Funny memes of September 2019 part-6 | Insane memes hub

Mom’s reaction when you wake up early in the morning When you know the truth but still want to see how much they lie When you’re writing the test and the teacher stops by your desk and reads the nonsense on your answer sheet When you are in school and three people say hi to you on your way to class That’ll be like if the plane moves 253 kilometers southwest and the wind blows from 60 degrees southeast Calculate the age of the pilot You While shortest love story You Oh finally, I’ll get some sleep but he do in my room Okay, I absolutely have to do this assignment five minutes later Crushed your cute in Class B the next day Every time I see them. I put my phone back my pocket When a front Venturer sits with back ventures for a week and start rolling teachers back ventures When you get back home and your sibling has eaten your food you have been thinking whole day When your friend message you after a year When you hit a spider and it ran behind your bed Why I attend classes You When you mistakenly enter in a wrong classroom whole class That one friend in a group chat and read all conversation but never replied When you are fighting with your brother suddenly mom arrives OMG tomorrow is Monday again? Never let your computer know that you are in a hurry Computers can smell fear they slow down if they know that you are running out of time Most dangerous weapon aka 47 grenades screenshot I have a dream that one day. My mom will understand that online game cannot be paused When your mom randomly enters your room at night and you have only a second to think of a sleeping position You

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