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Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, can you feel it ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing? ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (cheering) (audience singing “woop woop”) Hi. Thank you for watching our show. (audience applauding) Say hello to my co-hosts in the studio audience. Yeah! How you doing? (audience responding “How you doing?”) Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (upbeat music) Well I had no idea that Dennis Rodman was offered 20 million dollars from Madonna for the birth of her baby. I had no idea. And I love you to ma’am but we’re doing the show, okay. Allegedly. Allegedly a show? They put allegedly in there, I’m like, I think this is a show. But no, allegedly Dennis was offered 20 million dollars by Madonna to have her baby, or his baby. (audience gasping) Well this all happened on the breakfast club, thank you very much for the entertainment. Madonna dated Dennis back in 1993 and this is when Dennis says he was a bigger star than Madonna. I don’t remember Madonna ever being a small star. In 1993 we were buying her stuff at Macy’s. We were all dressing in the lace. No Dennis, you’re very wrong, you’re very wrong. (audience applauding) 1993, that was Madonna Crazy For You, Borderline, Holiday, all that stuff. So 20 million dollars to have his baby, hmm. She had it back then. Or she could’ve borrowed it from the bank. She certainly was, you know, we were all fans. Here’s what I think, this is an alleged story, I happen to believe it. (gasping) I tell you why, well, Madonna might’ve wanted a baby and maybe by an elite athlete. Dennis was The Worm back then, he was that guy wearing wedding dresses and what not. And 20 million is probably like one million for the baby but 19 million and sign this to keep your mouth shut about it. Maybe, maybe. I still find it hard to believe that they even messed around though. And Madonna, don’t you say one word about this story because it’ll make it more relevant. You just let it die here at Hot Topics and that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. So Celine Dion, who we love, she’s never been here but she Skyped in at one point. Yeah.
Like several years ago. Uh-huh, like season one, yeah, a long time ago. She watches our show but she’s always busy doing stuff and singing and Vegas-ing with the kids and then Rene, rest in peace, but now she says she’s not ready to date. Well here’s the thing. I really like Celine Dion, I think she’s a whole lot of fun. Have you ever seen her perform on the TV or in person? She swivels those hips like, you know what I’m saying, like she’s a whole lot of fun! (audience says “yes”) And she also talks a good game. So her husband Rene died three years ago. Now you know she got involved with Rene when she was 12. No, I don’t mean involved, but I mean involved singing and stuff and so he was a lot older than her so she opened up on the Today Show. Take a look and then we’ll talk. I don’t date. I’m not ready to date. I’m very lucky and happy to have so many people in my surrounding that make me laugh, but I miss to be touched, I miss to be hugged, I miss to be told you’re beautiful, I miss what a boyfriend and I miss what husband would do. (audience says “aww”) Oh. Don’t we all? Well not me, I’m trying to part of, please girl, I’m busy. (cheering) But here’s my thought, Rene passed three years ago. She’s got kids, one is like 18, the other’s like 12. The 12 year old twins. Eight year old twins, mm-hmm. Eight year old twins, even worse. She’s got a long time before they go off to college. Alright, three sons, 18 and eight year old twins. You know what, Celine, it’s time to date. It’s time to be touched. Yeah. And told you’re beautiful and things like that. The eight year old will have a problem with it, the 18 year old will probably encourage you to do it, but you don’t have to do it in front of your kids. Dating when you’re single, when you have kids at home, I don’t know that life because Kev’s in Miami so I can do whatever I want when I want but, but, but, but for her it’d be like dating outside of her compound, dating in hotel rooms, dating secretly, I’m sure she has a staff of people taking care of the kids, her house, whatever. Who should she date? Now in our meeting people were saying she should date people who know her business. I said no. Like who, like the guitarist? The percussionist? Like who do you date? I think hedge fund, sorry, I go for the same thing all the time. Sorry, yeah, yeah. Hedge fund, a doctor with a big career, somebody who has his own money, who’s