More Things Only Adults Noticed In Frozen 2

Like its predecessor, the long-awaited Frozen
sequel is a movie for children, but lots of grown-ups are still watching it — and if
anything, Frozen 2 doubles down on bits that seem aimed squarely at the adults. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable
moments only grown-ups noticed. This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting
for. Elsa finally, officially comes out of the
closet! Just kidding, she definitely doesn’t, but
Frozen 2 does throw in a scene that seems to hint that Elsa could possibly be gay, even
if it mainly just comes across as Disney throwing a bone to fans who were hoping for some concrete
proof of her sexuality. In the film, Elsa and company venture to an
enchanted forest in the hopes of lifting a curse that has left the Northuldra and an
Arendellian army unit trapped in the forest for over 30 years. While staying with the Northuldra, Elsa sits
by a fire with a young Northuldra woman named Honeymaren. The two have a conversation about the spirits
and the forest, and they learn that they share a bit of history thanks to a song Elsa’s mother
sang to her when she was young. Their interaction comes across as a very flirty
meet-cute, and while it will fly right over kids’ heads, any adult can interpret this
as Disney’s very safe attempt at trying to hint at Elsa’s sexuality. Ultimately, their interaction goes nowhere
and they don’t speak again for the rest of the film, making the tension-filled scene
something of a disappointment for the fans who were hoping for Elsa’s big coming out
party. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a major
cash cow for Disney. Naturally, this sort of success has started
to influence the rest of the studio’s offerings, as everyone wants a bit of that MCU magic
for themselves. And Frozen 2 is no exception. Very early in the movie, there is a big battle
scene between the Arendelle army and the Northuldra. This is followed by a ton of action scenes
— far more than the first Frozen film. Frozen 2 is practically an action movie, and
most of the action feels very big and MCU-esque. Then there’s the direct reference. Near the end of the film, Elsa becomes frozen
solid. As a result, any magic she created begins
to disappear. This includes Olaf, who begins “flurrying”
— as in, pieces of snow start flaking off of him and floating away. It looks exactly like the dusting that occurs
in Avengers: Infinity War, and at one point Anna even cradles the disintegrating Olaf
in her arms just as Iron Man cradled Spider-Man. You half-expect Olaf to say, “I don’t feel
so good, Mr. Stark” before he disappears completely. One of the film’s big reveals is that the
Arendellian soldiers and the Northuldra who engaged in a battle 34 years prior are still
living in the enchanted forest. That’s pretty incredible, both that they went
that long without killing each other and also that they were able to find enough food to
stay alive for over three decades. But their survival isn’t the most impressive
thing about this ordeal. No, that would be the Arendellian army’s clothes. When Elsa and company meet Mattias and the
rest of the soldiers, they’re all still wearing their uniforms. You know, the uniforms they were wearing 34
years ago. That implies that they have no other clothes,
which means they’ve worn the same thing every day for decades, and they’re still as crisp
and clean as the day Arendelle marched off to battle. Kids will pay little attention to this, but
adults might wonder where they can invest in some of those most durable duds. We don’t know exactly what Anna and Kristoff
get up to in the bedroom, but Frozen 2 makes it clear that the new queen of Arendelle has
at least one major kink. At the end of the film, some of the characters
dress up in some fancy duds to celebrate Anna’s coronation. The clothes look great, but Kristoff hates
them, finding them uncomfortable. “You get this for one hour,” Kristoff tells
Anna. “That’s okay,” Anna purrs. “I prefer you in leather anyway.” *gigantic spit-take* Anna, you naughty girl. While kids will think that Anna is simply
making a cute reference to Kristoff’s regular leather jerkin, their parents will get the
joke: When the lights go out, Anna likes to get a little freaky. “This is awkward.” That’s not the only racy comment in the scene,
either. After the exchange, Olaf — who’s similarly
dressed up — remarks, “I’m shocked you can last an hour.” And if you don’t get that one… well, ask your parents, maybe. Hamilton and Glee star Jonathan Groff, who
voices Kristoff, didn’t get a solo song in the original Frozen, but Frozen 2 made it
up to him. In the sequel, Groff belts out “Lost in the
Woods,” one of the film’s most memorable tracks. Sure, Groff’s performance is unsurprisingly
spectacular, but what really makes “Lost in the Woods” shine is its production. The number doesn’t just evoke old ’80s power
ballads. It’s also staged exactly like something you
would’ve seen on classic MTV, with a few shots ripped directly from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”
thrown in for good measure. The whole thing is outlandish enough to be
funny for everyone, but only adults will understand what “Lost in the Woods” is parodying. That’s by design. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,
Groff says, “It’s… really kind of a gift for the adults
watching the movie…. The kids are laughing too, but the adults
are the ones that are really in on the joke.” Yes, it’s true: in Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna
wear pants. As co-director Jennifer Lee points out, that
makes sense. As the filmmaker put it to the Los Angeles
Times, “Of course you’re going to wear pants when
you hear the words ‘enchanted forest.'” Frozen 2 is a rough-and-tumble adventure,
and its heroes are princesses. They should be allowed to wear whatever they
want. And yet, over the course of Disney’s history,
that hasn’t always been the case. Aside from Mulan and Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine,
every other Disney princess has been confined to dresses or skirts. Even Anna and Elsa were stuck in long, flowing
gowns in the first Frozen, and only got to wear more practical attire when the sequel
rolled around. According to Walt Disney Animation Studios
president Clark Spencer, switching up the duo’s wardrobe was a way to bring modern sensibilities
into a fairytale world, and a proclamation that “…there is more than one way to be a princess.” Kids probably won’t notice the change. Those of us who grew up on classic Disney
features, though? We know it’s a big deal. Frozen 2 is full of nods to other movies — especially
other Disney films — but the movie’s target audience is going to miss at least one of
them. Do you know many children who are familiar
with The Seven Year Itch, the 1955 comedy starring Marilyn Monroe? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Disney’s animators snuck in a sly reference
to the film anyway. The Seven Year Itch is the movie in which
Monroe stands over a subway grate as wind from a passing train lifts her white dress. It’s one of the most memorable images in film
history. Well, Frozen 2 has a similar scene. When the wind spirit Gale is playing with
Olaf, the snowman’s bottom half billows out just like Monroe’s outfit. Olaf even calls the experience “delicious,”
echoing the line that Monroe utters during the iconic scene. “Oh, do you feel the breeze from the subway? Isn’t it delicious?” It’s too much to be a coincidence — and
it’s a reference that’s going to go right over most kids’ heads. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “More Things Only Adults Noticed In Frozen 2”

