Rhett & Link Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

69 thoughts on “Rhett & Link Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair”

  1. The footage of the test is faked, its on a loop. You can see the frames hiccup when it loops back. Focus on the lines on the paper.

  2. When Thomas Rhett’s full name is actually Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. and Rhett Akins (Thomas Rhett Akins Sr.) is his dad 😂

  3. i’m so happy they have someone who finally says what the results are, cuz i’m out here trying to read the polygraph myself before

  4. They're looking more and more disheveled every day. I feel like soon they'll be asking for change outside of a 7-11.

  5. The polygraph is already very inaccurate. But that combined with the fact that the editors edited the polygraph screen to make it loop and show untruthful results just show untruthful the polygraph can be and how it can be taken as serious. That being said, funny video.

  6. The glasses and beard conversation reminded me of the banter on the "Where are you looking" special they made talking about which eye they look at! haha!

  7. Lie detectors dont detect lies, they detect anxiety, so he may be telling the truth but he has anxiety surrounding the question and then he agrees with the person reading the machine, that's how interrogation works people. They admit to something that the machine says and bam that's how you get a confession. Easy to pass a polygraph. All you gotta do is think of something that gives you anxiety on the control questions and remain calm during a lie, think of ocean waves or something.

  8. @13:42 Is this a bit? That exchange about beards and glasses went on kinda long, and there was an awful lot of "yes, and…"ing.

  9. This is like the 4th lie detector test they've taken. Also, they specifically called this out for having to play the 'entertainment game' on ear biscuits referencing everyone copying the same trends. Nice.

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