Millennials And Gen Z React To OK Boomer Memes

– “‘Boomer’ is the N-word
of ageism”?! Oh my god. He did not just compare
the word “boomer” to the N-word. – And that’s the exact situation
you would say, “OK, boomer.” (laughs)
♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (man) The millennials
in Generation Z have the Peter Pan syndrome.
– I haven’t seen this. – I love TikTok.
– (man) They don’t ever wanna grow up. They think…
– Oh. Is this the boomer thing? – (man) They think that
the utopian ideals that they have in their youth…
– OK, boomer. (chuckles) – (man) …are somehow going
to translate into adulthood. – Interesting.
– (man) …they’re going to create this utopian society
in which everything is equal… – This is a long TikTok.
– Get off TikTok! (laughs) – (man) You’re going to mature…
– What you writing? What you writing? – (man) You’re going to mature,
and you’re going to realize nothing’s free…
– Nothing is free. – (man) …that
things aren’t equal…. – Yes.
– (man) …your utopian society you created in your mind in your youth
simply is not sustainable. – Oh, boy.
– (man) It’s just a reality. – Well, whatever we’re doing now
is not working. – (man) Hell, even the hippies
came to realize their society… – “OK, boomer.” (laughs)
– “OK, boomer.” I knew it! I knew it was gonna say
“OK, boomer.” – Ah. (claps) There you go.
(laughs) Who let this man on TikTok? – That’s funny. I kind of heard
about this. I didn’t know what it was. I get it now.
– It’s almost the joke that you hear about, like, “Back in my day,
blah, blah, blah,” and then the younger person’s just like,
“Okay,” writing, like, “I don’t even care,”
or “OK, boomer.” That’s pretty funny. (chuckles)
– “OKboomer out now on” – ♪ OK, boomer ♪
♪ Okay, okay ♪ ♪ OK, boomer ♪
♪ Okay ♪ – (laughs) Oh my god. – Oh, no. (laughs) – ♪ You’re all old and racist ♪
♪ All about the fakeness ♪ ♪ Starting at my piercings ♪
– Okay. – I just wanna like…
– ♪ Like the evening news ♪ – Oh my god! (laughs)
This would literally play at a musical festival, though,
and everybody would be going crazy at it.
– This is fun. I like this, ’cause it gives us a little tool
to strike back to those that always belittle us millennials.
– Forget boomers. If you want your own generation
to hate you, make something like this. I’m very much a millennial.
I’m right in the middle of the millennials,
and I hate you. (chuckles) This is so obnoxious.
– ♪ This one goes out to all the 65+… ♪
– “Girls should have long hair.” – “Your parents let you
look like that?” – “Why don’t you even
wear makeup?” – “This is the women’s restroom.”
– ♪ OK, boomer ♪ ♪ OK, boomer ♪
♪ OK, boomer ♪ ♪ OK, boomer ♪ – Is that on Spotify?
Can I save that? – Teens these days have a thing
where they take serious [bleep] and turn it into memes.
It’s not a good thing at some points, but it is pretty funny.
– “Me minding my business. Randomly: How adorable
that you wear your boyfriend’s football jacket.”
– “Oh, no. Actually, I play football.” – “Oh, honey. Your body
isn’t made for that.” – ♪ OK, boomer ♪
– (laughs) Catch up with the times, boomer.
Things are different now. – We are definitely
a very modern generation of just, like, we change,
we evolve, and I think that’s good. And they don’t like they change.
They’re like, “No. These are your guidelines.
Boys and girls do certain things.” – This is self-expression.
You know, I think this is teenagers really letting– not just teenagers. This is just people
letting people know, “Don’t put me in a box.”
– “Me minding my own business.” – Grabs your nose ring? (chuckles)
– (chuckles) I don’t even know
if that’s actually happened. – My aunt did that to me. (laughs)
She actually did that to me at a Christmas party.
She said, “What is that?” And I was just like,
“It’s a lip ring.” She’s like, “Well, take it.”
I was like, “I’m not taking that out. It’s mine.” (laughs)
– A lot of baby boomers do not like piercings or tattoos.
They think it’s super unprofessional. – It’s hard to imagine
that some person would just walk up and grab your nose ring.
If that’s happening, I’m sorry. What is wrong with people
that they just invade your personal space and do that?