  1. Edit) Elsa is most likely not a rainbow if anything at all she is ace or acro but I think she is independent and as a acesexual myself I dont have the need to shove my sexuality on others especially in movies I dont need others to make me feel accepted
    I think that was the whole point of ellsa she realized all she had to do was accept herself l mean come on people there is a literal song about it. As for the people who think she is bi or lesbian great for you if her being bi or lesbian makes you accept yourself then I will not argue😊 anyway I just thought I'd clear that up.

  2. Please shut up with Elsa having a girlfriend. It’s incredibly unnecessary as Elsa was made up as an independent and I literally did not interpret Honeymaron and Elsa’s interaction as a start of “coming out of the closet” and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one

    Edit:I’m not being homophobic it’s just in my opinion it would ruin her narrative

  3. When I was in the movie theater and Olaf started flurrying I slowly turned to my sister and said

    “Mr.Stark, I don’t feel so good”

  4. There is one major thing that will never make Elsa gay, it's the most populated continent on Earth: Asia. Disney will not make Elsa gay just to appease a couple of Twitter users when they literally have hundreds of millions of dollars at risk from that part of the world. Frozen is very popular in Asia. In Asian countries, any LGBT material is either age-restricted or outright banned and will destroy any goodwill Disney has established. Plus Elsa's character arc as a solo adventurer is one of her greatest hallmarks.

  5. Does it really matter if Elsa ends up with someone or not? She's just an animation, but if she wants to take a break from adventure and settle down with someone, that's her choice, well actually Disney's, but still🤷‍♀️ Also, if y'all really want a princess who doesn't have a prince, go watch Brave or Moana.

  6. i went to see the movie about four hours ago, and when olaf was about to disappear i thought
    ‘i don’t feel so good, mr stark’

  7. Lmao, so if Elsa was having a "flirty" conversation with a girl, then Anna is having an affair with the black soldier. Like this whole "make elsa gay" shit is ridiculously stupid. Disney wants to make money, and is not interested in appealing to 5% of the fucking population.

