Kid’s Bookshelf Hack (funny)

MOLLY: Step one: get all those books into
one big pile. Come on. LAUREL: Go ahead and toss the books your child
has outgrown and, more importantly, the ones you hate reading. MOLLY: You’re feeling pretty guilty about
getting rid of that one book, huh? That’s all right. You can keep that one. MEGAN: All right. LAUREL: Okay. Keep that one too. I know you’ve had it a long time. MEGAN: Thanks. MOLLY: You know what? Fine. Just keep all the books. MEGAN: Okay, thank you. And what about this, there’s two of these,
but you know what if something happens– MOLLY: I said just keep all the books. MEGAN: Thanks. LAUREL: You’re going to want to arrange the
books in a way that’s easy for your child to find the one she wants. There are several options including title…no,
title. MOLLY: Color. LAUREL: Font size. MOLLY: Award recognition. LAUREL: Moral lesson taught. MOLLY: Publication date. LAUREL: And rhyme scheme. MOLLY: Today we’re going with size of book. That will give a uniform look to your bookshelf
and keep smaller books from getting lost. MEGAN: Oh, found it. LAUREL: When arranging by size, start with
the largest books and then decrease in size from there. Okay. Make it your own but do it right. MOLLY: Oh wait, you missed this medium size
one. That’s okay. We’ll just shift everything. Easy. MEGAN: Okay. MOLLY: Okay. Can you just hold that up? MEGAN: Yeah. MOLLY: I’ve got the size figured out. MEGAN: i think it’s too big there. LAUREL: Oops. Here’s another book you missed. This section’s already full so we’ll just
have to redo it and then we’ll get it in there. MEGAN: Can I just jam it in? LAUREL: Oh sure. Just jam it. MOLLY: Just jam it. LAUREL: Jam it! MEGAN: Yeah, I’m trying to jam it but it won’t
jam. LAUREL: Oops. Found another big book you missed. MEGAN: Were you hiding that? LAUREL: Why would I do that? I’m trying to help you. MEGAN: Okay, you know what? I’m done. The kids are just going to mess this up immediately– MOLLY: Uh-oh. Found another box of books. MEGAN: Oh. MOLLY: Got to put these in. MEGAN: My gosh, I don’t care. I’m done. MOLLY: You don’t care? MEGAN: No, I don’t. MOLLY: If you don’t have an organized bookshelf,
your kids won’t know how to read. MEGAN: Ah! MEGAN: Anthony, can you say The BreakWomb? ANTHONY: No!

20 thoughts on “Kid’s Bookshelf Hack (funny)”

  1. ahaha the struggle is real! I've resorted to haphazardly throwing them all into an oversize fabric cubey bin thingy

  2. Thank you! I have started wondering how I could ever have my daughter's books (and bedroom) look so picture perfect it would be ready for a children's bedroom interior design photo shoot any time, day (or night)! you know, like the other kids' we visit… how on earth do they do it? would love your take on that;-) maybe they have a secret chaos room? or do they also jam it?

  3. Oh, I use all of these methods, size, title… Several times a day, actually, whenever the kids are finished reading.

  4. My MIL is a teacher. When her school library cleared out, we got 15 Xerox sized boxes of (mostly small, thin) books for our daughter.

    Yes, there IS such a thing as 'too many books' it was after about 5 of those boxes.

  5. i was so excited to see you guys posted a new video and sad I didn't see it sooner. this was awesome 🙂 I remember trying to jam books into the bookshelf. sometimes you just give up and stack them on top of each other lol or pile them in a basket. that was my go to lol.

    now I just keep it down to 10 books or less but preferably 5. we just use the library now so we don't have to have an insane amount of books at home that are gonna stress me out cause they DESTROY them lol. I swear they should tell you that kids versions of reading is destruction lol.

    excuse the terrible punctuation 💛 I'm aware I just don't care right now lol

  6. Too real. 🙂 At least your books don't look like they went through a war. How are all of my kids' books so completely destroyed? Chewed, torn apart? When do they do that?

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