Fun Bucket | 85th Episode | Funny Videos | by Harsha Annavarapu | #TeluguComedyWebSeries

Oh Lord Ganesh! Please help me I incurred huge losses in my business and no money in neither my bank or ATM card And now the house which my father built is also at stake kindly make a bridge to help me out ‘Oh’ you heard me so soon?? Hello! Voltaire Vasu! Did I win the lottery? (You missed it bro subba rao got it) What!! Oh My dear Lord Ganesh! lottery missed out..and i Lost my house with it. Oh My Dearest Lord! Lost my business and my house too .. Looks like my two Ferrari cars are at stake too. If u cant put a metro bridge any bridge is ok with me..but pls help me. Looks like you have too much of ego! Hello! Voltaire Vasu! Did I win the lottery this time at least? hey..this time Apparao won it. Lost my Ferrari cars toooooo!! Mr. Lord Ganesh! Lost my business, house, money and now my Ferrari cars, and my family is on roads… But I still believe in you and Love you!You know why? Because you are my dearest ..dearest..dearest ( Its Lagging! Cut is short) Oops ok! You are the greatest! Now you have to make me win this lottery or I’ll never show my face to you! oh!! you foolish guy .. You have to buy a lottery ticket first to win it!! Dad! No! Please don’t beat me! please dont beat me dad…. Mr. Rao! Isn’t your wife at home??
You seem to be showing your anger on your son instead of your wife! Nothing of that sort Mr Kanaka rao , on 16th my son’s EMCET results will be out..and i will be out of town that getting the work done now! Hey what happened to the case? Will it work out in my favuor? Hello inspector! Is everyone fine at your home? Cop: Have you come to the Police Station to find out that? Asked because I know the pain if they aren’t well. Cop: its ok, tell me who is missing ? My wife is missing since two days! Cop: Oh! What happened? She has gone to a mall where there was a dicount of Rs.10 on a purchase of Rs.1000 and hasn’t returned yet! I know thats what discounts do to women! But she’s missing since 2 days What’s your wife’s height Not sure! As she is tall when she wears heels and short when she doesn’t wear them! I haven’t noticed sir. Is she slim or fat? Hmm..Neither slim nor fat! She’s a little in between ! At least do you know the color of her eyes? What nonsense are you talking Sir! Does any married man have the guts to look into the eyes of his wife!? any way Both our eyes are black right.. Then hers would be black too i guess.. Oh no! Do you know her hair colour at least? How will I know? She goes to the parlour every week and changes the colour..Don’t know whats her hair colour now Is your wife fair or dark skinned? are you asking With make up or with out it?! I don’t know sir coz she sleeps with make up on ! You are irritating me.. at least do you know what she wore while going for shopping? what was she wearing….I have no clue what the dress is called! oh!! god ….How did she go for shopping? She went in my car! What’s the colour of the car? Its a Black Audi A8, Car No. is TS 09 ES 2387 Its a 3 Lt V6 engine with a Horsepower of 333. And is an 8 speed manual mode vehicle It has LED lights in the front and my name written behind the car but there is a slight scratch on the front side left door of the car! Now I understood your pain! We’ll find your car! Yay! Sir finally understood my pain! Thanks a lot Sir..Please find my car at the earliest.. Guy 1: Bro! Are you not seeing Facebook? Everyone is putting post about Bahubali. Guy 1: Urgently get tickets for us! We also need to post about it Guy 2: Why didnt Mahesh turn up for shooting yet? G1: He has opened a mobile store the other day
G2: Oh! So he’s started a business!? G1: The cops took him away because of that
G2: What? Why will the cops do that for opening a store ? G1: Yeah cause he broke opened the store locks with a hammer! Girl: Hey Trishul, I did a great thing today!
Trishul: Is it? What did you do? I made someone really happy by giving a huge donation. To give a penny you’d say your mom is in ICU..Suddenly what made you change into Mother Theresa? Change gives you a high in life! Ahaan! Tell me what did you donate? Have donated all the money in my wallet and my ornaments too! I am so happy to see this change in you! Yeah! I felt happy too! When he finally threw away the knife! Have to kill a 100 mosquitoes at any cost and make a sequeal to the movie on fly! Hello Sir! Who are you and why are you standing like a statue? I am standing in a uniform here with a stick in hand couldn’t you make out I am a watchman (Oops no) a Cop You look like that but your personality didn’t match up though! Hmm.. Lets go ahead with the joke! What made you come here? We have an intelligence report that there are terrorists in your house. Will you show me or should i search for them? Hmmm.. Oh yeah! You have come to the right place, but she has gone to her parent’s house! Younger sister: I want to quit schooling Elder Sister: You are just in your first standard, what will you do quitting school YS: will start earning money by teach kindergarden kids!

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  1. 85th copy నాకు చాలా బాగా నచ్చింది,
    ఇలాంటి జోక్స్ ఇంకా తిస్తారని కోరుకుంటున్నాను…
    present నేను abudhabi(UAE) లో ఉంటున్నాను. డ్యూటీ అవ్వగానే మీ fun-bucket చూస్తాను, చాలా సరదాగా ఉంటుంది..
    అలానే small request, కొత్తగా fun-bucket చూసే వాళ్ళకి మీ పేర్లు తెలియడం లేదు, so ending లో ఇండివిడ్యుల్ గా మీ పేర్లు చెప్పి పరిచయం చేసుకుంటారని కోరుకుంటున్నాను…
    thanks for fun-bucket team.

  2. it very good comedy show every show iam watched
    may be you are do very hord work for this comedy script S any way thanks very much to fun bucket team good luck

  3. bargavi we miss bangaram…car details baga chepav bro……. Bahubali 2 TV lo vacheddule….wting for yur programs in TV …

  4. hello nenu mee funny bucket full fan
    kani eppudu merru comedy kana soodi akuvaga chupisuthunaru
    merru maa comment chusi kuda replay isuthaleru so……………………………..

  5. All fun bucket team I am enjoying your comedy clips it's so nice all the best everyone keep it up go ahead I am supporting u

  6. anna plz plz anna vaka avakasam evade anna plz plz anna 0096550423739 what app call me anna plz plz pl annalu plesse

  7. Vvv good but all are saying jokes weak ga unnai antunaru kani 105th copies anta takuva kadu don't think that you will have more more videos

  8. Anna mi super comedy chalabhaguntundi. Iam very very very very fun and super comedy brother s iam very very happy. Thank all of you guys.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. ఫన్ బక్కెట్ చూసినంత టైం నవ్వులే నవ్వులు,మా ఫ్యామిలీ అంతా చూసి ఆనదిస్తాం,సూపర్ జోక్స్,మీకు ధన్యవాదాలు.

  11. Super comedy nenu chala rojuluki navvadam modalupettanu cmnt chesevallu konchem jagrattaga cheyandi jokelu oorike ravu

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