Memes that make me laugh very cheeky

this here is Larry the Cucumber three
two one do it again, what the dog virtues yeah like to solve the puzzle go ahead do you hey Peter Parker you got
something for me you’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door good high
five high five high five high five when you realize that you have school
this Monday Strait Maru is so bad they turn all the
cups in the house upside down I’m going undercover as a woman to find out what
they go through every day I discovered the women are called faggot Allah you
son of a bitch you piece of shit you fucking goddamn fucker
listen fuckhead you have fucking cross the line get that through your goddamn
fucking bed stop pushing your one and only Gary’s mattress I can ease messes
with blowing up what I say Oh cute one do you like sweet boys and I’m still working on my coke
addiction my my diet coke addiction dear diary what if we guess what I mean drop the drugs cocaine I got that weed
card I will not buy if you want me to get naked I don’t feel I saw this boat in half it’s a sexy
fucking M&M bet she got a fat ass see that ass baby oh no work why do you sound like that
because it’s killing me is she every time I feel the wind like this it
reminds me of something very very important it reminds me to breathe a day helium balloons Jesus is the brain this sander simulates
years of wearing air damage you know we wash our brushes with
odorless thinner and we have a lot of fun just shake off the excess

54 thoughts on “Memes that make me laugh very cheeky”

  1. Lifeples plz go to my channel and click on the video "this has to be in a try not to laugh" and maybe you could put it in one of your try not to laugh compilations? Please that would make my rest of the year.

  2. Clinton that bich.
    She happy trump got in-peached
    It took our country years to realize this
    Edit: F the Republicans
    Edit: shit this is a meme not the news

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