memes that are literally family friendly…

The first person to get 2 in row draws a line through theal igned to them and says We take the trash out I can’t my leg is broken Hello everybody Hello everybody Oh you’re with her now, okay, I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing It always have to pass right you can file just like me but I failed every exam and you know what 10 years later I’m rising to the top I’m a window cleaner now You can still be a dumb kind of winning loss This here is Larry the Cucumber Good morning TPS students it is testing week and it’s time to slay all day nits Stay woke beyond fleek and get that Gucci breakfast gold Say bye Felisha to that testing stress weather’s going to be turned right Chris. Yes Toledo weather going to be the lit during testing week a hundo P chances success You’ve got this kids Steve. How about that traffic? Are we looking? Okay Better than okay We’re talking turn o mo won’t be an issue No traffic problems around any TPS schools to keep you from taking those tests Utopian have black it’s like Halloween, you know, you’re glad to rest I get every done Just go happy, please. Just go to your happy place Huh, what’s this your happy place or something? And when are we going to the battle now? Who what’s this you’re happier place cool, so can we go to the battle now? Oops one too many Boy Like Hoppip on my shoulders kid sure, who are they spiky cleats anything is possible I’ll show you lightning Easier said than done

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