kids are already older or at least the age of her kids so they can all be friends. But you know, Celine, I wish you well. When are you gonna come to our show so we can sit down and really talk? (cheering) I like her. I like Celine Dion a lot. I like her more than the music, ironically. I like the music, she’s got a beautiful voice but I don’t go for the sappy songs. When I feel sad, I wants to get down. There are only two songs that I can think of off the top of my head that I love them that are slow. One is Madonna, Crazy For You, oh my gosh, play that, I cry. Number two, Faith Evans. ♪ Soon as I get home ♪ Right? Other than that I like music. But speaking of Faith, Faith and Kim have announced that they’re going on tour. (cheering) Well, I think that this is a fabulous idea. Now you remember, Faith was married to Kim but Biggie was messing with both of ’em. And according to folklore messing with me too. It’ll all be played out on Lifetime. In my movie, I’m gonna put this to rest, okay. Anyhoo, Big. Alright, so here’s the deal. I’m giving you a teaser, you know I’m dramatic, okay. Yes, January, February of next year. On the way. Faith and Kim never had the great relationship because of Big in the middle and Kim poaching and Faith being married and me on the radio talking about it all, okay, but I think that this would be great. I come from that era, this would be a show that I would want to go see. I don’t wanna hear new music. Faith, I know you have a beautiful voice, I don’t want new music. Kim, I know you’re working on new music allegedly. You’ve been working on it for the last year. You canceled everything. You were supposed to be here on Wendy to promote and stuff. Like no one wanna bumble with the bee, that’s what we wanna hear! And girls, girls, don’t make it a world tour, you go for a few cities. And don’t make it big venues, you are not arena people, okay. You are not even big venue people. Now look, I’m laying it down the way people lay my stuff down. So come on now. Norman, what I’m thinking is like BB Kings. Right.
Which is here in New York and it holds 500 people, okay. Every last person in there will be a fan, you will get your standing ovation, people will be dressed like you, people will know all the words, people will throw down, get up, have a good time, but don’t make it too big, a thousand people is a bit much. 2,000 is overlooking, alright, okay. (audience applauding) Sorry. Watery mouth. So Roseanne Barr. (audience groaning) I know, she’s accused of being a racist and all that other kind of stuff. I still can’t put my finger on that because to be honest with you when you’re black it’s easy to call everyone a racist but Roseanne is a friend to the show. I like Roseanne, I think she just made a stupid set of choices, ignorant set of choices. We all know people that we like but they do ignorant things. I like Roseanne, I still do, so the Connors show that she’s been kicked off of but they probably give her a low key check behind the scenes to get her out, allegedly in my mind, Roseanne is being accused of having booty surgery. (laughing) To make it pop, okay. Well she’s 66 years old and I’m gonna show you the receipts. This is according to our friends at the Daily Mail. Look, she’s got a little black people in her, she’s carrying an MCM bag over here. My people love an MCM bag, right? (audience applauding) This all comes from our friends at the Daily Mail, who I love the Daily Mail, you all are so comical to me, but anyway they say that she never had a butt and now it seems as though she has a butt in the black leggings. Well I must admit, this right here is kind of concaved. Now, now, this right here, right here, looks a little suspect whereas you know at the top of your booty you have a muscle? There’s the muscle. The muscle is holding up the muscle. And then over here in the leggings you kind of see where the leggings have a little bit, maybe she got some fat removed from her belly or someplace and got fat transfer. I don’t know, Roseanne is saying that she’s gotten nothing. Now I must also tell you, and any woman knows who is on top of her legging game, which I love a good legging, I know them all, I know what they do for you, look, look, there are some leggings that can hoist the top of your thigh meat and pull it up and make it a booty. Look, look, look, plus she’s got a jacket around her waist which you do that to hide what you don’t want people to see and I just think that this is the same butt. Suzanne, what do you think? It’s hard to tell ’cause if she did get a booty job she should’ve put more in it, right? At the bottom, at the bottom. Yes.
