Mr.Pishuku Kumar | Karikku | Comedy

Oseph.. Err.. Joseph sir! Isn’t food for 20 enough on Monday,
for the treat? Treat? What treat? We know, on Monday..
Happy birthday to you! My birthday is not this Monday.
Who told you such lies? Whatever, sir!
We confirmed with the H.R.! Actually the thing is..
– No! Don’t say a word! Last time, you couldn’t come to office
due to severe stomach pain! The year before that, you took just a day off
saying you got ‘Chikungunya’! So this time, we won’t spare you
without getting a treat of at least Rs. 4,500! We won’t! Happy birthday to you! I’ll have to treat everyone! Such a bad time to take birth! Shall I take a day off?
I’ll lose Rs. 2,000.. Still, 2,500 will be saved! Let me call in sick! Hello..
– Hello? I’m down with severe fever.. I’m totally unwell.
So I want to take leave.. All right.. But, sir! Today is the last date!
– Huh? The boss has asked not to give increment
to those not collecting increment letter by today! Increment? I called you to say that even though
I’m unwell, I’ll be coming today! That’s okay. I’ll be there.
All right. Such a trap! What do I do? I’ll have to treat them if I go!
If I don’t, I won’t get increment! Whatever, let me go! Oh! Black tea! Who kept this here? Happy birthday ruined..
Happy birthday ruined.. My happy birthday ruined completely! Happy birthday.. ruined… This is fine! Oh no! Lights! Brother! Brother!
– What’s it? You’ll get yourself killed! Please give me a lift!
It’s my exam! Okay, but pay me Rs. 10.
– Rs. 10? We travel with just Rs. 2,
as student concession! You won’t get any vehicle from here!
I can drop you at school for Rs. 10. Wanna come? – Yes!
– Get on then! Shouldn’t giving lifts
be of any benefit to me! Got on? Let’s go! You may stop here! Get down. Give me Rs. 10.
– Yeah, one moment. Hurry up! I’m in a rush! Look! A snake! Hey!
– Get lost, you idiot! Give me my money! You’ll fail in your exam! Today is gonna be disastrous! I feel it’s gonna be a mess! Let’s see what happens! I ain’t got any work at office.. My staff will manage! Yes, here I… Sir!
– What’s it? Happy birthday to you!
– Quiet! Why are you scared? At the top floor, everybody is
waiting to celebrate your birthday! Nobody has brought their lunch today! They say, there’s gonna be
a grand treat from you! Nobody brought their food?
– No! Such hassles! Sir!
– What’s it? My treat.. You know.. Mind your words! A peon should mind
his own business only! Understand? Country fellows! Hey! Here! Hey! Will that parasite come?
– Will he not? No! Today we are supposed
to get the increment paper! So, whoever doesn’t come,
he will, for sure! His arrival time hasn’t passed yet! He has to reach here
on that sloth of a bike! Such a miser he is!
He’s the highest paid employee here! Couldn’t he afford a new bike? Despite earning just Rs. 20,000,
this guy has bought a bike worth Rs. 1,50,000, and spends Rs. 200 on petrol
everyday! Is it? No use talking about him!
He could even eat a rock if it’s free! Not just that! When there’s a party, If he pays Rs. 100, he’ll make sure he eats
for Rs. 999, and carry the rest home! Buddy, a couple of days I went out
with him for a tea. We ordered 2 tea, He said he wants it without sugar. When the bill came,
both were of same price. He picked a fight with the waiter,
arguing on the price of sugar! I was too embarrassed! I ended up
paying for him and got him out! Such guys shouldn’t be spared!
We gotta get a treat from him this time! We’ll set up a bill of Rs. 5,000. No way!
– Is it too much? We have to get more than that!
– That’s right! Trapped! What do I do now? You gotta give me a kiss! Sugunan! No more excuses!
– Sugun.. Muaah… Sugun!
– Wha.. what, sir? Never mind! I wanna go to the H.R. room.. You may take the stairs!
Did you forget the route? If I use stairs, people will see me.. Yeah! You’re trying to get away
without giving treat? Not that! I was just.. If you treat me alone,
I’ll show you a way! Here! Rs. 10. Get whatever you want!
