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  1. Could you react to this video? How would you handle the patients in this video if they came to you with their complaints?

  2. Reminds me alot of what Marilyn Manson always talks about. There is a video where he teaches an art class. Most of his interviews give a good angle on art and boundaries. Basically art not only shows past movements and histories, but through its expression it should challenge peoples beliefs, and societal norms. Basically people and society into itself can not change without challenges to their core. If your beliefs make you who you are, and determine how you feel and interact with society and the world around you, yet you believe, lets say, in (enter religion) because you were raised in that church/mosque/temple. Then are you really a grounded individual? You can have those same beliefs and still be an individual. Its just, to really be able to stand by them, you should question, challenge, and expect then to the smallest detail. These things, these ideas, ideologies, and societal norms dictate how you perceive the world and control and restrict your interaction with it. For instance I was raised in a Baptist church and I grew up to dancing being a sin and wrong. So I never did, and the idea used to seem almost scary, and shameful. Luckily I worked through that (then learned I'm not meant to dance) when we changed denominations when I was about 14. We have to challenge everything around us and make sure the messages we put out are still stable and sound. We have to do this in order to have progress.

  3. I honestly thought she said "cervezas" and not "survey says" so glad you mentioned family feud because I could not figure the link between bells palsy and beer

  4. I don’t want to see mike with some brainless model. I want to see him with a smart and gorgeous women just like her^^^^!!

  5. Glad to see a video like this! So tired of people telling one another what they should and shouldn't find humorous and feeling like they need to qualify every little thing they say. If you're able to find joy in pain, more power to you.

  6. I get muscle spasms. I was in a lab and the graduate assistant teaching the lab was standing in the direction I was facing and holding a glass test tube. My right eye spasmed like a wink as he was talking. He suddenly stopped talking and dropped the test tube and it shattered.

  7. On a somewhat related note, there was this great comedian on AGT named Samuel J Comroe and he also has Tourette's syndrome. It would be awesome if you both did a collaboration video together!

  8. OMG thanks soo much for this video. It’s gratifying to know another person with tourettes that shares the same beliefs that I do and also accept it and love it. I for sure needed this when I was 12 years old but it’s never to late.

  9. Doctor Mike, can you wiggle your ears? Have you ever known anyone who could? Have you ever seen someone who has a vein in between their thumb and forefinger that pulses with their heartbeat that you can feel or even just see moving? I can wiggle my ears and I have the weird vein that beats that you can look at and watch it beating. It’s weird because normally the pulse in your thumb or wrist isn’t something you can see but only feel. I always show both to doctors and nurses and most think it’s cool if a bit odd.

  10. They had my sister in special education because she was shy. They told my parents the best they could hope for is she would "work at McDonalds". (Their words, not mine) she is the mother of 3, working in the school system, married, owns a home, I could go on and on. Her differences make her beautiful, funny, inspiring, I only wish they would see how wrong they were. Her special ed teacher was WONDERFUL and always knew that wasnt the right place for her.

  11. I’ve never been diagnosed with Tourette’s, I hid my tics as much as possible growing up and made excuses up for them, I’m 99% sure I have it but now I just don’t even care I’m not embarrassed by them anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. On the winking thing, i had the same issue the other day, but when I went to turn the light off I flipped the switch, and it didnt feel right so i had to redo it another 100 times it felt, and my tourette's makes it where I hold my breath when i stop to fix something and I stumble out all light headed, to like, fifty college students, huddled in the hallway, thinking i was being murdered by a ghost.

  13. Doctor Mike, hope you can answer this question in your next video!

    A person can still have terrible hypothyroid symptoms with low levels of TSH in the lab test results. Many people suffer from subclinical hypothyroidism for years because doctors only care about the TSH lab test. Why doctors rely only on the TSH lab test, and not Free T3, RT3? Why rely on the thyroid levels on blood, when that really doesn't tell if the thyroid hormones got into the cells which is what really matters?

  14. Hey i am a CNA at a hospital. And of course it is important to chart on each patient. My question is how closely do doctors actually look at the charting with how well or not well the patient is eating or how their activity is progessing. Or is it more a legal thing?