At the bottom. To really let it pow-pow. Let it pop. But this certainly, you know it’s weird because most women look better in jeans than they do in leggings only ’cause jeans are more containing but this right here, this look like she borrowed these from Dan Connor. I don’t know. Well she’s 60–
66. 66, maybe it’s a Depends. I don’t know. (audience applauding) Friday’s are always a big deal here at Wendy, especially for me because I expect this weekend I’m going to get my kittens. (crowd saying “aww”) When I tell you their names, you’re gonna gag. I’m not telling you yet, I wanna make sure, no, no, no, no, sometimes you want something and you don’t get them. Until I see them in my home, my apartment, the three of us going it alone, then I will tell you their names but you’re gonna gag and I can tell you what, they’re better than Apple and who else, Chicago, Brooklyn, Oreo, whoever. No, no, no, I’ve invented new names, mm-hmm. So anyhoo, I wanna shout out to Kanye West. Hi, Kanye. And congratulations, he’s Forbes Magazine’s highest paid hiphop act for the first time in his career. Look, he beat out Jay Z and all them, he made 150 million dollars this year. Jay Z made 81 million dollars. So you didn’t just beat him, you stomped on him. Wow, wow. So speaking of money, are we playing this now? Yeah. During Hot Topics? Uh-huh, yeah. Okay, alright, well you know I love my people, I love to be in the streets, I love to give away money, not a lot! I’m frugal. But it’s time for another edition of Hot Topics For Cash. Hit it. (upbeat music) Season 11 of Wendy. I’ve got 11 dollars, we’re doing Hot Topics For Cash which I love. We are in Battery Park City. If you haven’t noticed, the legendary poof lives on. Okay girls, which rapper is leading the 2019 BET Awards with 10 nominations. You already know my girl, Cardi. Sean Mendez had a hot summer romance with which sexy senorita? Oh I know, he had a romance with Camila Cabello. Why you do this? You know, have you heard? I got 11 questions, special prize. Okay.
And here we go. All right. Who won MTV’s Artist of the Year? Ariana Grande. Good, which Jersey Shore member just got released from prison? Mike the Situation. What’s Rihanna’s new fashion line called. Savage X Fenty.
Mm-hmm. What season is Keeping Up With The Kardashians in? And go!
22! 48? (buzzer buzzing) 17! Which Bachelorette is now on Dancing With The Stars? Hannah Brown. Kim K’s new fashion line?
Skim. Which female star is in talks to perform at the Super Bowl?
J-Lo. You’re good, Nicole. We’re playing Hot Topics For Cash, it’s the 11th season of Wendy, I’ve got $11. (horn blowing) Oh my. Sir, did you just break wind. (laughing) What fast food trend swept the nation this summer? Oh, Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Alright, we’re playing guess who’s panty shorts. Let’s do it. If you really watch, then you know who this is. Come on, let’s be real, look at the legs, it’s Wendy Williams, duh! And away we go! That is J-Lo. You are a Wendy watcher. That is Beyonce!
You’re right! Hot Girl Summer, who sings? Meg The Stallion. Tell me Taylor Swift’s new album, go! Lover. How you doing?
I’m doing good. Well you only have three dollars and change. Well, you trying to give me a little something some? As a matter of fact I happen to have a wad if you play my theme song, hit it! (violinist playing theme song) Woop-woop, shout it out. Here’s your $11.
