Earthquake News Report – SNL

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  1. I love how it's in Sacramento and 4-pointer did so much damage, lol. I hope people realize that's a giant joke also.
    EDIT: For clarity, California architecture is designed to withstand up to 7.0-ish earthquakes, so such a minor jerk of an earthquake would have done pretty much nothing unless that was a really really crappy building.

  2. I couldn't help wondering why the woman doctor looked so familiar and then it dawned on me – it's the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!!

  3. 4.3 is just normal in here e.g. North East part of India. We have to experience 6.0+ every 6 or more months average which are terrifying, I mean the way our houses shake and water moves.

  4. I think they forgot about the kid that also made it out of the legal change of name building, I think his name was “Weto Lo”

  5. Nigar (also spelt Nigaar, Negar, Negaar) is a female name in Iran & South Asia.
    It is pronounced like cigar. I think it's a beautiful name that unfortunately sounds close to the racial slur.

  6. Could you imagine walking into class as a new student and saying “ Hello my name is Holden “Tu”diks and I shall be your new student!”

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