  8. I’m sick of people saying this shit.
    Elsa is not gay. Why do people like you have to be so stupid. No parents think that this means Elsa is gay unless the parents are 14 year old kids who say if you hug your friend because you haven’t seen them for years is gay.
    Just stop Elsa is not gay if you look at the meaning of love this movie expresses Anna and Elsa’s love as sister love not gay love and if two girls are just talking to each other what is wrong with that. It’s called chatting btw

  9. When Peter said " Mr. Stark. I don't feel so good"- everyone is crying. If Olaf say, "Anna, I don't feel so good", everyone will be laughing. How ironic.

  10. Is no one going to talk abt how this movie touched on indigenous consultation, colonisation and environmental exploitation bcs ? do u know how profound that is

  11. So lesbian is just not in the dictionary one exactly girlxgirl like yeah even I call myself gay sometimes to shorten the story but damn I’m lesbian asf well I thinks maybe pans too

    Soo yeyyyyyyy another out of the closet

  12. Im laughing my butt off if the next frozen movie gives us Elsas boyfriend. It would be just too good and I really like to see the gay-enthusiast's faces 😀 😀 😀

  13. I think Elsa could be ace or ace/aro because it would fit very well in the story. And the story line can be shown to be related to coming out, especially how ther is a lot of hate around ace/aro. I don’t even think it has to be in a movie, it would just make sense.

  14. …wow did they really think only the adults got these? i got pretty much every single one… and so did my friends… (BRO EVERYONE KNOWS THE ICONIC MARILYN MONROE MOMENT)

  15. So Elsa talks to a girl. Why tf would you think she’s gay?!! It’s just friendship. Disney would never make children depressed by making Elsa gay.

  16. Okay y’all need to stop making Elsa being gay. This movie was all about Elsa trying to find her powers and stop the spirits from destroying Arendelle. Now I agree being gay/lesbian is an okay thing, but not if it has to do with the story.

  17. God I love how this movie brought out the homophobia. “B-but Elsa is independent! She doesn’t need a partner! S-she’s not gay!” Ok but if honeymaren was replaced with a guy, you would absolutely be shipping it (or at the very least you wouldn’t complain about it). You people fucking shipped Elsa and Jack Frost but its suddenly bad when it’s gay? Just say that you’re homophobic, coz you reek of it.

    Also @ everyone who says lgbt is being “shoved in their faces”: shut up, seriously. Straight romance is being shoved in EVERYONES face ALL THE TIME. I go to see literally any movie in existence and it’s most likely gonna have a guy and a girl smooching it out as if that’s somehow more ok than me having a TINY bit of representation. God you’re all the worst.

  18. Why do a lot of Youtube videos relating to Elsa try to tell that she is gay when in fact there are no concrete evidences. It feels like these videos push many people to believe in that lie. Well, first of all, I am gay and there is no point in telling that I am homophobic. I'm just trying to say that we should wait for the next Frozen movie (if ever there is) and let us see. There is no point in reiterating irrelevant stuff YET. Let us enjoy the 2nd movie first and not jump on our own conclusions.

    Ps: It is just my opinion so if you don't believe in it then don't. Thanks.

  19. In my opinion, I personally friend-SHIP them. Not in a romantic way, but you can tell they got some friendship chemistry between them. And in a way, I am glad Elsa has found Honeymaren because she accepts Elsa as who she is and she doesn't make Elsa feel like an outsider. For this reason, I believe they will have some form of close or interpersonal friendship with each-other, similar to that in the short story called Cathedral, which is about a dude who feels like an outsider to the world until one day he meets a blind man, who is his wife's friend, and the dude develops a deep friendship with the blind man. I feel the same way for Elsa here because she must've felt alone for so long. Though I believe Elsa may be aromantic, I feel she doesn't need a love interest, she just needs a close friendship with someone other than Anna and Olaf and I am glad this movie achieved that for her with Honeymaren <3

  20. In this one the old woman here is like grandma tala from moana but im thinking of more movies of where i can find her…

  21. Honestly, why people want to make Elsa les, but not Merida or Moana. Well, cuz Elsa’s prettier than the other two and I am sure that there are plenty of les that are interested in her and they ant to see her having a girlfriend so they get pleased. This also apples to some of the guys that want to see Elsa together with Jack. Well you guys should realise the fact that Elsa is asexual, she showed no interest in neither male nor female. It is bad news for you guys, but that’s the fact. The whole character of Elsa is about self love, self discovery and familial love. Romance is not part of her narrative. Just leave Elsa alone, she will be happy with it. Don’t forcefully give Elsa a boyfriend or girlfriend. Please don’t ruin her character just to get yourselves pleased. Not everyone needs a romantic relationship and if you need romance and want a pretty girlfriend just like Elsa, get out and start to date actual people instead of sitting in front of the screen and watch Elsa kissing Jack/Honeymaren.

