Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump & “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show

Barack Obama, the 44th and,
as far as I’m concerned, only black president
of the United States. (cheering and applause) He’s been pretty quiet
since leaving office, but every now and then, he likes to remind us
of what we’re missing. Barack and Michelle Obama holding their third annual
Obama Foundation Summit, and the former president talked about being a little too pious
about politics. This idea of purity
and you’re never compromised and you’re always
politically woke and all that stuff, you should
get over that quickly. The world… the world is messy. -There are ambiguities.
-Yeah. People who do
really good stuff… have flaws. Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do
something right or used the word…
wrong verb or… then I can sit back and feel pretty good
about myself, ’cause, man,
you see how woke I was? -I called you out.
-(laughter) I-If all you’re doing
is casting stones… …uh, you know, you’re probably
not gonna get that far. -Man, wow.
-(whooping) You know, when you…
when you watch that, you really remember
that American presidents used to speak English. (laughter) Also, I’m loving this whole
relaxed Obama no-tie swag. You see that thing? It’s almost like Trump
has set him free because he can never look worse
than Trump. Now he’s just chill.
You know, he doesn’t care. He’s like, “Oh, you don’t think
this looks presidential enough? “Uh, okay, what if I tuck
my shirt into my front butt? “Is that the dignity you want? “Uh, is that what you want? Uh, I’m not gonna do it.” And, look, I’ll-I’ll be honest.
I hear what Obama’s saying, but I’m not sure if he should be
dismissing hashtag activism. A lot of real movements
have blown up online. You know, #BlackLivesMatter,
uh, the #MeToo movement, #ManCrushMondays. You know? Yeah, in the old days, you had to wait until Friday
to crush on hot men. Social media has changed that. But at the same time,
I get what Obama’s saying. If you believe in a just cause, you can’t just sit at home,
ranting on Twitter, right? It doesn’t make you an activist. It makes you the president
of the United States. Speaking of which, let’s move on
to Donald J. Trump, the 45th and,
as far as I’m concerned, only current president
of the United States. Because while Obama was talking
about fake canceling online, Trump might get canceled
in real life. NEWSMAN:
A dramatic new revelation in the impeachment inquiry from Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander Vindman, who was on that controversial
July phone call between President Trump
and Ukraine’s leader. The New York Times
reporting overnight that Vindman told
House investigators Tuesday that the rough transcript
of the call released by the White House omitted crucial words
and phrases. That explosive new testimony directly contradicting
President Trump. I had a transcript done
by very, very talented people. Word for word. Comma for comma. Done by people
that do it for a living. I… We had an exact transcript. “Comma for comma”? (laughter) Yeah, that’s when we should
have known he was lying. No, when has Trump
ever used commas? Like, every since he came down
that escalator, it’s been one four-and-a-half-year-long
sentence. That’s all it’s been.
Like, I’ve never heard a Donald Trump sentence
and thought, “Yeah, there’s punctuation
involved there. Uh-huh.” In fact, it seems like
when Obama left the White House, he took all the commas with him. He was like, “I’ll take
this one, uh, and this one, and give me the, uh…
ellipses, as well.” And then Trump was like,
“Now there’s none left for me. “I can’t pause when I speak. “This is total chaos. So much. “Chaos nonstop. “Speaking.
That’s why I don’t stop. “Never stop. Never. At all. “I try. I can’t. “No pause for me. Not good.” So, this development looks bad
for Trump, And he’s really got to hate
that Colonel Vindman wore his military uniform
when testifying, ’cause it’s hard to fight
against that. I wouldn’t be surprised
if next time, Trump shows up decorated
with his own achievements, which is basically a sign that
says, “I banged a porn star.” And finally, moving on,
it’s the end of October, which means it’s time to start
fighting about Christmas. It’s a Christmas classic,
but in this #MeToo era, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
sends the wrong message. ♪ I simply must go ♪ ♪ But, baby, it’s cold outside ♪ -♪ The answer is no ♪
-♪ But, baby… ♪ NEWSMAN: The Christmas classic
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is getting a #MeToo makeover. John Legend has announced
he’s rerecording the song with Kelly Clarkson
with more appropriate lyrics. The new lyrics go this way. “What will my friends think?”
sings Clarkson. “I think they should rejoice,”
Legend responds. “If I have one more drink?” “It’s your body
and your choice.” Okay, that’s maybe
a little too woke. I feel like Obama’s
about to pop up like, “Uh, now, what did I tell
you people? Come on, huh?” But to be honest, to be honest,
this isn’t a bad idea. Yeah, because who watches
that old scene and feels comfortable
other than Harvey Weinstein? Like, she says no. So I think it’s time
to update that song. In fact,
I think we should update other problematic songs,
as well. All of them. Yeah. And we can
still listen and enjoy them. Like that Robin Thicke song.
That could just be… ♪ Blurred lines ♪ ♪ Let’s make them sharper. ♪ (laughter) Yeah. Then we’re just, like,
clarifying consent. And we definitely need to redo
all of R. Kelly’s songs, huh? ♪ My mind’s telling me no ♪ ♪ And I’m listening to my mind ♪ ♪ ‘Cause my body
doesn’t want to go to jail. ♪

