Life is full of obstacles. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell those obstacles to move 5 steps in the other direction? Today, we’re stretching our imaginations to expand our idea of problem solving By telling them to take a minor detour. And hopefully, we won’t have more problems than we started with! We’re doing the 5-step challenge! Yes! I’ve been waiting all week for this new episode! The bachelor is finally gonna give his last rose! Ugh, do you really have to talk on the phone right now, Emily? I said 125 Cambridge street, not 129 Cambridge street! Wait, what did he just say? I can’t hear anything! Okay, sit down! Geez, Emily’s really getting riled up on this call. Emily! Woah! Can you not? SHH! I’M ON THE PHONE! Fine. Then I’m whipping out the 5 steps card, okay? Yep, and take that phone with you! Seriously? Ugh, you’re so dramatic, Olivia, I can’t take it! That’s right! Move it along, girl. three, four and five! I’m just gonna close this to keep the noise out. Byeeee! But it’s getting cold out here! Finally! Let’s get down to business! Oh hello, Mr. handsome bachelor! Woah, what happened? I must’ve fallen asleep! Where’s Emily? EMILY! I totally forgot I put you outside! I’M. SO. COLD. Oh no, I’m sorry! You can come in now! Thank you… Alright! It’s time to pump some iron! We totally got this, right?! Ooh! I can sit down on this machine! I got this. Selfie or it didn’t happen! Right, Jess? Ooh, no one take any pictures of Olivia! Why workout when you can just drink a healthy smoothie? Ick, this stuff tastes like straight up blended grass! Oh man! Is this workout almost over? I need to take a water break ASAP! Hey Jess, did you even work out yet? Olivia’s been sweating her poor little butt off this whole time! Hey Mr. Muscles! Need a hand with those weights? Um, excuse me? Mind taking 5 steps that-a way so I can actually get some exercise here? Whatever, it smells in here anyway. Is this far enough for you? Oh yeah, let me help you… Wait, you didn’t say I had to exercise! Olivia? Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh here? Well, Jess, looks like you’re going to break a sweat after all! Woah! Look at those legs go! Woah!! Whoops! Looks like Jess has a bad case of jelly legs! That’s definitely gonna hurt tomorrow. Hey girl! Fancy meeting you here! You look great, Emily! Especially those — shoes… Yikes! Looks like we have a twinning situation on our hands! These are my shoes! That’s only because you copied my look. Well at times like this, there’s only one way to settle things. A-ha! Beat you to the punch, Olivia. Aw man! You’ve got to be kidding me! Have a nice walk that way! Looks like Olivia is taking a little detour to her destination this afternoon. Ooh, walking in heels in the grass is the absolute worst! Steady, Olivia! Watch your step! Woah, I definitely didn’t see that coming! Gross! Now I don’t even want these stupid shoes anymore! Just when I thought things couldn’t get even funnier. And just like that, karma arrived to take Emily down. Oh no! My brand new shoes! Parties may seem like a relaxing past time, but we all know it’s about scoping the hotties. Yep! Cutie at 12 o’clock! He’s totally waving at you, Jess! Or is he waving at Olivia? hmm…it’s kind of hard to tell, isn’t it? Hey! Get your hand out of my fave, Jess! Well stop getting in my way then! Yeah, you’re gonna have to take a few steps away from here, girl. Yep. That way. No! That’ll lead me right into the pool! Okay, I have to do what you say. I bet Jess is really wishing she hadn’t gotten her hair done this afternoon. Just two more steps… Ugh, just get it over with. Oh man, I sure hope that pool is heated. I can’t believe she actually did it! Well, problem solved, I guess. Now onto more exciting things… Hi handsome! Wait, what? Who the heck is that broad? Is it just me or did she swoop in from out of nowhere? Well that was expected. Well, all of that was for nothing. And you’re taking this dress to the dry cleaners tomorrow. Every woman knows the horror of waiting in line to use the ladies room. No matter what time of day it is there always seems to be a wait! Ugh, it’s gonna be like 20 minutes till I get in there! I really gotta go! Okay, we’re finally making headway, here. Yes! I’m only one person away from sweet, glorious release! Okay, just hold it a little big longer! Almost there. Woah! Olivia’s here and she looks like she’s about to explode! You mind if I hop ahead? This is so unfair! I know exactly how to solve this problem. Girl, you’re gonna have to wait a little bit longer! Oh man! That’s just cruel! Yes! I’m finally up next! Okay, out of my way! I took my five steps. Can I please go to the bathroom now? Seriously?! I have to wait in line all over again! This is so unfair. So for my birthday party next month, I’m thinking of filling the room full of balloons and going with a pink bubblegum theme… Woah, check out that guy over there! Hate to break it to you Jess, but your friend isn’t listening to a thing you’re saying. So that’s what’s distracting Olivia. You’re obviously more interested in him so why not go over there? Aw, he’s smiling at you, Olivia! Okay, it’s official, you’re totally smitten. If you’re too shy to go over there, I’m gonna give you a little help. Alright Olivia, I’m serving you with the 5 step card. Hello? Over here! Just go. Trust me, I’m doing you a massive favor. Right now? Wish me luck! Aw, look! Something tells me this is the beginning of a beautiful love story. This just proves that taking chances is always worth it in the end — especially for a cute guy. Even if that means you needed a little push to do it. Wish you could use the 5 step card in real life? Well, check out this behind-the-scenes action for a strong dose of reality! And don’t forget to share this hilarious video with your friends! But before you go, be sure to subscribe to 123 Go Challenge’s YouTube channel so you never miss out on our awesome content!


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  3. olivia: uh excuse me mind by taking a f step forward so I can workout
    jess:what ever it smells in here anyway
    me: laughing just because of jess haha

  4. 4:07 If they new sooner the guy is waving at a different girl then they never have fall for him 4:53

  5. 5:44 That is so cruel the girl with the yullow shirt waites like 20 minutes and another girl didin't wait even a minute

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