Seconds Malayalam Movie Full Comedy Scene | Jayasurya | Aparna nair | salim Kumar Comedy

“Come embrace me my man
Hug me tight and wantonly” “I’ll tax you
Pay the taxes and take me to bed” Hey! Take this thing away
Infernal nuisances Sure, now you will
feel like this It’s not enough
you beget kids smartly You must find means
to appease their hunger You can’t support two of us
Gone and brought another female Of course I’ll marry again
And do so again, if I feel like Who are you to prevent me?
Go away inside Sure! So many big rooms
in there to go in and sit Stop chattering
I’ll kick you! Go inside “Come embrace me my man
Hug me tight and wantonly” – I bring you some milk?
– Sure, why not Who do you think you are
Actor Fahad Fazil? You must feel the likeness
because I am without clothes It’s still early morning Get lost Can’t you think of anything else? “Come embrace me my beau” Do I really look
like Fahad Fazil? No! Is this the map of
our Kunnamkulam town? Swamy, you have not
paid for the paper – Go bring it
– Okay The papers are full of
accidents news, aren’t they Ravi’etta? You come cycling everyday
during the morning rush hour, right? Yes! And the road
full of pot holes too In case something happens to you
what will happen to your family? Shocked you? That’s why I advise you
to take an insurance policy from me My dear Swamy
Please don’t utter words of doom I don’t care even if you
don’t pay me the subscription – You are travelling…
– Haven’t you gone as yet? I am going Here
Keep it in mind Sure! At this rate
my death will be announced! – Thomas’cheta
– Swamy sir 2 packets of milk
Banana – Do you have rusk?
– Sure I do Pack rusk also What about
what I asked you? Banana and rusk, right?
I’ll give it right now – Not that
– Then? Policy My dear swamy sir
Don’t you have anything better to ask? Death and broken limbs topic
so early in the morning Sir This policy benefits
our family when we die, right? Sure Then get one for yourself, since
you buy your food stuff from here Haven’t I asked you not to sit
at my doorstep and talk ill of me? Get away you
shameless fellow – Be quiet you bandicoot
– That will be your father There’s a chance
for a couple of policies Stand back Please make
space for others Where to? Kalamassery Chemmannur jewellers
announces the opening… …of their brand new
show room today at 9:30 AM Inauguration is by our beloved
leader, district secretary of NYC… …and popular film director
Mr Satyadevan Is anyone want to buy the ticket? One, Edappally Get inside… – What?
– What? Are you capable? Shall I stay or go? Shame! Average Look at our
progress of last month Just a slightly slanting line Our city has plenty
of rich people Wondering where
to invest their money Find them
Convince them Next month it should be
a vertical line Everyone must reach their target
It is not impossible Have a great day
and all the best! Veeramani
Please Don’t think the company
is so desperate to continue… …with someone who has
never reached targets I will this time If you do its best for you
Otherwise you will be fired Only this belly is prospering
The company is not You should be fit always Jesus! – I do go to the gym sir
– For what Come with swelling bellies

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