100 thoughts on “Obama Slams Hashtag Activism, Vindman Contradicts Trump & “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” | The Daily Show”

  1. The moment Obama expressed those thoughts will be remembered as the time the tides changed with respect to PC culture.

  2. Just leave the song alone. John Legend's version is stupid. It is a song. Don't like it turn it off. This is why people hate Liberals. Too damn sensitive. Let's change a song but have a child rapist for president. Idiots. NWA would never be famous today or that 2 Live Crew.

  3. Really…only black Americans get scolded for standing up for themselves…he would never insult Jews or lgbt community in that manner. It's the grassroots movement that sent his ass into hiding so long

  4. How they should actually revise that song:

    – I simply must go
    – Baby, it's cold outside
    – The answer is no
    – Ok. Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely evening, stay warm. 👋

  5. Oh GOD the remake of that song is the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Yes it sounds wrong, but it's an era in our history. That's all. If you keep trying to back track and correct everything, what happens when this same scenario happens about 60 years from now? How are the generations then, going to know not to behave that way, if you've erased the original and replaced it with this drivel. All of that, but still won't move to give slaves reparations..when are you gonna redo that atrocity? (Sorry I had to go there, cause this is ridiculous) Erase your history..doomed to repeat it.

  6. "Baby It's Cold Outside," Dr. William Cosby PhD, … And then me too. Did anyone think about the era in which Dr. Cosby committed his "crimes"?

  7. trevor is becoming a BIG loser, no one watches his show, so he decides to copy the fake news media, with hate monologue…. Original ! So, you are willing to say hateful and false facts to keep the lights on…. PATHETIC ! HUSSEIN OBAMA IS A LOSER AS WELL.

  8. Look I don’t think the song needs a remix it’s just flirtatious song. But if you don’t make words so damn cringe. It’s still a have flirtation and not those awful cringe worthy lyrics. That’s the lyrics people joke about when people try to censor everything. Just please don’t use those lyrics. Please!

  9. Man, can Trevor Noah be more of a kiss up to Obama. Dont get me wrong, like them both. But That´s what Obama was speaking of. He isn´t above criticism, his presidency wasn´t flawless

  10. who else thinks this impeachment this is a big waist a time and they're just doing it to district everyone so he can get re-elected any

  11. We just need to tell future generations to look at "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the context of its time. Mostly, we'll need to explain to them that it used to get cold outside.

  12. OMG, I m upset !! so that s true ?? US president can express himself by other way than tweet !!
    And be classy, no insults, no ridiculous promises about a wall at the border of Colorado and Mexico ?? Are sure that s legal ??

  13. Obama is guilty of illegal wars and bombing several countries his entire presidency. Calling him out on bad policies is not being a purist. It's holding our govt accountable but he conflates the two in order to escape any criticism

  14. If you've ever seen Neptune's Daughter, and see the full song in context with both couples, it's not nearly as creepy. Especially with the other couple where Red Skelton is the one trying to get away. XD

  15. We better cause we 'cast' verbal stones… This guy cast bombs on innocent civilians. All American presidents have a bit of psycho as part of their job descriptions and in their pre-written agenda for war with some country. Bush & Obama – No difference.

  16. People laser focused on “baby it’s cold outside” have clearly never heard the rap music playing on the radio all year round. It’s creepy, but not criminal.

  17. Woke is a 21st century version of Book Burning and it's ignorance is only eclipsed by its intolerance as zealots bide there time to move in after moderates are pushed out. The Holier than Thou rubbish is always been a race towards extremism and about the only thing it's achieving is to ask of yourself what am I guilty of now that wasn't a problem yesterday…

  18. He said "you call me out on Twitter for being a war criminal but I'd like to see YOU bomb middle easterners better than I did"

  19. Leave the song alone and don’t do anything to trump that hungry pissed off wolves wouldn’t do. The song is nostalgic and fine. He isn’t.

