MMD SNK “Payback” – Levi vs Mikasa Attack On Titan funny meme animation

Phil you sure are persistent I was out of practice the other day things are different today and for your information if somebody has a bitch for a while given that best picture around greatly epic I would have phrased that differently trust me I turn and walk away now if I were you or don’t you care that you may not be able to walk yourself to school anymore don’t worry we’ll see who’ll be the one who won’t be able to come back to school what a sorry excuse for a man hey you there looking stupid you’ve asked for me that this was self-defense sure he’s the one who’s starting it after all okay now what do you want me to do to you how about I turn you into something a little less human you think you can do that never mind all this yammering just gonna fight me already Oh fine you there get the trash chute open huh Oh oh yeah

52 thoughts on “MMD SNK “Payback” – Levi vs Mikasa Attack On Titan funny meme animation”

  1. Switching jean to bertholdt would make sense. Because…y'know….same vocie actor. (David matranga plays both Tomoya and bertholdt)

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