Welcome to Top10Archive! Without parents, there would be nobody to
cart around a dozen children to the latest kidcom playing at the local movie theater. So, it’s only fair that the writers think
of the poor adults stuck watching 120 minutes of adolescent humor and throw in a little
something that only they would, or rather should, understand. 10. The Invisible Man’s Small Problem (Hotel
Transylvania) Think a movie like Hotel Transylvania is only
for children? While the cartoon versions of our favorite
mythological monsters is definitely aimed towards a younger demographic, it’s not
without its nods towards a more adult audience. Take, for instance, the scene where the Invisible
Man goes for a dip in the pool and experiences a rather common dilemma among men. That’s right, kids are sure to miss this
little nod to biology, one that all grown men in the theater could relate to. 9. Casey’s Confusion (Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles) What could possibly be snuck into a more adolescent
take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a comic book series that was actually known
for being a little dark? In an offbeat nod to adult humor, a conversation
between hockey mask-wearing Casey Jones and Donatello sees Jones confused by the word
“claustrophobic.” When accused of claustrophobia, Jones retorts
that he’s never looked at another guy before, alluding to his confusion of being accused
of being a homosexual. 8. The Whoville Key Party (How the Grinch Stole
Christmas) Those kooky Whovians, enjoying their holiday
parties just a little too much, throwing parties that only adults outside of the Dr. Seuss
realm would know about. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Remember when the wide-eyed baby Grinch is
stuck outside a windowsill peering into a joyous affair? Whovians were tossing keys into a bowl, a
common practice on one of two occasions: either when someone is expecting to drink too much
or for a key party, which we’ll leave you to look up on the Urban Dictionary. At the close of the night, lady Whovians would
pull a key from the bowl and go home with the owner of the set for… hmmm, how should
we put this? – some roast beast? Probably a bad example. 7. Our Founder (Osmosis Jones)
Not quite so subtle and found in a rather questionable kids movie, this reference is
easily spotted by adults and possibly any students currently going through the gamut
of sexual education. As we get a look inside the mayor’s office,
the screen gives us a glimpse of a rather predominant statue. The inscription reads “Our Founder” and
pays tribute to a sperm cell. We hope parents were ready to have “the
talk” with their kids thanks to this clever, albeit unnecessary allusion to the sexual
processes that took place to produce the ailing Frank Detorre, played by Bill Murray. 6. The Fun Part (Robots)
In Blue Sky Studios’ 2005 cutesy film, we get a look inside the life of robots. The humanoid buckets of bolts are like us
in many ways, including one that most children probably didn’t catch on to. Robots plays to the fantasy of a stork delivering
a baby but is at least mature enough to acknowledge the process of… well, baby making. In a line that feels far too filthy for a
children’s animated movie, Lydia Copperbottom explains that, while her husband missed the
delivery of the baby, “making the baby is the fun part.” That it is, Lydia. That it is. 5. The Lehman Brothers (Despicable Me)
Adult humor doesn’t always have to be overly sexualized to the point where we want to shield
the punchline from our children. In the case of Universal Pictures’ Despicable
Me, the adult humor can be a little more intelligent. The aptly named “Bank of Evil,” a bank
just for supervillains, apparently used to be the site of the Lehman Brothers, and unless
your child is up on American economics, it’s likely that the reference flies right over
their heads. For the adults that may not know, Lehman Brothers
was an investment bank that declared bankruptcy in 2008 after a series of really poor business
decisions surrounding the housing boom. 4. Doubtfire’s Euphemisms (Mrs. Doubtfire)
If you ever happened to catch Robin Williams’ stand-up comedy, you know that the world’s
most notable funnyman was not squeaky clean. He was as crude as they come, and some of
that hilarity somehow snuck its way into the 1993 crossdressing film Mrs Doubtfire. Throughout a bulk of the movie, Williams’
female personality, Mrs. Doubtfire, tosses out inappropriate euphemisms and insults the
size of Kanye West’s ego. At one point, Mrs. D divulges to Pierce Brosnan’s
character Stu that his beau, Miranda – played by Sally Field – has crabs and a wicked powerful,
jackhammer-like bedroom accomplice. 3. A String of Inappropriateness (Shrek)
There could probably be a debate as to whether or not Dreamwork’s Shrek was even a children’s
movie, but the hokeyness and mostly corny jokes really drive home that the target audience
was likely not an adult crowd. Where the confusion comes in is with the high
number of adult jokes that made their way into the script. Jokes like the titular Shrek claiming the
villainous Lord Farquaad’s castle is a sign of compensation for the lord’s other…
umm… shortcomings or even the tiny lord’s name. Take out the “r” and you may hear something
completely different. Pay attention and you may also catch some
inappropriateness from Robin Hood and his Merry Men and Farquaad’s “Magic Mirror.” 2. We Want Children (Hocus Pocus)
On the hunt for children to fuel their spell that will keep them alive eternally, the Sanderson
Sisters were sure to run into a little resistance from the good people of Salem, Massachusetts. Surprisingly, they did come across a presumably
lonely bus driver that was far too willing to provide the trio with children – just not
in the matter they expected or that the movie’s younger viewers would understand. When Bette Midler’s Winifred Sanderson conveys
to a bus driver their desire for children, the driver retorts that it “may take [him]
a couple of tries.” What a filthy, filthy man. Let’s also not forget Max’s obsession
with poor Allison’s yabbos. 1. Moving the Earth (Aladdin and The King of
Thieves) Disney may have a weird track record with
adult material showing up in their films, but this blatant joke in Aladdin and the King
of Thieves may take things a bit further. During Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding, the
affair experiences the aftereffects of a stampeding elephant, leading to yet another quirky Genie
wisecrack, though this one may have gone over the heads of every child that has watched
the movie. Genie quips that he “thought the Earth wasn’t
supposed to move until the honeymoon”, alluding to certain honeymoon activities that two people
in love may engage in. Well… we don’t really have to spell it
out for you, do we?


  1. Did you catch any of these the first time around? What other adults jokes have you found hidden in kids movies or cartoons?

  2. I was just watching Hocus Pocus with some friends on Halloween, and when that scene came on, I was cracking up at the fact that it went right over my head at the age of 11

  3. When I checked key party at urban dictionary I got pretty disgusted. Is that a thing in USA? Better not to get into marriage if you do such filthy shit..

  4. in ice age 3:dawn of the dinosaurs when maney and Diego get stuck in the flower Diego says that "something feels tickling below " maney says "don't say that when u r squeeze with me" I have a feeling

  5. Miissed another one. In the first Aladdin in the song one jump. He ends up in room with ladies singing high pitched voices. Looks like one of them wants to slut up Aladdin.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcTC7RkmHac at about 50 seconds.

  6. Screw you Top10Archive how dare you sue him and now the bhd army is reading hate comments and disliking you

  7. Another good grinch joke was the scene when the babies were flying in. The baby lands at a door and a man opens it saying "Honey, the baby's here! And it looks like your boss!"


  8. I was like 5,6,7, and 8 watching these movies now I'm 14in half now I'm looking back these I get the dirty jokes now

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