– “Boomers: Kids these days need to get more exercise.
Also boomers…” They’re older! It’s hard for them
to work out. Give ’em some slack. – That’s just so funny.
They always say that. “Oh yeah. You should go out more.
Do this.” And it’s like, “Okay, Grandma.” (laughs)
“But you’re just staying here too.” – It’s like that phrase,
“When you point a finger at one person, there’s three others
that are pointing back at you.” Hello! – I wanna send it to my parents,
because my parents are like boomers. I swear. My stepdad has
the dad jokes for real, for real. My mom is the same way,
looking at the millennial pictures and laughing at them all the time
and showing them to me, so I could be like,
“Well, look.” (chuckles) – I always enjoy baby boomer jokes.
They think they’re right, and they’re not always right.
So, I’m glad we’re taking a little jab at baby boomers.
It’s great. – “My 13-year-old kid
and all her friends are hanging out and calling
each other boomers every time one does
or says something stupid.” – I didn’t even know
13-year-olds knew what boomers were. – This whole meme is so…
“Oh, I’m so angsty,” and like, “Let me post this,”
and “Someone’s gonna think it’s edgy,” and it’s SOOO not edgy.
– See, this is where I draw the line, kids.
The same you consider yourself to be a human being
and you have your rights and you deserve respect,
so do they. – Now it’s turned into you’re using
a term for a generation as a way to describe something
that’s not good. Now, it’s all–
it’s gonna go downhill. – (FBE) So, we have more to show you
in a bit, but those were some examples of the OK Boomer trend.
The phrase has become a common reply used to mock baby boomers
and those who are generally perceived to be out of touch.
The phrase is most commonly being used by those who fall
into millennial or Gen Z generation. The phrase has slowly
been gaining traction across several social media platforms,
with mainstream publications, including the New York Times, dedicating coverage to the rise…
– Whoa. – (FBE) …of this
generational divide. – Just like every other trend,
they make it such– it’s like, is it that slow
at the news room? Are you serious? – (FBE) This next tweet was
by a radio host, who saw all this stuff,
tweeted this out. The tweet went crazy viral.
It got a lot of backlash. He ended up deleting this tweet.
– Okay. – (FBE) Let’s see what you think
of this reaction. – That’s the problem
with the internet. You can delete it,
but it still lives on. – Okay, Bob.
“‘Boomer’ is the N-word of ageism.” What? – He just compared something
to the N-word? And that’s the exact situation
you would say, “OK, boomer.” (laughs)
– “‘Boomer’ is the N-word of ageism”?! Oh my god.
He did not just compare the word boomer to the N-word.
– If you think about it, we’re just little kids
having a little fun throwing just a word around.
But the N-word, that has some history! – Once you compare anything
to the N-word, it lets us know how insensitive you are.
– “If you’re comparing the badness of two words,
and you won’t even say one of them, that’s the worse word.” (laughs)
That’s true. You can’t just say, “Oh,
it’s such a bad word,” but he won’t say the other word.
– 100% true! (chuckles) – Ugh. That’s so stupid.
You’re so butthurt, boomer. – If you have to say N, dash, word…
I mean, no competition. – Clearly, the other one is worse.
– “A bunch of boomers only now getting outraged
about the ‘OK Boomer’ after it showed up in the news
is the most ‘OK Boomer’ thing that could’ve happened.”
It’s just the news media outlet taking it too seriously.
– The only reason they found out about the term was
because they watched the news and read the newspaper. They would
have not have figured it out. – “OK Boomer” has become
this trending joke that if you take the flip side
of it and think about it, you’re making fun
of an entire generation in what you’re saying.
– It’s all in good humor. It’s relatable to a lot of us.
But when the boomers get involved, they make it a whole ordeal
of “What the hell?” (laughs) – I’m getting to a point in my life
that I’m right in the [bleep] middle, you know? And so, I understand
both sides, and I like that. I hope I always stay here.
Maybe I should just be 29 forever. – (FBE) So, everyone in this episode
actually falls into the millennial or Gen Z category…
– Oh, okay! That’s fun.
– (FBE) …so we can get a sense of what your generation
thinks of this trend. – Okay. Cool. Nice!
– (FBE) “OK Boomer” has been slung around memes and GIFs across
TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for months now, but the trend
really started receiving backlash once major publications
started reporting on it. As a millennial or Gen Z,
do you think this is actually causing a generational divide
between your generation and baby boomers?