  20. If only Barack Obama had slammed the Russian government for interfering in the 2016 election when he first knew about it, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. #ThanksObama #ObamasLegacy

  21. Get over being woke? Oh, I get it now that we’re on to his bullshit he’s saying we shouldn’t throw stones. Boo boo. What a coward!

  22. Trevor ur one of the funniest people on the earth lol. Keep doin you man thanks for the hilarious content. Laughter is the medicine for the soul. Much needed in today's world 🤣

  23. I really don’t want Pence in office…the guy shares Trump’s views but is a lil smarter. He could do damage👀. So maybe just impeach Trump but rough it out til the election is over…

  24. 2:25 I know that pictures like that are taken and used to suit different means, but….he looks like some sort of Grinch-meerkat.

  25. Obama will be remembered by history…..as a corrupt, rights violating, criminal,
    democratic, scumbag…………..
    Nothing more……

  26. Y’all late I been aint like that song. I was like 7 and “ the answer is no” “ but baby it’s cold outside” always rubbed me the wrong way

  27. Is He Holding any Parties on Lolita Island Now that Bill and Hillary killed Epstein ! Obama speaks out just to be relevant ! and he sure will when they start investigating the Ukraine and his interfering with the Trump election !

  28. Even the "comma for comma" explanation of the transcript is yet more evidence of the very idiocy of Trump that got him into this particular bit of mess (and all the many others since he managed to learned just enough to get out of diapers before deciding that was enough with the developmental achievements requiring him to do any of the work himself). Punctuation is only inserted so that written material flows appropriately, is adequately organized, and makes sense when read. A transcript of spoken speech has commas and other punctuation only to reflect the pauses, breaks, and cues of the speaker's voice. As such, there's no such thing as a comma-for-comma transcript of a verbal phone call, but since Trump has called the exchange "a perfect letter" even more than he has "a perfect call," it's safe to say that he doesn't understand the verbal vs. written linguistic details! It also doesn't make sense to make a word-for-word, complete and intact transcript of an audio file but not the audio file along with the transcript, which has the added benefit of including tone–unless one wants to be able to deny or fudge what was said, of course.

  29. What he is attempting to do is minimize how so many of the touted events have had to be walked back or disavowed because they were fake from the beginning or forwarded knowing they were incorrect. His point is don't let the "good" attempting to be done be outweighed by the sinister actions of some in the "movement."

    Former President Obama knows there will be more revelations to come and he is attempting to do damage control ahead of time for his party.

  30. Only I get it baby it's cold outside to little aggressive Key and Peel made that point a was back buuutttttt this shits gay. Not happy gay or guy love like from the show Scrubs lol

  31. You seem to have missed the point of Obama's speech.. Or are intentionally ignoring it in order to keep pandering to your chosen demographic.

  32. Obama: Criticizes woke outrage purity tests and cancel culture.

    Comments: "Obama didn't criticize woke outrage purity tests and cancel culture, what he really meant was…"


    Obama direct quote: "Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right or used the wrong verb, then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself,” he said. “Cause, ‘Man, you see how woke I was, I called you out’."

    …..uh huh. Sure. Lmao.

    Trevor didn't even have a comment about cancel culture or woke outrage at all. Why not? Trevor isn't dumb, I believe he's a bright guy.

    Trevor/show avoided it because they wanted to avoid the cancel culture lunatics.

    But even with Obama coming right out and stating his dislike for woke cancel culture, some of you, who are indeed nutbags, will just deny it and flame Obama for unrelated failings during his presidency.

    New flash: The presidency is a tough job, and none of the presidents are perfect. Not one, I could criticize any president… After the fact and with 20/20 hindsight. Anyone could and does.

  33. I like the original song baby it's cold outside song. If I am in a committed relationship and my significant other I trying to persuade me to stay with him, I would have no problem with that.

  34. The metoo movement has done more harm than good. So far it’s mostly baseless allegations against celebrities that either get disproven or get blown up so much by the media, cancel culture takes over without anyone ever analyzing it.

  35. Obama just upset actual thinking individuals are proving receipts on his hypocritical/bias stances. Especially his constant vitriol directed at black community.

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