Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 74 | Kids Funny Videos | Comedy Web Series | By Sai Teja – TeluguOne

Gullu is looking at your answer sheet Cover and write What did I say now? That you are becoming this emotional? Actually I am failure student But since you told that to me too I am feeling very proud! Feeling very proud! Gullu, generally you donĺt burst crackers For more than 10 minutes right? Then why did you burst this year for 2 hours? This year, the Supreme Court gave orders right? To burst crackers for 2 hours That is why I bursted continuously from 8.00 to 10.00PM You understood it that way? When I lit rocket that day It went till Sun bro (Suryudu)? Rocket reached Sun? Are you okay? Open your mouth. Seems to be fine! His mother bet me bro. What? His mother bet? How can she beat you? Name of the boy who stays near our house is Suryudu bro!! Have you done the home work? Done. Show me. What did I tell you to write? And what did you write? I wrote the same that you wrote. Have you done the home work correctly atleast once? I will keep a test now If you do not answer properly see! Let me see now Do it Finished! People tell me only to do all the work. Ammuůů.. Ammuů. You will never do any work told to you right? When did you tell? You had written it. You will never do the written work? I have done whatever you had written What did you do? You told to dry the sticker right? It might have dried by now Go and take it! Jaů No no. Bro, you came at the right time. Do you know physics? Physics? I have studied that in B.Com Really, I have a doubt bro. Bet? No no Bro, not bet, doubt If it is doubt, you can ask. Which is heavier? Kg cotton or Kg stones? Kg Stone, Kg Cottonů Kg, Kg. Both are equal right? Are both equal? Shall we experiment? Stand here. Bro!!! Did you get hurt? No? No. Broů. Atleast after this experiment Have you understood my doubt? What? When both weigh the same Why did you get hurt with stone & not with cotton? If you explain in detail I will write my notes Pragnyaů Why are you lying like that? You had told me that You will break my legs If I keep them outside the house That is why playing with Ammu like this!

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