved in this case..
Why do you glare at me? – So.. I don’t have
right to glare at you? – Who to glare at if it’s not you? It’s all your fault! I tell you, you’re the one who sets the start. The start of being FA for my whole family. I am really disappointed. So what now? It’s turning to Tien.
How can I take it all? – Mom. What are you talking about? – Being single and restraining
the love are different. – Just because Tien was too stupid
doesn’t affect my FA’s reputation. – Nonsense! You’re too evil! Do you believe that I can
beat you from single to dissable? – These smitten girls aren’t
like anyone else but you! If only you got just
a little thing like me.. – Look at you, Linh Nga.. People like you must have had
1 kid and several husbands. – Huh? Grandma? What is that “1 kid several husbands”? – That’s baddass.
– Oops! Did I say that? – Yeah!
– You’re oversaying.. – I was too upset.. It should be “1 husband and several kids” – Listen to me. About Vi Tien, I did punish you on behalf of your dad! Ok? – It’s ok! I’m so sorry, grandma. But please don’t tell my father at this time! Because I want to arrange everything
in 3 months to graduate.. Till I am not able to, I’ll be back with you! And admit my fault in front of my dad! – 3 months later? – 3 months are not too long, grandma! Just give her a chance to fix
everything before it’s too late. – 3 months later.. My goodness.
I know her father’s temper. If he knows this, he’ll
think that I’m her accessory And then.. he will try me
for being her accessory. You know him all! – Mom, don’t be afraid. If he forces you to the edge,
just hit him by broom-stick. – At that time, you must stay there to protect me. Now, about her case.. – I agree.. And I’ll considerate carefully. – Yeah, grandma, please think about it. – Just relax so you can think about it!
– Give me some water! – I’m tired because of talking to you. Now, it turns to my treasure – Tai! – Your marriage matter..
It’s already 3 months. Have you ever met anyone? How is your 6-monthed plan for marriage? – Mom, It’s under processing.. I agree with you that I’ll get married
in the 1st half of the year. But I don’t know when “the year” will be. – Repeat it, repeat, repeat! – I don’t know when “the year” will be.
– You don’t know? – Don’t know? – Grandma, stay calm! – Hurry up, uncle, come here quickly.
I’ll “retouch” you! – Facial mist for your face, fix you hair!. Close your eyes. – It’s wet enough.. – It’s ok.
– What is that?
– Put your hands up! – OMG it may break my “wings” – What is that?
– Wear you suit. – My suit?
– Yeap. – Gosh, uncle Tai, you are
very handsome now. – You’re cute!
– Uncle.. – Remember to try your best. If you make it through,
we’ll escape punishment. – Exactly. We can’t bear grandma’s punishment. – Uncle, fighting! – We’re in misery.
Tien even couldn’t look at her while eating. – Do you hear her stomach beating?
– I hear.. but not from her mouth, not her stomach! – Poor me. So this time, you have
to try your best for me. – Ok, I remember! – Wait wait, here’s the dating list.
Keep it along, uncle. Just follow the list. Uncle, remember a thing If you don’t like anyone,
just smile and say goodbye. – Especially, smile is better than talk. – I think you better not talk.
– Right! Just smile it out, it’s enough! – Everytime you talk, you’re so graceless – Stop, I know it all. – Ok. You’re more annoying than my mom. – Are you ready, sir?
– Again? – You may break my wings! – It makes you attracitve..
– 1 more times. – Ahh.. Very fresh! – So.. I’ll go.
– Fightin! – I’m on my way.
– Wish you success! – Ok!
– Do your best, sir! – Step by step.. – Just go, don’t sing..
– Going on a date! – Uncle..
– Please bring me some food! – Fighting! – Your uncle is back – Uncle! – Why are you so messy? – Ahhhh – Did you gracelessly give
bad comments to someone? – I didn’t. Listen to me. – Uncle, what about the
doctor who loves animals. How about her? – She is too old. She’s not a good choice. – So about the teacher who loves cooking, especially watching movies, just like you! – Geez! That one is extremely old! – Oii! So, the 3rd one? – The 3rd one? Old like hell! – Uncle..
– O M G Uncle, please.. those are just around 35 to 37.
Not too old! And you’re even not young at all. I told you not to be too selective! – Geez! What are you talking? “35 to 37” is too old. I set a lowest standard
is around 28 to 30. Its’ range is too loose. – So finally how many did you meet?
