Buying Weed for the First Time (feat. Brandon Rogers) – Cody Sucks

(doorbell rings) – Okay.
– Okay. – Maybe you should go. – Maybe you should go.
– No, no, no. Yeah. – It’s your place.
– Oh, yeah. But it’s like, your guy. – (in unison) Come in! – Hello? I just let myself
in, I hope that’s cool. – Hey!
– Hi, hi. We’d like to uh, we’d like
to buy some drugs, please. (laughs) – Yeah, I can help you with
that, some drugs, no problem. – Yeah, you know, we’re
lookin’ to just kind of get like, a grip of,
kind of like the, chubbychubbychubbychubbywubbype. – You know, like,
corn, to roll up our debbiedodabbydobwasle. – Don’t get it twisted. (scoffs) – Um, it’s cool guys,
like, you don’t have to talk in code or anything,
like, I’m in your apartment. Obviously none of
us are cops, so… – What’d he say, cops?
– Did he just say cops? – I think he said cops.
– Who the fuck is this guy? – Is he a cop? – You guys cool? – Cool as a clam! – Clam
– Cumber – Comecu
– Cucumber – Cumber
– Clamcumber – (laughing) Okay. (doorbell rings) – Oh god, that must
be the other guy. – Oh yes, he’s here.
– That’s our guy! – The other guy?
What do you mean? – Yeah, well, we just kinda
wanted to do our due diligence, you know, get kinda
like a lay of the land. – ‘Sup? – ‘Sup?
– ‘Sup? – ‘Sup?
– ‘Sup? – ‘Sup? – Who’s this guy? – Sellin’ them some weed. – Well, I’m doing
the same thing. – We aren’t just
gonna call one person. – Ah, gettin’ the
lay of the land. – It’s kinda just like,
smart business, man. – Right. – Kinda just like
smart business, man. – Yeah, well I was
kinda here first, so… – You were, and first the
worst, second the best. Let’s do this! – That’s not really… – Oh ho ho, what is this, some
sorta like ganja chat room? – Is it? – Uh, let us try, and then
I’ll get the chewybooz – Just a little bit, come on. – Uh, try? That’s not
really how this works. Yeah. – What about you? You
seem cool and handsome. (laughing together) – Eh, sure, why not? – [Buyer] You really gotta
get with the times, dude. I mean whatya doin’, no samples? Even Costco gives samples. – Come on!
– Ya kiddin’ me? I mean, it’s a wide
open market man. When Amazon gets in the
game, you’re gonna be crushed with stuff
like that, dude. – Fine. No, no, no, it’s
good, you’re cool, fine. Here ya are. (catches bottle) – Yeah, good. – Oh…oh god! – How is it? – Smells like ass!
Smells like my ass! – Ooooh, that’s not good. – Shut the fuck up. – That’s a fail for the
sniff test, not a good sign. – Let’s see how high this
bad boy really gets me. (sniffs) (chewing) – What are you doing? – I think the brownie got bad. – I need to try this. – What the fuck are you doing? (scoffs) – Um, we’re trying to
get toasted off corn but your stuff tastes like drag! – You don’t just eat weed! That’s not how you test
if weed is good or not. – You know what dude, straw
that broke the camel’s back. – Mhmm. – Honestly, you’re a cho, okay! Your customer service
sucks and your cheeba, fucking stinky as fuck. So, uh, yeah, you, do
you have any brownies? – I got brownies. – Good. – So, yeah dude, why
don’t you bail, bro? First of all,
you’re ugly as fuck. – Oh yeah? – Second of all, we’re fine
without your bad vibes, okay? I think we’ll be
a-just-a-fine without ’em. – Fuck this, fuck you guys. Fuck you. You all suck. (soft music playing) – You gonna be okay? (vomiting) – Thank you for watching! I’m Brandon Rogers and if
you thought I was so funny, well then check out these
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52 thoughts on “Buying Weed for the First Time (feat. Brandon Rogers) – Cody Sucks”

  1. I’ve just realized that I don’t relate to any of these so that’s why I don’t immediately laugh. God I’m so lame.

  2. Friend visited Las Vegas, wanted to buy some weed, he was told by a stranger to give him the money, give him five minutes then to come outside for the deal… Bust my gut when he moaned the guy had gone! 😂😂😂 🌿

  3. "Is it?" Had me screaming laughing, thank you Brandon Rogers xD <3
    Been following your career from the start, and I'm PROUD to see you on Comedy Central. We're extremely similar. Linkin Park was my first band too. ;D

  4. YouTube shows me this video uploaded 15 minutes ago
    There's guy who commented 40 minutes ago

    YouTube are asking for this

  5. That's all for #BrandonRogersWeek! Thanks for watching, and if you missed any of the week's videos, you can catch them all right here:

  6. Love your content Brandon !! I was lucky enough to see you and meet you on your comedy tour! One of the best content makers out there!!

  7. I really dislike this guys face and you've been showing it a lot lately.

    Don't suggest this channel again ✔

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