Is Comedy Dying Because of PC Culture?

100 thoughts on “Is Comedy Dying Because of PC Culture?”

  1. Making an innocent joke about asian people or gay people is much different than holding a replica of the decapitated president's head…. Kathy Griffin deserves everything she got and more.

  2. Not too long ago I saw SJWs on FB complain about Comedy Central Roasts, like wow, do they not know what a roast is? Lol

  3. The only thing I agree with is the SNL podcast thing cuz he wasn't even joking he was just being downright racist

  4. PC culture is also infesting western animation,being confused about your sex or being in a same sex relationship is not an achievement.

  5. When it said PC culture I thought it meant PC culture as in the gaming culture……idk I play too many video games 😂

  6. Cancel culture is supposed to be for finding and getting rid of pedophiles, not people that made an "offensive" post in 2009 when posting things like that was completely normal.

  7. I recently watched clips of Animaniacs, one of the the best kids shows of all time. So many good parts of the show wouldn't be allowed today, and that is a real shame. Then again, South Park seems to get away with stuff.

  8. They weren’t funny in the first place tho. Sorry, I’m not a boomer. “I hate my wife” jokes were never funny

  9. Hey guys, I’ll make a really funny non “controversial” joke

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because he needed to get to the other side.

    So funny right?

  10. Nah, if you can't make a joke with being racist/homophobic/xenophobic you're not a witty/clever enough comedian. Period.

  11. Comedy is dying. You can't even crack a joke among friends without some random stranger acting crazy as if you shot their dog.

  12. Not a Corolla fan, but he's right. When a joke is told, it's not because the person is being hateful, nor is it because the listener is hateful. It was just funny, nothing personal!

  13. This is the problem of hyper individualism and identity politics….."You better say something that makes me feel good, otherwise you're offensive to me"…

  14. Oh great, a documentary by six middle age white guys with platforms complaining about paying more attention to what jokes they write. Can’t wait for two and a half hours of mansplaining away nuance. You’re right to be offensive is not more important than some else’s identity. Also it’s just lazy, be better and write smarter jokes that don’t rely on stereotypes instead of being a dick and ranting when people point it out to you

  15. Triggered snowflake racist liberals just need to stop attacking free speech.

    Kathy Griffin joke wasn’t funny though, so her career doesn’t matter to me.

  16. This guy made a offensive joke and cathy Griffin held a decapitated head of Donald Trump .
    Me: Woah woah woah what was that again

  17. in this country we have freedom of speech if your offended by words you can either talk back or get the hell out. we don't want your snow flake ass anyway

  18. How can you complain about suffering from too much politcal correctness when you live in country where the leader is the epitome of political uncorrectness?

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