Oh my goodness, thank you. Damn, I gotta do it better? Yeah, you were supposed to splash it around. I gotta make it rain in there. Obviously you don’t go to the strip club. One more, but it’s complicated. Okay. Name all three Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe and Kevin. Got a special prize for you. Do you, Wendy? Oh my gosh, my very own poof? From the grocery store to the White House. Well that’s it, Hot Topics For Cash. I’m keeping this $11 for me. I love you for watching. (audience applauding) More great show for you everybody. Up next a Hot Talk panel is here to break down the hottest topics of the week. Oh my foot’s asleep, damn it, man. Including Felicity Huffman and the sentencing. Grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) (crowd singing “woop-woop”) Okay, it’s time for another edition of Hot Talk, I love this, joining me from Hollywood Unlocked is my friend Jason Lee. Also from Hollywood Holler dot com is Nikki Boyer. She’s back. And please welcome legal analyst and contributor at Essence Magazine, Midwin Charles, hi Midwin. Hi! Alright gang, look, so Felicity Huffman was sentenced to two weeks in prison, a $30,000 fine and 250 hours of community service in her role in the college scandal. Midwin, you’re a legal analyst. Is the punishment fitting the crime? Well listen, I think it’s important to first talk about the black women who are sitting in jail right now because they enrolled. You have Tanya McDowell, you have Kelley Williams Bolar, they were both sentenced to about five years in jail. One of them, it was reduced to 10 days out of outcry and I think that at the end of the day, listen, all three of these women, including Felicity Huffman, did something wrong. They violated the law. The issue is how do we hold these women accountable. Two million dollars in fine, no jail time. I changed my mind, no jail time ’cause jails are crowded but you do your community service on the campus of the school that you tried to get your daughter into that didn’t qualify, right? Yes, I say– You pick up cigarette butts, you clean graffiti, you wear an orange jumpsuit. Exactly, or I say community service at an underprivileged school. So Felicity Huffman understands, she needs to do 5,000 hours of community service in Compton. Well I personally think it’s hilarious. This has been the most comedic story that we’ve written about at Hollywood Unlocked because now with Aunt Becky getting ready to go down, white people are fighting over the imbalance of the justice system and it’s hilarious because we’ve been experiencing it for a long time. There is a systematic problem with our judicial system. You look like a pinup girl, by the way. I look like a what, a pinup girl? Fabulous! Real sexy. Go ahead. Alright there is a systematic problem with our judicial system. There just absolutely is and instead of raising our fists about Felicity needs more jail time we need to look at the people like Tanya McDowell, they need less jail time, we need to change the conversation that is happening here and I do agree her 250 hours should be spent getting the Tanya McDowell’s out of jail and back with their sons. Or working on the side of the freeway. Right. Wait, what? I would love to see her picking up trash on the freeway. But I think at the end of the day this is about access to quality education and the two black women were trying to get their kids into a better school. And we’ve all known people who change zip codes. I did.
Exactly, and, oh honey. And Felicity Huffman is wealthy, she’s rich, her kids already had an advantage. She wanted more and that’s wrong. That’s wrong to cheat the system that way. Look, I think she did do what every mother should do. She fought hard to get her kids the best that she could and if I had the money I would have did it. But it’s illegal.
Why not? It’s illegal just so you know. I mean what isn’t? What isn’t! Okay let’s move on. So recently Fantasia Barrino, who we love here on this show, she’s often wrapped up in stuff but she’s married now for like three years but she says that most single women are single because they’re unwilling to submit to a man in a relationship. (audience groaning) Nikki? I think this is a little old fashioned, I’m just gonna go out there and say that. Listen, there are stereotypes that go on in my house. I don’t like to take the trash out. Guess what, my man does it. He sucks at mopping the floors. He’s bad at it so I do it. But when it comes down to submitting and using words like submitting. I don’t like the word. That’s a little weird, do you think it was just semantics or do you think she really believes that? Well she’s from below the Mason Dixon line and sometimes the beliefs when you’re from down south, hi, southern people, they’re a little bit different but I have to say my parents have been married for 62 years. My Mom is sexy, she had a career but she did know how to cater to my father and I come from her and I must say I don’t mind being submissive. Well Wendy, I have to confess, this was one of the reasons why I left my girlfriend. The other reason, I was gay. (laughing) You should’ve lead with that, you should’ve lead with that. But that was one of the reasons. It should’ve been the first reason. But you know, you came to my birthday party, you know how I get down. Yes, but I thought you were gold star gay. Well I dated, I dip in dude, but I got up out of them. Okay, got up out of there. But Wendy was at my birthday party. I introduced her to both my husband and my boyfriend. At the same time! And they were both equally good looking! So in my house the problem is that we’re all trying to be heads of state and everybody’s trying to be in control, so all I need is for one person to be in control. Well obviously it’s you. I think in a marriage, whatever floats your boat works. So long as you’re not being emotionally abused, financially abused, physically abused, you do you. However, however I think where I differ is, and I love Fantasia, love her, love her, love her, but where I think I disagree with her is this sort of idea that everybody should do this. I think that if it works for you, you do it, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Yeah, she made a broad statement. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah. I feel like it always should be a dance. We should be figuring it out as we go but when you start making sort of blanket statements that’s when you get in trouble and that’s when you– Because in relationships, some people take on different roles. You could take on the masculine role and not be the man, you can take on the feminine role and not be the woman, so it depends on whatever works for you. I love wearing the pants. And I love not wearing the pants. Whoa, hey now. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Hey-oh! And if the wife has a shoe addiction though she can also make you guys homeless because then you can’t pay the rent because she’s out at Saks. You know! But if she makes more money than you then she can do what she wants. Get out of here. That part.
