Indians on H1b waiting for Green Card | Funny Video | #H1b #GREENCARD

You’ve been in the U.S. for two years, right? Ya bro, two years. Are going to freeze at the bus stop again this winter or you planning on buying a car? (Laughs) No bro. I have big plans, but I am on H1 visa. Once I get my green card forget Mercedes, I am gonna buy a Tesla. Tesla! Right! So, I was thinking, should we buy a dining table? Dining table? That’s bold coming from someone who just got to the U.S. on an H4 visa. You know I am on H1 visa right? We can’t buy a dining table now. But don’t you worry, once I get my green card forget a dining table, we will buy a Bed too! Now chill and enjoy your food. Hello Hi son, what are you up to? Nothin much mom, just out shopping. I have some wonderful news. Your sister is engaged to be married! Wow that’s great! The wedding is on December 4th so, you must come to India. In December? No, No, No, mom that’s not possible What are you saying? Not even for two weeks? Mom don’t you know they are kicking out H1 visa holders at port of entry these days. Anyway, what’s the rush? Let me get my green card first. And let everyone know, if the wedding must happen in India, then it has to be after I get my green card. Once I get my green card, forget two weeks, I will come to India for two months! Bro we are going to Europe for a vacation. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Why don’t you guys join us? B… Europe! Wait till my dad gets his green card. We are going on a world tour! Right Daddy? (Smiling with Pride) Whoa! Rishi’s priority date is now current! He is gonna go nuts after he hears this. I gotta to meet up him now! (Crying hysterically) I am sorry I am late bro. I wish you were alive, you would have been ecstatic to know that your priority date is now current, my brother! (Crying hysterically) Current (Softly) Current Is it current? Green card current. Green card date is current. Green card date is current? My green card date is now current? My green card date is current My green card. Green card. I gonna get my green card! I gonna get my green card! Yes! Rishi! Hmmm… What? The priority date has moved back again!

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  1. Better plan. Work in India. American companies are expanding in India in a huge scale cause they already know what's next the big thing.

  2. I am not sure if this is funny or sad reality of the sacrifices people make to live the American Dream and in the process they lose so many years of youthful life……….

  3. Don't worry your Trump Daddy is on the throne and he is picking all the ripe GUJJUS to send them flying back. ICE is on the hunt.

  4. green card and honor killing. forget it! its outsourcing not immigrating. be proud that you got opportunity to live in a great nation

  5. May be it’s lack of pride while getting educated in Bhārath that after reaching a certain age, leaving Bhārath will be the goal. I now have an understanding why I left Bhārath. Deep mental colonization. Otherwise, why would anybody feel ecstatic for getting a Visa to leave your own Maathru Bhoomi and Amma? We are deeply deeply mentally colonized people. Thanks to the silly Marxist education protocols drilled into our heads.

  6. Haha very funny…150k view and not even 500 subscribers…this is how Indians are. Ungrateful…hairy ass…pathetic free loader.😂

  7. This video is misleading. The h1b holders are having nice time . It is true that green card is delayed due to some stupid rules. But do not show such fake videos and do not malign USA which is land of opportunities. It is an exaggerated fake video.

  8. Yeah! I am going to settle in Germany, so you can roam anywhere in Europe… But for that instead of green card I need blue card for German citizenship … Need to wait for 5 years…

  9. Who wants green card!? Bharat mata ki jai. Apne desh mein raja ke jaise rehna better hai compared to less freedom and fearful life in others country

  10. Why not introduce an English Test (like IELTS, CELPIP, etc) for H1, H4, etc.? This will remove at least 90% of the people who claim to be highly skilled yet can’t complete a single sentence in English. Isn’t communication a special skill anymore? Why isn’t someone thinking about this? It’ll also remove 90% of the highly skilled people who are writing comments here with awful English!

  11. Us Indians have ethical short comings. The day we become ethical, start doing the right thing, we wouldn't need to migrate. Finding loopholes, portraying things to get approvals, bribery and exploitation, we've got everything. Sad.

  12. You people are being used as Guinea pigs the white mans job now is to hunt you down GC or not and kick yous out ohhh and if you willingly leave then try to get back his name is trump and sessions

  13. The US is not what the Indians think it is, its just an endless pit of loneliness. Money couldn't buy happiness in India so how will it buy one happiness in the US.

