Best Flipkart Kids Ad of 2016 – Funny Videos

Hey Bro! Flipkart Big Diwali Sale… got new speakers. Party Cold drinks on me bro. Even I got a new fridge. Bro even I got a smartphone. To call the police. [Hi five] Cracking offers for everyone on Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 25th to 28th October. Found it. This mind blowing watch. For that arrogant boss. Arey.. It’s his fairwell. There is Flipkart sale. It will cost us less. Big Big Discounts. And if you are lucky, your shopping is free. Hey. Should we write on card. Boss.. You are priceless. Flipkart Big shopping days. December 18th to 31st. It’s a win win offer. Standard deduction. Medical. TDS. PF. Swatch tax. Your salary slip is correct. What Sir! I got promotion and salary got reduced. I wanted buy a designer bag for my wife. Diwali gift. Then take.. take. How? Mishra. Its not what money you make. But what you make of the money. India’s biggest sale is around the corner. Flipkart’s Big Billion Day. For a small amount you spend. You will get this much. Flipkart Big Billion Days are back. 2nd to 6th October. For a small amount you can get something huge. What’s in the package? Bed sheet with checks. Wait till we check. Arey. Ma’am never trust online shopping. Why? If you order checks they will give polka dots. If you ask for a building they will give you a barren land. This is Flipkart assured item. Means six quality checks. Duffer! Bed sheet is her’s but she washed you. Shopping is assured. When you see Flipkart assured. Ordering shoes, sir. Sherdil [Meaning: Having heart of a Lion] I am not Sherdil, you are sir. Online shopping?! You have to check a lot o things before ordering. I do only one check “Flipkart Assured”. They do six quality checks. OMG. Do you also want…. shoes? Shopping is sure when you see “Flipkart Assured” Sir the shoes came so soon. My birthday is also approaching. Its day after tomorrow. Fast delivery sure. When you see Flipkart assured. Mukund sir you are buying latest mobile phone. So if I could get your old phone. I am getting this exchanged on Flipkart. They will give the best price and will provide door step pick up. Exchange. Easy exchange only on Flipkart. The address for latest smart phones. Sir. Your junior is buying a better mobile than your are. Mukund. How? He is getting it at no cost EMI. Said, who will wait for the increment? Huh! I will order it right away. You will not get it at Mastaan’s shop sir. Why? Only on Flipkart exclusive. Should I add sugar today? The tea might taste bitter. No cost EMI. Only on Flipkart. The correct address for latest smart phones. Vishambhar Das! Stand up! Answer me. If Subhash gets a 250 litre fridge by working for 100 hours. How much does need to work to get a 350 litre fridge. Sir, 0 hours Flipkart’s Big Billion Day is coming up. What’s that? Arey.. Every kid knows that.. Sir. India’s biggest sale. Flipkart’s Big Billion Day. Now for a small spend you can get a lot of items. Flipkart big billion days are back. 2nd to 6th October. It takes less than a second to subscribe. Hit Like if you like our work or let us know how can we improve in comments section. Thanks for watching the video till end. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  2. Please avoid #flipkart #diwali or any other sale, as you can see, they are heavily into cheating… they send me dead-on-arrival #panasonic Eluga ray 700 phone for Rs. 10000 and spoilt my festival spirit/mood

  3. oh my god . first wala ad mai repeat kar kar ke dekhi. usmey woh " coldrinks on me bro ' wala bachhe ne tattoo bhi kiya hai. sooo awesome

  4. man that first add though, and the flipkart mobile exchange with the flipkart assured adds with the watchmen adds are sure repeats….wow……

  5. Flipkart me Mobile insurance lene se pahle sochna ke pash kabhi nahi hoga mail karege ke coll kuch bhi nahi hoga baki….. app mi mobile lyo 💯 pash hoga insurance

  6. फ्लिपकार्ट ने मुझे धोखा दिया है wrong product delivered me and return request rejected five time

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