  22. Cool video my friends❤️❄️
    Very creative. Smart indeed:)
    Your little friends out here – Hudson and Abby💖

  23. Can people here please stop calling each other homophobic/straight ass/whatever slur they can come up with for disagreeing on what Elsa's sexuality could be! Not interpreting a scene as romantic when it's very vague if it was or not doesn't make you homophobic! Not feeling like getting a partner would fit a certain character doesn't make you homophobic! We all have different interpretations of the film and characters, and she isn't CLEARLY gay. You can support gay rights and even fight for gay representation specifically and still not consider this one character gay! So be a little nicer to each other!

  24. Oh by the way! Disney wanted to let all of you know that the only way they could introduce A lesbian into their princess universe.. they’d have to make her an outcast, first then make her a fighter thus becoming independent! Also They won’t give her outfits that show skin like every other single Disney girl… because you know how lesbians are about showing to much skin for the fellas.. they’d make her completely ignore all the Man Made hotties with the muscles.. and last but not least… they’ll introduce her friend/roomate who will be a pretty Tom Boy type… Disney said your stupid if you didn’t see all these signals.. so tell your parents to get over it… gay people exist .. even in the Disney Universe..

  25. If elsa does become a lesbian cant they just cut the LGBT scenes out of the movie for the countries that dont agree with homosexuality

  26. Bruh really when I saw that scene in frozen I didn’t think of any romantic terms at all.. I don’t think it looks like it either

  27. I forgot honeymaren and Elsa even talked 🤡🤡🤡💀 the story was too exciting to even notice anyone except Anna Elsa and Olaf.

  28. I'm going to say something really controversial, so prepare your pitchforks.

    Why does Elsa (or any cartoon character, including, for the record Anna and Kristoff, which I'll go into more in a moment) have to show any sexuality whatsoever? Why do we interpret this into films (whether it's there or not)?

    Anna & Kristoff's romance is cringeworthy. It feels shoehorned into the story, not adding anything to what should be a story about two sisters, and their family with only a subplot for their relationship with their friends.

    Kids aren't interested in this sort of thing. Us adults have actual (better) romance stories to engage with. Dear cartoon companies: stop.

  29. Ok so I watched the movie with my one friend. When Olaf was flurrying, I turned to her and I just snapped my fingers.

  30. Whybdo tou guys force disney to make Elsa gay! Cant u accept that Elsa is good on her own as an independent person! Cant you guys wait when Disney will actually make an original Gay Disney Characters… just wait guys it will come.. if disney wont make it just please respect their decision

  31. Or adults being pathetic because girls can't be JUST FRIEND anymore without people shipping them. What is friendly interaction anymore anyway? People, stop trying to brainwash kids about their gender or sexual orientation. Let friendly encounter remain that, FRIENDLY.

  32. Not wanting Elsa to have a significant other isn't being homophobic. I don't want her to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. She is just so much better on her own.

  33. Elsa: Doesn't have a partner in the whole 1st movie (about 2 days)


    come on guys, just let her be and independent woman, jeez

  34. Leave Elsa the heck alone. We have 2 full movies demonstrating that she is very powerful on her own. She has self and family love. There is nothing wrong with that. God forbid Elsa talks to a girl and she's suddenly gay. Kristoff and Ryder, they talked are they gay? No they aren't. Disney, if they are gonna make a gay princess, should be a whole movie or character on its own. Elsa is so powerful, and many people look up to her because she doesn't need a relationship in general. And who cares who Elsa has sex with, if she even does. She has more important things to worry about, like being queen/protector of the forest. The last thing on her mind is getting laid. It's just a movie and she's a cartoon. Is Elsa attractive, very much so, but just because she's pretty, doesn't mean she needs a relationship. " Let It Go" and "Show Yourself" are huge anthems of finding who you are as a person. I'm alone and free, I am found, very powerful demonstrating her love she has for herself. Just leave Elsa alone.

  35. Why do people keep pushing elsa to be Gay? Like come on! She is depicted as an independent strong woman! For once leave her alone.

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