Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? – Key & Peele

– Okay, all right, (thud) Good morning Tom, Jason. How you doin’ there Dave, Crystal? Tommy. Good morning, Jake. How are ya? – Pretty good, Kenny. – Yeah, yeah. You know it’s so early in the morning. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But you know how I was
supposed to work late tonight? – [Jake] Uh hm. – Well I gotta run this
errand for Mr. Mahina. And he says that you’re
gonna have to cover for me. So there it is. I don’t need, I’m sorry (whistles), drop the ax. (laughs) Okay, so. – Hm, again. – Yeah, so. Oh, you know what, (snap) just remembered (laughs), Mr. Mahina also, almost slipped my mind, wants us to change parking spaces. – What? – Yeah. Me, personally, I enjoy
the nine minute walk. But he said that we have to do it. Believe it, I hate it as much as you do. – What are you gonna do? – Nothing you can do. – Mr. Mahina said it. – Mahina. This whole situation has been Mahinanized. – It just seems a little confusing to me as to why Mr. Mahina would give a fuck where we park. – How’s that? – I mean why would he care where we park? – I don’t know the
answer to that question. I mean that’s, it’s just what he said. Hey, the Mahina works in mysterious ways. – You know what? I’m gonna ask him myself, ’cause– – No, that’s okay! I’ll do it! (door slamming) Uh Mr. Mahina sir, I know you’re busy. But can I speak to you
about the parking switch? – [Mr. Mahina] What is
there to talk about Kenny? I told you and Jake to
switch parking spaces. Don’t you know who I am? I am Mr. Mahina and I’m a
real, real person in here. Now you get the hell out of my office. – Wow.
(thud) Did you hear that? It was crazy in there. I mean that was, phew, intense. – Yeah. You know what’s really crazy though? I been working here for about a year and I’ve never even seen Mr. Mahina. – Well see now, that’s
an easy one to answer. That’s because he comes in
before you come into work and he’s still working when you leave. That’s what makes him Mr. Mahina. Come on, we’re talking about
Mr. Mahina here, right? (both laugh) – That makes perfect sense. You know, I bet, the hard working boss would love to meet a
hard working employee, you know, shares the same values, so I’m gonna go ahead and
just introduce myself. – No, no! You can’t go into Mr. Mahina’s room. Are you crazy? No one except me is
allowed to go in there. Mr. Mahina is busy. (slap) – Okay, fine, you made
your point clear, man. – Thank you very much Jake.
– I’m good. – I think it’s best, what, no, Jake, Jake!
(intense music) – Come on man. – [Mr. Mahina] What? Question my existence, will you? (screaming) (door slams) You will not just turn
me into a mop creature. It couldn’t be that people– – I’ll have that end of the
year report to you by 10.

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  2. I'm getting sick of key n Peele cus Jordan Peele thinks he ain't gotta do shit n he can just go do his own thing. Not gonna lie. Get out is a good movie. Sleight is n ok movie . Sequel might b better. That last movie was ok but u didnt do a very good job on that. But key n peele is like the beat thing that has ever happened. U need to do that job every day for the rest of ur life. It's that great. And ur obligated cus this is a once in a lifetime thing u guys have with how funny u r on these skits.

  3. I do want to see what other movie ideas u have but u need to do key and peele and focus only on that. People deserve to see more of it and it's not fair for u to b doing whatever else ur doing and not doing key n peele cus ur movies arent good enough for u to quit key n peele.

  4. You when you have to pee bit your really dehydrated and thirsty, that’s me watching this video, I also have a boner because you know

  5. Hilarious 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
    1:40 "I am a real real person working in here!" I was in tears immediately.

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