Or is this all in good fun? – I think it’s definitely
just playing up on it. I don’t think– I’m not
taking this seriously. People shouldn’t take it seriously.
– The divide’s always been there. They’ve always been taking
their shots at us. We finally got a shot at them,
and they’re made, ’cause, you know, the little kid finally
stood up to the bully, and now they’re all pressed.
– The most normal thing our generation does
is make a joke out of it and make it something relatable.
And that’s exactly what we’re doing. The divide’s already there.
Their reactions back is making it spread even more,
because it’s making us laugh at them and be like,
“What are they saying?” But I also think it’s gonna
kill it real quick. (chuckles) – I think it’s stupid,
but whatever if they find fun in it. The fact that news sources
would pick it up as actual news, like, I can’t believe that
you would waste your time on this. The whole point of the meme
is like, (dismissive) “OK, boomers,” and they’re playing
into the meme! It’s hilarious. – (FBE) Over the past few years,
there have been many articles discussing the things that millennials
and people from Generation Z are so-called “killing.”
You know, we’re killing the housing market.
We’re killing dating culture and killing avocados.
– Avocados? How are we [bleep] up avocados?
– (FBE) ‘Cause we be eating them. I don’t know.
– We commercialized avocados. Are you kidding me?
You owe avocados to us! Are you kidding me?!
We made it cool. – (FBE) Do you feel the response
of “OK, boomer” was bound to happen based on the views
other generations seem to have towards yours?
– Yeah, I think we kind of stayed quiet for
a little bit too long. I think it was the whole
“respect your elders.” But I think us saying something back,
it wasn’t that serious. It was kind of just more fun.
But if they wanna take it that way, that’s their problem, not ours.
– Totally. We feel attacked, literally.
If they’re always insulting us… And they don’t even realize it.
They just think they’re being smart. We don’t wanna be disrespectful,
so all we’re just gonna say is we’re just gonna
mind our own business still and reply, “OK, boomer.”
– That was bound to happen. Somebody was gonna say it.
If it was not one kid, it was gonna be the other.
I don’t like it. I think it’s inconsiderate.
I think generalization period, stereotyping should never be a thing.
It’s just a selection of words that will dictate whether something
is okay or not. Saying, you know, “A lot of millennials do this”
is different rather than saying, “Millennials do this.”
– I don’t think millennials are doing it to spite boomers.
I think it’s just a natural way that technology has changed our lives.
And boomers, they didn’t grow up with that, so they don’t understand.
– Even in my lifetime, I’ve seen so much happen.
And it happened so fast. I think that’s probably the hard part
is things are happening so quickly that it’s hard for a lot of people
to just ride the wave. We should ride the wave,
because, ultimately, good or bad, we gotta keep moving forward.
If we try to stay in a time or in a period of, you know,
“the good old days” or however you wanna reference it–
they were great. They were good old days.
But you know what? We gotta move forward,
and we gotta enjoy whatever’s coming at us next
and embrace it. – It’s always gonna happen.
It’s gonna happen to our generation when we’re they’re age.
They’re gonna look at us like, “OK, Gen Z.”
I’m gonna wait for that day. I’m gonna mark this date,
give it to my kids, and let me know
when this is a meme. Hopefully memes are
still around by then. – (FBE) And so finally,
as someone who is a millennial or part of Gen Z,
besides “OK, Boomer,” what message would you like
to relay to the older generation? – Change is okay. (chuckles)
Change is the only way you can progress in life,
and it’s okay to be open to new things.
– Don’t be so offended by everything, because we’re not. I mean,
yeah, you can get offended just a little, but don’t
take it that seriously where it’s making news.
It’s not bad tea, people. It’s just a funny joke.
– I wish they would understand that, you know, we’re going through it
just as much as you guys, if not more. So just, you know,
respect that and try to show some love here and there
and don’t be too judgmental. – Acknowledge that we actually
do have a lot of people in our generation that are
doing really positive things and that are helping
not only our own generation but your generations too.
If you tell the younger generation that they are our future
and they can change the world for the better,
then it’s empowering, and I think that’s
the better way to go. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Millennials and Gen Z React. And shoutout to ThatRandom.
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– See you next time! Bye. – Hi, guys. Josecarlos here,
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