Fun Bucket | 98th Episode | Funny Videos | Harsha Annavarapu | #TeluguComedyWebSeries

What happened.. why your parents joined you in Hospital yesterday..??
Yesterday i slept early at 9pm.. That’s why they joined me in Hospital.. Then why did you went to hospital..?? Iam not getting a good sleep daily, that’s why.. They did many tests and asked me to pay 5000..
Is it..? Then what he said..??
Nothing but he took my JIO sim and said me to go.. He again wored Hat today.. Is he a Doctor or Director..?? Good morning sir..
Hai Trishool why you came again..?? Doctor i think you better to direct movies instead of Doctor.. What are you talking..
MBBS, FRCS, MGBS… here.. Tell me what’s your problem..?? Not to me…
My wife became pregnant.. Woww… Congrats..
You did no pregnancy operation 3 months back.. but how it happened I did to you not to your wife.. Bring that fellow who is reason for that..
Let’s do the same.. Hai Jeswika now a days you are coming in senior Fun bucket also.. You guys are also coming in junior fun bucket right…
So what’s wrong with me..?? What do you want..??
I need Dairy milk silk.. Do you have money..??
No uncle.. Go and bring money first..
Okay uncle.. I have a doubt..
What..?? Will you do my marriage with your son..??
Yeah ok okay.. Okay now iam your Daughter-in-law right
Give me a Dairy milk Silk.. Shittt…
ladies shopping is a hell.. Bro your marriage came to my death..
My wife came to shopping.. I came out of the shop..
Same here bro.. What happened bro..?? My uncle said, not to invite more people to marriage.. Don’t worry..
Anyway you are going to arrange two busses right now make it only one.. It’s not a matter of busses bro… He is not allowing me to come to marriage.. You silly fellow dont make me frustrate with your silly questions.. What you are seeing dear..??
Poster.. Shut your mouth..
Offer is only for grinder not for that girl.. Catch it.. Will your husband come today..??
No dear.. Hey new dad today..
I’ll hide here.. My husband came it seems..
You hide yourself somewhere.. Why this much late..??
Iam making some arrangements for you.. What about Mudda pappu, Avakaya..??
Drinks too.. It’s too dark…
So what..
I have Basket ball.. So what..
I’ll sell it you for 5000rs.. take it
I don’t have money.. I won’t buy it.. My dad is outside.. Hey Bujji… Ha Bunty..
You disappointed me last time.. My husband came right.. Same daddy today also…
I’ll hide here.. Ohh god… My husband came..
Go and hide somewhere.. Why you did late today also..
Have you arranged same as last time..
Today it’s Chicken curry.. And aslo prepared Gulab Jamun..
is it…
Yeahhh… It’s too dark..
So what..??
I have Tennis bat.. I’ll sell it for 10,000rs.. take it..
I won’t take.. My dad is outside.. Jeswika..
Waht daddy..?? Bring Tennis bat, let’s play..
Offhh I sold it for 15,000 daddy.. Is it true.. How you did that..??
Who is that fellow…?? You are becoming mad..
Come on… I’ll take you to Chiku buku Baba.. Excuse me… Did Chik buk baba is inside..??
It’s Chiki buki.. He is doing meditation..
Go anyone but not both.. Ok.. Let her go..
Go Jeswika.. It’s too dark here..
Hey you… You are leaving me here too.. How much i have to walk…
Iam feeling hungry.. Ohhh god.. I have only one rupee.. It’s month end too
And there is no money my ATM.. What to do now.. Hey see there… It’s Bakery..
Bring something from that It will be too rush there… I know a good bakery
Wait i’ll call there.. Bro please send me 200rs now.. Just now i booked nene raju nene mantri movie tickets for my sister
No money now.. What happened bro..
I came with my Girlfriend, now she is asking something to eat.. Don’t know what to do now..
Download ‘[email protected]’ app… Why bro..?? If you open it…
You will get all the Bakery’s, coffee shops, restaurants list.. They will show all the offers too.. Select your favourite food and click onReserve option, then you can take it freely.. You are great bro…
What’s up..?? But iam in deep sad now.. What happened bro..??
My Girlfriend left me and connected with other guy.. I want to die bro..
They will roam happily if you die.. Tell me what to do now..??
Listen carefully.. Keep a post in Facebook that you got have a job with 2 lakhs salary.. Then you will feel good and you will also get golden days…

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  1. hi fun bucket fun bucket ante naku chala istam andaru baga chestunnaru meru 100th episode lo N. Chaitanya enperu use chaste nanu chala happy I am tell 7th class I am from darsi OK bye friends

  2. birath, bargav and mahesh
    biyya nenu mi mugguru ki pedha fan ni bhyya
    nenu mi jokes ni chala ba enjoy chesthanu
    thanks for giving us a lot of entertainment tq fun bucket

  3. Hiii bro's I am Praveen from hayath nagar: mi shows chala baguntai .ekka chala baga thistharani anukuntunna . all tha best.k bye

  4. Superb bro's, meru chala baga act gani punches and expressions chaalaaa baga chesthunnaru. Mi fun bucket kuda oka 6 inches bulli Thera jabardhasth avuthundhi. All the best guy's, inka manchi manchi πŸ’­ thoughts tho fun create cheyyalani korukuntu mi little fan, nenu five copies chesanu chala bagunnayi short short ga lag lekunda. Inka mi fun bucket daily follow avuthanu

  5. Thank you all of fun bucket team , chala feel good anipinchindi navvuthu vunte 😊☺.. so many tensions i forgot, only because of you people comedy… Nice

  6. fun bucket lo vunna director ku one request joke last lo vunna expressions ee madya sariga leevu ante baalevu adhi dominate chestumdhi

  7. Dr frnds meru suggest chisena app Chala useful ga undhi kani dhani link ne video description lo isthy bhaguntumdhi

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