Do you like any of them? – Of course yes! – I did met my love.. so this thing is.. – Uncle. This is the list
grandma wrote in a year. – It’s grandma’s. – I have a partner now so
I don’t need it anymore. – How about her? Her job?
Is she beautiful? Tell us all, please! – In brief, she’s 28, still young! – Huh? 28? That means she’s 1 year
older than Linh Nga. – Right! – God! Aged 28 and
she agreed to meet you? – That seems wrong!
– Are you wrong? – What what?
Who told you she was to meet me? – So how did you meet her? – In brief, it is.. our natural destiny! – I met her in a very
suprising situation. – How things happened, sir? – Ok I tell you, it’s very mysterical. I supposed to go on the 5th date.. with the former wrestler.. On the way I was so
scared of being late, My arms might be broken! I was going across
the road in a hurry. And suddenly, a car went by.. I felt on the ground! – A car accident?
– And that car was.. driven by your future aunt! – Ohh!
– See? Is that attractive? – It’s romantic like in Korean movies. – You dumbass! *Ouch! – You guys… Don’t you know I
was hurt so many places. My suit was torn apart! I almost lost my tooth, too. Such a good luck! I have a fake tooth and it
protected my real tooth. After being injured, I was taken
care by her all this afternoon. – We’re like hitting it off. My luck, she has broken up
with his boyfriend! – Gosh! How could it concur like that? From the event of dating,
and being hearbroken.. and then you met on a car accident.. you life starts making sense
like normal people! – It makes sense, right! We have the same date too. If nothing changes, I’ll meet her mother on
the day after tomorrow. And if I’ll pass that mission, I and she will be walking on a road full of roses with music played.. – Tan tan tan tan ♪..
– Oh, uncle..! – Are you dead yet ♪ ? – Oops no. We’re too happy.
I forgot! – Wait, why do you have to be hurry? – Why not? ‘Cuz I have to finish my task
of getting married before the 2nd half of the year. Right? I said it before. At the same time, I can prevent her
from meeting with another guy! – Where’s your mom? – Is that?
– My mom is easy! All you should do is smiling! – Is that? So I smile everytime. – Mom.
– Hi, girl!
– Hello, aunt! – Are you Tai? It’s me, Thu! – We were in the same secondary class. We were hanging out with each other all the time. – Thu, are you really Thu? – What are you doing here? Why do you know my daughter? – I am…. – He’s my boyfriend! – What? Your boyfriend! – Oh my goodness!
You are old but still trying to trap kids? – You couldn’t have me
so you turn to my daughter? – No.. I .. I … I – “I.. I..” what? Don’t say that you
want to call me mother in law? – Long time no see but you
still deserve to be called mother! – What? You say I’m old, you f***ing bastard! – No I didn’t.. – Calm down, just because he’s toothless. – I almost lost my tooth.
– Which one? – Let me send it to hell right now! – Stop, I quit! – God! I am down to hell but she’s still eating! – Do you feel better now? – Still the same! – Oii! Don’t be sad. We’ll set another plan! – She’s right! Set till we have nothing left. – You’re talking nonsense! – Or else we have to follow grandma’s list! – Which list? – Uncle tore it this morning
– Uh yeah, right! – Damn it! So what should we do now? – Right! We’ll screwed already! – Tai..
– I’m here! – Have you met the range
of 35 to 37 year-old women this morning? – Yes, I have. – So the next one, did you met her? – I will meet her definitely.
I keep the list very carefully. – How about the 50-year-old one?
The one is as same as you.. – A little bit too old, but follows the trend.. Teenagers call it “Elder sister, I love you”! – Pilot driving, grandma! – Young pilot drives the old airplane! – Old pilot drives older airplane! – Stop making fun of me.
I’m too sick now!

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  1. hỏi vô duyên tí!!!hihi!!! Mọi người có biết cái cốc chè mà chị vi tiên ăn là chè gì vậy???

  2. Tuy lần đầu tiên mjh coi phim này nhưg mìh rất ghét bạn trai của vi tiên & ông tài 😔😔😔😔😔

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  4. mọi người diễn xuát tự nhiên ghê ! .
    -yêu chị Linhnga, Kim CƯơng, Nguyên Khôi, chú Tài, Vi Tiên,

  5. Giọng của Vi Tiên dễ thương quá phải không các bạn?..?
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    Linh Nga:xinh đẹp, gợi cảm,…
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