  14. I feel, the H1b program is not understood well. I believe, it offers a temporary work permit and so a related "non-immigrant" visa for a worker with high skills that are in high demand. The program is not intended to offer permanent residence up front like certain other countries offer. The program's intent was/is that such worker will leave after the temporary period.

    However, some hard facts prevail like the program is grossly misinterpreted/ misused/ confusing / not keeping up with time/ with rules badly framed etc. This leads to issues such as the ones described here.

    Anyways, I wish everyone the best and suggest to stay satisfied as much as possible. Happiness or sadness is only a state of mind and it will change constantly. Please do not worry about tomorrow so much that you lose on today.

  15. Did you guys know that if you have a million dollars sitting around you can invest it in a business that creates 10 jobs and you get that green card in 6 months

  16. For those wondering why go to the US when you can work in India, here are a few reasons:
    1. Poor commute to work, resulting in less personal time
    2. Often poor work culture, expected to overwork.
    3. Poor quality of work / uninteresting work — Most jobs are in service companies and companies like Google, Facebook are very limited.
    4. Poor quality of Education especially when it comes to research and publishing papers. How many papers do Indian universities publish, even in computer science?
    5. Better quality of life , such as traffic, dirt, pollution.
    6. Many times more salary.
    7. With the exception of visa issues, a more liberal culture with more personal freedom in society.

    There are more, but these are some of the reasons why some would like to go abroad.

  17. But what I don’t like is when immigrants come here and they have an attitude like “oh but I’m not American, I’ll never be American!” And they tell their children that too. Like ok then should’ve not come over here. Respect our country first or leave.

  18. This is awesome… this is exactly the situation. It really sucks, can’t go back , can’t stay back… on hot waters…. lol 😝

  19. Your better off in Canada or fixing your country. USA the H1B visa is like the low class worker, no benefits. Companies love H1B visa holders because they pay you less money, offer little to no benefit and know you need them in order to stay in america. You guys are just above illegal status. America is tightening immigration of legal (less green cards and visas given) and illegal immigrants (more jails for families). The chinese are ditching america to make their own country better. They used to come to America as workers…now they come as tourists, students and business men.


  21. I am on H1B and I have dining table, car coming in next month (I can buy right now, but I didn’t have driving license and I was too lazy to get it) and I am going on Europe trip next year. So yeah, pointless and misleading video.

  22. If India was ruled by British, now, none has to go to England, USA, we would be better under the White Boss. Get better quality life, and make India a Britain too. Poor BJP , won't eat Beef.

  23. Sure, money can buy happiness it is all quality and quantity for ur info for breathing also we need money honey between talking and living life two different things

  24. It was good for the Indians to get PR during George HW Bush . They needed a lot of medical personnels to fill up their positions as many were gone to Iraq war . This is how my parents got it !!!!!!.

  25. End of the so called superpower USA is very near. China is squeezing balls of USA and winning the trade war. The fall of US started on 9/11 and it is still continuing till date…..US manufacturing sector is DEAD. US manufacturing sector moved to China, automobile and electronics industry moved to Japan and Korea, IT and IT services sector is moving to India big time…. Donald Trump will hit the final nail in Americas coffin…..u will see USA disintegrate into multiple countries soon just like what happened with the Soviet Union…..just wait and watch!!

  26. This is stupid af, none of it is true. We buy everything we want, travel a lot internationally. Life doesn't really change with the green card other than the fact that you can stay unemployed in US which most of them won't anyway.

  27. Any Indian who goes to the US now after all these excellent videos that detail the futility of waiting to get a green card should not complain after willingly allowing himself to be sodomized by the American system.

  28. For all those people who are saying why not go back and work in India. Well India is a shit hole. People live close to each other. No personal space. The traffic sucks and public toilets suck. Places like Delhi stink like sweaty hairy armpit. Work culture is worst extra hours. No family life.

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  30. Hey this is good one , around 500k are on H1B visa, waiting for Green Card. I'll suggest go for Canada, and yes don't think of IELTS exam , go for CELPIP with

  31. Usa is great country living n working in usa is a blessing..however not getting green card is point of concern but looking at positives living in usa this issue of gc can be overlooked ..usa offers best work culture

  32. India H1B. You mean self-enslaving? You need to wait for 150 years to get legal residency. You will be granted citizenship after you die.

  33. Funny but bit of exaggeration. If you have good educational background and working as a full time employee in non-consultancy company, you would get approval. My H-1b renewal was approved in 5 calendar day in 2018. I know at least 10 people in my company who applied for an extension this year and it was easily approved.

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