That part. Okay, so do you guys know Jeff Lewis? Yes.
Yes. Okay, love him. So Jeff Lewis got his three year old daughter Monroe, we talked about this, expelled from school yesterday on Hot Topics because he mocked the school and the rules on his radio show and so people were pissed. Jeff said that Monroe, his daughter, shouldn’t have to suffer because of his behavior. He begged to stay in school, the girl, and they said no, she’s out. They said too bad.
She’s only two. She’s two. Do you think that she should suffer for his behavior? I do.
Of course not. You do?
You do? You think she should suffer? Yup, yup.
Why do you say that? Because he’s a first time parent and parents sometimes need to know how to hold their heads to better their kids. I get that but why should a two year old be the victim? First of all, she’s two, she’ll never remember. I agree with that. People are like she’s gonna remember. She doesn’t remember anything, she’s two! Well let’s be clear though– Should we cancel the two year old? I know cancel culture is the thing now, but why the two year old? This is rich people problems. This is why I’m an advocate for public school. I did so much dirt in school that I should’ve been kicked. Having my brothers come and jump teachers, cheating, stealing.
Teachers? Listen, let’s keep moving. That’s illegal too by the way. (laughing) The point is this girl is in that house with her Dad every day, she knows he’s an ass. So why should she be in trouble for that? If anybody’s gonna get their kid expelled it would be Jeff Lewis, he’s got a big mouth, he can be a little bit aggressive. I love him for it. All of us though have talked about the school that our kids have gone to but we talk about it around the kitchen table whether it’s too much homework or we don’t like the principal or we don’t want to go to parent-teacher night, but to get it on the radio, that makes it bad for everybody and I just feel like you have to hold your tongue. So maybe you ban him from all PTA meetings forever, you know what I mean? But why cancel the two year old? Or just transfer his kid to Dyckman and let it go to public school and have a great life like me! (audience applauding) By the way, Jason is not wearing a wig. I’ve asked him several times and also rooted him. That is all his hair. And if you look at her Instagram I bought her an iPhone so she needs to start using that ’cause she hasn’t and she refuses to give it up. This is Hot Talk! (laughing) So there’s this plastic surgery trend. It’s called getting rid of resting bitchy face. So the woman right there, same woman, in the black she has the resting bitchy face, in the right she’s went to a lunchtime procedure with the injectables and needles and stuff and lifted it ever so delicately. I think she looks the same in both. She does, she does. I never thought resting bitch face existed. I thought it was just like people were just unhappy and using it as an excuse but she looks better, I think. I think she looks significantly better. But you know who gives the best resting bitch face that without it my mornings would be boring? Here we go.
Wendy Williams. Oh!