  15. Hey mahn, I get bloody noses really bad and when I pinch it off it floods my sinuses and comes out my tear ducts, wtf do I do

  16. Wow I want to be Pamela's friend.
    I now also want to have a conversation about life with Dr. Mike.

    That inspiration thing is real, and I felt everything she said on a deep and Truthful level.

    I'd just like to add too that there's two things I've found that happens when someone calls me an inspiration. First, I suddenly feel watched and it takes a bit to shake that added pressure. Like now I have to be more than me because if I have a bad day I'm letting someone down. That's less of an issue for me now but it was a pressure I've felt and other members of the disabled community have related to. Secondly, a feeling that doesn't seem to go away is the loss of personhood. Not just that you're this awe inspiring *thing*, but also that when you reach out that no one is going to be there or hear you because "you're an inspiration." If you can't hear or see me over your awe then what good is it?

    There's a lot more that that phrase makes me feel and it's never been positive because it's always through the lens of my struggles. It's not inspiring that I do what's necessary to breathe or walk or whatever else my disabilities are trying to rob me of, no that's called self-preservation and a will to live. This is neither 1422, nor do I live in a war zone ya know?

    I really appreciated this. If it was a podcast it could've been longer. Hint hint. 😏😊

  17. Omg please love of god if you read this answer it to the best you can. I'm 18 sexually active but haven't had a period my cycle is currently 125 days. Took every test on the planet not pregnant but cant afford doctors is the us.

  18. I feel like a video like this about autism and all the different forms of it and how it affects people differently would be really educational and necessary for the general public

    Also I absolutely love your videos ❤

  19. Thank you for taking about overtly visible disabilities I have scheuermanns disease and was bullied for it and hated my spine and the way it looked for a long time but I now embrace it as part of myself and I'm much happier.

  20. I feel bad for dr. Mikes future wife bc literally he is gonna get married and the world will cry. Also 3 ms. Americas and a ms. Universe fucking hell.dr. mike gove ugly girls a.chance

  21. Me: my throat hurts
    Dr: it’s probarly just a cold
    google: your appendix is going to explode
    Me: but that—

  22. I like how she said that you met me but you haven’t met all people with Tourette’s. I saw a video recently of 3 youtubers who have sever Tourette’s and people had commented saying they were faking it. Because people with Tourette’s aren’t that sever. Or that they have it and don’t act like that. It was sad seeing how rude people were. Also people act like all mental illness is the same as every other persons. It’s frustrating.

  23. She was also talking about how the educator had said horrible things about lowering expectations. I agree she shouldn’t have said that. But I feel like maybe it pushed her harder to become who she is today. I had an authority figure tell me I’d never accomplish anything and I’d always fail! And I’ve lived my life to prove her wrong! Have I failed some? Of course! But I strive my hardest. After that I went on to graduate from a recovery program. And for 3 years I was on the presidents or deans list in college. The only reason I never finished was because my dad got sick and I had to care for him. I dropped out of school 3 days after he died. And I haven’t had the money to unlock my transcript so I can go back to college and finish. But my goal is to go back one day to become a counselor. I want to help others!

  24. Hello, i know it is off topic but i started exercising but realised that many moves are actually dangerous like russian twist or similar ones. Are they really harmful? Also if you workout your obliques or do side bends and do they make your waist wider? I don't want to have bigger waist while working my abs. Thanks.

  25. I have a nice story about how laughing about an illness can form a long time friendship: when I was still in kindergarten my best friend's mom had cancer. She was getting radiotherapy and therefore had no hair and was wearing a wig. Since my mom and her often met because their daughters were friends they also became friends eventually and so my mom knew about her condition. One day at kindergarten my friends mom was standing on top of a wooden playground castle and my mom looked up and said: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!" followed by an awkward moment of silence as my mom realized what she had just said. My friends mom broke down laughing tears and after the first shock my mom joined in and they were giggling about it throughout the whole day. My mom was later told that that was basically the turning point for her friends rehab and now 20 years later they are still friends and sometimes giggle about that moment 😄

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