Funniest Fan Videos! I React To Funny BZK Fan Clips

hi guys welcome back to the blast zone I scouted all of YouTube and we are gonna react to some of my funny fan Clips you
guys do some very crazy stuff on video so we’re gonna react to that and also
stay tuned for the end of this video because we have a very special
announcement guys get ready to be really funny make sure to subscribe to win the
guys we’re giving away to this month so be sure to subscribe because you have
your double chance to win I’m just kidding that’s French anyway so let’s do
this before we get started I’m not making fun of any of these people
whenever I see fan videos I think it’s really cool and I really appreciate
those new guys or the best fans ever doing it this first video is a parody of
me and Zinke doing one of our first collab so let’s check it out cuz it’s
really funny we’re back we’re doing a parody of its Zankye this is Blast Zone
Kid okay so we’re going to remake this video let’s go hey guys welcome to the
blast zone I snuck into Zankye’s virtual studio wait a second I better shirt
probably look at his mom cause I was like this in open do this need a blast
oh you showing your like stomach and like saying please no James what are you
doing here we got an awesome video cuz for this one we got an unexpected guest
James from the blast zone kid James from the blossom good alright my
life 11 years I have never seen thank you do this no that’s a dog okay you
miss her I’m so excited to be here in sync his virtual studio and I came here
personally to battle him so let’s have a battle my virtual studio
I got strike got Valkyrie my gun ville I got my beer right here tornado driver yeah
alright guys I don’t know tell me in the comments below if you think that parody
was good I don’t know because they were doing weird stuff
I don’t know no I’ve seen multiple fan videos where they challenged me this one
you have to check it out if you want to ban me to come in with a big good cuz
you just have like octave or whatever there’s a 95% chance I’m gonna win 5%
chance you’re gonna freshen up to take five here and today I’m gonna betray
that challenge blast him yet he says he’s one of the top players in the world
but I’m gonna prove him wrong if you wanted me to go up against Anki or
someone else or famous Babli beg to burr put it down in the comments below and
blossom kid if you get this video then text back alright so after that video I
put in the comments I’ll paddle you to see what he would react and check what
happens alright hey guys it’s it’s part represented by here and today it’s about
blast I’m good so I’m on my big illness he said up hill battle me but what is
blast okay where you want me where do you want me to value and what basically
wanted him to use no new base use no new only old you an old will bring on cheeto
and let’s use really and give him your number in private
it’s grams it’s a bad idea I notice government order do everyone is gonna
notice and yes dad you say go use Instagram and Twitter Shawn you got
ripped your dad called you out my challenge the blast don’t get it and
it’s blacks on squad all right dude I’ll battle you
or maybe see you at the next Bay tuber brawl or my new summer tour on to the
next fan video this is where a guy one of my fence reacts the fake plater
versus and I want to tell you and Freud later this was actually one of my
favorite reaction kids because you seem really into it cuz that was the best
video I have ever seen in my whole entire life
fake blader versus Angela that was the best thing I’ve ever seen and I hope
that blasts okay makes more big later videos there are some questions what is
going to happen to flick Vader fake later what happened guys he’s just
in his draya’s fake nation mansion right
playing creative destruction of Minecraft cuz that’s what happens when
you be completely you play Minecraft okay throughout the whole entire video I
was like oh wow go ahead and do the goings in the girl and then J Angela won
in the end Angela was so close to losing you
struggle to lose after um fake bladers hypnotized I was like are you hitting me
right now I was like my ball was like this
Oh like that right and like no Angela snap out of it and I’m blessing kid all
of a sudden came to the screen like hey Angela vaguely sympathizing you snap out
of it wake up and then I know when she woke up I was
like yes and then when she bursted it I mean she won all those battles of a
burst finish I was like okay the road system must like yes Angela 1 and on the
black oak it is pre now good alright guys don’t see more fake laners told me
in the comments below alright in this video this guy wants to tell me he’s my
biggest fan oh I appreciate it man I’m doing this
video for a glass ranking I do want to be on the flashlight squad Oh blossom
kid I’m like oh I subscriber for you since like 2000 I’m in the bathroom is this guy shooting
in his mom’s bathroom and his mom just called and melt not n rule number one
guys on how to make a youtube video do not make a video when you’re in your
mom’s bathroom and she could hear you like yeah reverse it
Junior what are you doing there’s like one minute and if that happens don’t
boost the video man I’m your biggest fan okay all right I get this a lot fans
want me to send them free beyblades what this guy went a little overboard let’s
see what happens I wish blossom did you choose me you
give me a B laughter and love nightmare loneliness I wish I hope you zero
exposure I mean I difficut I wish you give me
Zemo expire and write lunch and is belapur Baylor and you lose please give
me one some real a bird me I mean and I need batteries everything I have but we
are the drains are clear and so yeah you give me you give us me on black below me
knows I wish and bailiff explosive blah Bobby to pay lockers to know three body
Longinus susan Excalibur’s to left/right launchers three bay loggers two valleys
and more this is actually basically Christmas
if yours longer yeah but this it was just asked to book alright this next
videos would giveaway winner and it was really happy guys if you ever want to
give away from me I really want you to put a video cuz I love seeing you guys
you and this guy’s really cool let’s see guys I want a giveaway from Platt some
kid seriously why some kid check out his
latest video I won’t bloody long in this and I just took I just contacted him and
everything so guys check it out showers to buy some kid hey thanks bro I
really appreciate all the people who did videos for me and I very much appreciate
all of you you guys are the best fans ever the special announcement I have
been talking about I want you to come up with a funny video with me in the title
put it on YouTube if you do that I will watch all your videos and I’ll see which
one all you guys is the best and give you to beyblades FL cash and gals are
whoever has the funniest video it starts today thank you guys for coming back to
the blast zone please subscribe please like please comment I really appreciate
your support and your videos make sure to make a video bye guys have fun

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