Anna Kendrick’s Sketchy House Party – After Hours with Josh Horowitz

– Oh.
– Ooh! – Oh! Ha! In your face. In your face! – This is not my game, guys. – At least you finally came over. – By the way, the house is amazing. And it’s so you. – Thank you, it is so me. – Mind if I get another? – Of course, let me show you the way. – You guys need anything? – Oh, they don’t need anything. Actually, if they speak, I’ll murder them. (laughter) Okay, right this way, sir. – Nice. – Let’s see. Oh, they’ve got everything. – Who’s they? – Uh, they? – You just said, “They’ve got everything.” – I said, “We’ve got everything.” Like, we are at a party, we
are hungry, we want snacks. Let’s get snacks. (clattering) – Did you just move in? – Huh-uh. – Do you want some help? – Nope! I’m good, Josh. – I’m gonna hit the john,
maybe, how ’bout that? – Okay, great. It’s that way. It’s that way, it’s that way. (sinister violins swell) (ominous music) – This isn’t the bathroom, Josh. – Is this your house? – Of course it is! (phone rings) – [Blake Lively] Hey,
you’ve reached the Reynolds. We’re away for the next month, and our house is entirely locked up. No one’s there and no one’s
checking voicemails or anything. So, sorry if it takes us a
while to get back to you. Take care, buh-bye! (voicemail beep) – I can explain. – I don’t believe you. – I haven’t even said anything yet, Josh! God, what do you think? You think I tied up Blake and Ryan, and like, what, just threw
them in their own closet? – I didn’t, until you just said that. What did you do to them? Are they okay? – Josh, big movie stars loan each other their houses all the time. (muffled voices and thumping against door) – What was that? – That was Alexa. Alexa? Please shut the fuck up! – Nope, nope, nope. I’m outta here.
– Josh! No, Josh, no, come on. I can explain. Something. God! (sigh) (thumping and muffled sounds) Can you just be quiet, please? I’m thinking. And like, the next time that
I bake cookies for the crew, don’t bake better cookies
for them the next day. We wouldn’t even be in this situation. (jazzy elevator music)

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