A tea, or maybe a snack! Show me a way!
– 10 rupiez! If you’re so broken,
better climb up the pipe! Whatever! Hey! Give my money back! Mocking me, when I ask you
for an idea? But, I..
– Bug off! Good! I can collect my increment,
and they won’t get to see me! Is it risky? Hell no! No risk! What risk? If I climb up this pipe,
I can reach the H.R. room’s window! Is it gonna be a trouble! No way! No pain, no gain! Susan! Susan!
– Oh no! Sus.. Oh, no! Joseph sir?
– Yes! Why are you here? I just paid a visit while coming! But sir.. You could come this way! Anyway I’m here, right?
Let it be! How’s your fever now? The doctor told me that
it’ll get better if I sweat well. Now I’ve sweated well.
Fever is gone. Can you quickly give me
the increment letter? But, Joseph sir..
– Is this the time for questions and answers? No, right! Hurry up and get it!
– One moment! Oh no! Stop your slow-motion
and hurry up, woman.. I mean, Susan! Sir, here it is! Fold it into fourth,
and keep it in this pocket! Isn’t this my letter itself? I don’t wanna
get appalled, after going down! It is, sir! How’s the increment for everyone? Sir, you got the highest increment! Quiet! Others will hear! Listen! Don’t tell anyone that my increment
is higher, and that I collected my letter! All right then! You may close the door!
I mean, window! Sir! Don’t go yet!
– What’s it? Hadn’t you asked about
mutual fund investment? Something helpful has come up.
– What’s it? Groww app. Install it in your phone.
Then invest Rs. 500. Can’t I arrange an agent instead? No! Don’t you have to pay
commission to the agents? Yeah! Right!
– In this, it’s not needed. It’s all free! Is it?
– You’ll get returns as well! What else are the features? You may get your reports
whenever you want! You may close it any time, too! Whenever I want? Yes. Get down first,
and install the app! It was very helpful!
I’ll install it! All right then! Nobody’s around! Why is it shaking? The back seems familiar! Who’s that? Hey! It’s me! Joseph sir?
What are you doing there? I.. Increment.. No! Via this pipe?
Should I call the fire force? What do you want?
– The pipe isn’t strong! Huh?
– The pipe isn’t strong, I said! See? It isn’t strong!
– Stop shaking it! It isn’t strong enough!
– No! No! Oh no! A.C.. Super Speciality
Royal Suite Ward.. Hello, Mr. Joseph!
How’s it now? You gotta say how’s it, what’s it..
What has happened to me? 16 stitches on the head..
– Nice! And you lost 7 teeth! But never mind! I can save the toothpaste!
It’s all right! Huh?
– Nothing! Your hands and legs are fractured.
We’ve fixed them with plaster! You could’ve fixed them
with a massage, right? Your legs looked like ‘W’ when you
came here! How do I massage and fix them? Expensive steel rods are inserted!
You may reuse them as braces later! Just for fun!
People here like my humour! Especially the nurses! Sunitha! Is your shift over? Anyway you’ll be here.
Will see you around. So won’t I be discharged
anytime soon, doctor? Then get up and get going! I get furious quickly,
due to my thyroid problem.. You can’t yet, mister! Leave peacefully
after a couple of months! All right? Okay? Sir? How are you now? It feels so good! Look at him! His hands and legs
look like ‘Shawarma’ rolls! Sir, I don’t know if we can
say this in such a situation.. Tell me! The situation is fine. We’ve been asked to tell you that
your increment is cut. Furthermore, you’ve been
suspended for 2 months! Suspended, for breaking a pipe? You and the broken pipe
fell on to the M.D.’s Benz car! We’ve been asked to
give you that bill. But don’t you worry. I’ve asked them
to deduct it from your salary. And sir, there’s a bill of Rs. 1,50,000
for the stitches and steel rods! 1,50,000? Fantastic! Please spend wisely from now on! Me? You’re gonna have more expenses
from now on.. Then, shall we leave? Such a nice guy he was! Sir, we forgot to tell you something. You got more bills? No! Happy birthday to you! Thank you!

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