Heidi Klum Won Halloween with Her ‘Thriller’ Costume

I can’t talk that well. It’s all good.>>And you probably haven’t
brushed your teeth in years.>>I haven’t brushed my teeth in ages. But Michael had to do that too,
for the video. He had also prosthetics on for hours,
and hours, and hours, and hours. And I think it’s easier to do
them now than they were then, I mean it took all day and kind of all of
the zombies, I also inspired by the video. A lot of them you will see in the video,
so we really tried to get as close
to the video as possible.>>What made you decide
to go with Thriller?>>Because it’s such an iconic video,
and Michael Jackson is such an icon, and thriller is something
that we all know and love. I happened to never dance this dance,
so I had to really start from scratch. you know everyone is always like,
yeah the thriller dance is this right? Well it’s not just this, there were
a few other steps I had to learn.>>Do you ever get tired of Halloween,
18 years you’ve been doing this.>>I mean, I love Halloween so much. I don’t think I’m ever
gonna get tired of it. I think it’s just once a year where we
all go a little crazy, a little loopy. We can be someone else for the night. Usually when we’re just us,
and you kinda go to party, and you just stand there, and
no one really lets loose. But, like this, you have fun, no? Because I always try to
recognize my friends. They’re all staring at me. They’re like, I can’t see you in there. This is so weird! So it’s just fun, it’s all around fun. Happy Halloween, aah!

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