Oh really? (cheering) Nobody does it better so I’m completely against this procedure. Well my thing is I’m from Brooklyn, born and raised. Resting bitch face can save your life. It really can. This idea that you would get rid of it is crazy. But I don’t think it comes from the mouth, I think it comes from the eyes. It’s the whole face. It’s the face, ’cause look at her, she’s mad! She looks like she’s mad at her kids and then she looks like she just had a date night. Wherever you live, you need that. When you get on a train, when you don’t want dude to talk to you. Imagine of resting bitch face was all the time. When someone tries you you just put that– What if you’re at the strip club? ‘Cause that happened to me last night. I was giving resting bitch face to the dancer and they couldn’t get the point that I didn’t want to give them any more money. So finally I was like no, this is over, the dance is done, the song has changed, move on. You know what’s crazy about this? It only lasts–
Where was your husband? Where was your boyfriend? Who knows? It only lasts for two years. He was working on boyfriend number two. Three. So I’m concerned when this starts to wear off does it go from resting bitchier face and then it’s resting bitchiest face I’ve ever seen in my life? You get a young person who’s a professional to do it so that person will still be alive, you get redone in two years, you save your money. Once you’re in you have to stay in. I guess that it’s my understanding that people are doing this because they work in certain industries where they have to have a pleasant look on their face, right? No, I think that people are sometimes born with that. And in Los Angeles with the Botox, there’s no way. Maybe it’s Maybelline. And the older you get, the marionette lines draw down like this and you know you look all pissed all the time. There’s something to be said for it but all I say is a smile leads the way. That’s what I’m saying, just smile. But eyes do everything. See I could smile but. I’m just concerned ’cause now I wonder do I have resting bitch face and I don’t know it, nobody’s told me?
Not yet, we’ll let you know. Okay, good. Oh no, no, no, no, no, she did have resting bitch face backstage when I said you got cards. Yeah, that’s a good one. He makes fun of me because I do my homework. Thank you all for being here. Nikki, always good to see you. Jason, we’ll talk later. And thank you so much to you Midwin, I love your name. Thank you. For more information on today’s panelists go to Wendy Show dot com, Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) (audience singing “woop-woop”) Welcome back. Time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a set except for you. You know I saw you when the double doors opened. (screaming) You look like the cutest cherub ever, where are you, who are you? I’m LaEbony and I wanna be your nail technician. La-Ebony?
Yes. Mm-hmm, where you from? I’m from Daytona Beach, how you doing? How you doing? And what do you do? Nails?
I do nails. Okay, lemme see yours. There you go.
No thank you. I usually do manicures for other people. No, those years have passed me, darling. Got you, okay well– I’m nubby-ing and frailed. But I got you, I can fix you. Okay, how you doing? I’m good.
Good. My question is I have a friend that wants to do nails actually. Uh oh.
I know. I’ve been doing ’em for 13 years and she came to me and asked me to teach her. Well the issue comes in is I teach on Sundays and Mondays. You need to get paid. I do. She comes into my salon and stands over and she watches– For free.
For free. Okay, go ahead. I feed my kids by these $750 classes. Go ahead.
How do I tell her? Tell her the way, show her this clip. You need to pay your friend. You need to pay your friend, it’s unfair for you to get for free. Okay.
Okay, you got it? Got it. But your dress, it’s just so cute. Thank you.
You’re very welcome, okay. Come on over, how you doing? How you doing? What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? My name is Monica, I’m from Connecticut. Monica. And I teach English internationally. Okay.
Yes I do. So about six years ago I had a pretty nasty breakup with an ex boyfriend.
How old are you? I’m 32.
Okay, okay. And I just recently moved back to the east coast and he recently noticed on social media so he asked me to come visit. Where does he live?
In Long Island. Alright, right here. So because it’s close I thought okay, maybe I should but even though I’m not interested in pursuing a relationship with him, I would be very interested in pursuing a hook up with him. So is that wrong of me to go visit just for that? You’re grown but you need to assess his situation. Is he secretly married, does he have children of his own, how old is he? He is my age, I have no idea what he’s doing with his life I haven’t heard from him. The sex was that good?
Phenomenal. (cheering) You could do it once or twice but by the third time you could be back in. You know what I mean, you’re a girl. Don’t try to be tough. Once or twice sounds fair– Now I see you got the nose piercing, you’re trying to be tough, by the time you get slayed a third time you might be back in. I hear you, Wendy.
