BLACK WIDOW Weird Trailer 4K – 60fps Version by Aldo Jones | MCU FUNNY SPOOF PARODY

How you doin’? NATASHA: I used to have nothing. And then I got this job… I tought you were dead. It’s a prequel, Cap. This family… Oh, goddamn! Come on, girl,
let me get one little peek, Don’t be cruel,
Come on, just one butt cheek, Pull that a*s out and make it clap, Sorry, but you’ve been in front
of that mirror for 20 minute, now. Can you, please, leave? But nothing lasts forever. THADDEUS: I heard you had to leave in a hurry. NATASHA: It’s never easy these days. ♪♪ Are you in charge here? THADDEUS: So what are you going to do? NATASHA: I’ve lived a lot of lives… But I’m done running from my past. Eeeh… Meow? Wait! Don’t… Showtime, Mama. Look at your fine self. I bet you have on a thong
made of Licorice, don’t you? NATASHA: We have unfinished business. We have to go back to where it all started. YELENA: Lucky us. NATASHA: One thing’s for sure… It’s gonna be a hell of a reunion. Fix this damn door. ALEXEI: Still fits. You need a new suit.
That much is certain. Family… Back together again. MELINA: You got fat. Judge me by my size, do you? Huh? ♪♪ You can fly. Aldo Jones’s
Weird Trailer

100 thoughts on “BLACK WIDOW Weird Trailer 4K – 60fps Version by Aldo Jones | MCU FUNNY SPOOF PARODY”

  1. Honestly who else thinks Aldo Jones's taskmaster looks better than the one in the real black widow trailer?

  2. Marvel: Releases another trailer

    Aldo jones has entered the chat

    Other trailers that ain't marvel exists

    Aldo jones has left the chat

  3. 0:44
    Thaddeus: Heard you had to leave in a hurry.
    Natasha: It’s never easy these days.
    Thaddeus: Probably because of Bully Magurie.

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