So be careful. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
We’re grown, good luck. Thank you. Up next, Wendy, What’s Good? Keep it here. (upbeat music) (audience singing “woop-woop”) Well, it’s time for Wendy, What’s Good? This is where you ask me questions about stuff that maybe I haven’t explained so much. So our first one’s from Brenda, she’s in Chicago and she says Wendy, what’s good? Congratulations on season 11, but girl I think it’s time you by a new phone. Your videos with Tiffany Haddish and Kim Kardashian are so blurry, are you getting a new phone soon? Well you know what, first of all everyone and Brenda, I like the phone I have. It happens to be a Samsung and the pictures might be blurry then you squint. Otherwise I won’t participate and that’s that. Jason Lee who was just here in Hot Talk, he bought me an iPhone, like a really fancy one, but I haven’t opened the box, it’s still in my dresser, I’m looking at it like eh. I’m not involved, I don’t care, Brenda, thank you. (audience applauding) Oh yes, oh yes, this is more important to me than a phone. Look, look, look, look, okay. Click, click, click. Alright the next one comes from Brittany in New Jersey. Wendy, what’s good? My 30th birthday is coming up next month, I’m obsessed with your hot pink poof. Thank you! I’m celebrating with friends on a party bus and I wanna look really good, can I borrow it? Yes, you can! Okay, here’s the deal. I got lots of pictures in my pink poof. You make sure you take lots of pictures at your party with the pink poof and don’t forget to mail it back or I will send James to get you. Enjoy it, I’ll send it to you, yes. My gosh, the pink poof is gonna travel like Shakeitha. Season one, two, and three. Okay, last one, Wendy, what’s good? This is from James in Atlanta, Wendy, what’s good? While you were on hiatus DMX challenge went viral. Celebrities like Halle Barry, Carrie Washington created videos of themselves in different looks using the DMX song What These Bitches Want. Are you down for the challenge? Well, I’m down for whatever. (cheering) Take a look. (“What These Bitches Want” by DMX) ♪ There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia (okay) ♪ ♪ Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia (ooh) ♪ ♪ Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki (uh-huh) ♪ ♪ Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky (damn) ♪ ♪ Cookies, well I met her in a ice cream parlor (aight?) ♪ ♪ Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla (okay) ♪ ♪ Marina (uhh) Selena (uhh) Katrina (uhh) Sabrina (uhh) ♪ ♪ About three Kim’s (WHAT?) LaToya, and Tina (WHOO!) ♪ (cheering) Thank you for sharing. Listen, if you got a Wendy, What’s Good comment, question for me go to Wendy show dot com, nothing’s too big, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (audience singing “woop-woop”) We’re back. It’s time to reveal our Eye Candy of the Day. You all look really spectacular so don’t get your feelings in a bunch. I only have one diva fan, it says how you doing, drum roll please. (drumming) Today’s Eye Candy winner is Chanel Verenz, come on down. Yes, so cute, so cute. Here’s your diva fan.
Thank you. I love this, come on over, I love the mustard. Thank you.
Look at the people. Talk about it. Hello, my name is Chanel, I’m from San Francisco, how you dong?
What do you do? I’m a personal banker. You got the baby hair pumped and everything. Yeah! Okay, talk about your jumpsuit and your handbag and your shoes and stuff. Absolutely, so this is my bag, this is $39. I got this nice little romper, mustard, 40. And then I got these little shoes, $30. Everything under 100 bucks? Yeah! There’s your diva fan, Chanel, we’ll be right back. Thank you. (audience singing “woop-woop”) (upbeat music) Now, excuse me. Everything you want to know about the Wendy Show is available right now at Wendy Show dot com. The Hot Topics, celebrity interviews, a lot of exclusive stuff, alright. See it first, see it now, only at Wendy Show dot com. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (audience singing “woop-woop”) So I want to thank all my guests today. My co-hosts, my studio audience, stop bothering me about my phone, okay. (laughing) I will be who I am and if you like it then you’ll be here on Monday for a full hour of juicy Hot Topics. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye bye. (upbeat music) (audience singing “woop-woop”) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Nice.

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